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This starts 4 weeks before Survivor Series.

The Champions are the same as the moment with HHH as World Champ, Jericho as IC and La Resistance as Tag Team Champions.

I shall be doing this whenever i have the time, no set dates.

Raw Preview will be up later.

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Raw Preview, Week 1 before Survivor Series

In the main event of this weeks Raw, it features a rematch from Unforgiven last september, The World Heavyweight Champion Triple H will defend against his former longtime friend Randy Orton. Triple H has promised a victory. Will Triple H prevail and hold onto the World Championship? Or Will Randy Orton take back the belt that was taken from him at Unforgiven? Check out Raw to find out!

Also in other action Shelton Benjamin will take on Batista where the winner will get to pick a match of their choice next week on Raw!. Chris Jericho will defend The Intercontinental Championship against the young up and comer Maven. Will Chris Jericho retain the Intercontinental Championship or Will the young blue chipper shock the world?

Check out Raw which will be up pretty soon!


The Show should be good, I've tried to make a few good matches but I need to kickstart the storylines, hope it will be liked.

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Preview looks good and judging from your user name I think SB will win his match. He might lose his title match if he picks it but I think he will win this match on RAW.

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Raw Week 1

The Raw Theme hits throughout the arena and the pyro goes off

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, we're live here from Madison Square Garden, what a night we have in store for you, Tonight's Main Event features Triple H defending the World Heavyweight Championship against in my opinion the man that was robbed of that belt at Unforgiven

King: Triple H beat Randy Orton at Unforgiven he didn't rob anything, and tonight he has guarrenteed a victory and I think tonight he will beat Randy Orton and prove to the world that everything he says about Orton is true

JR: Also tonight folks a blockbuster match, Shelton Benjamin against the animal of Evolution Batista!

King: He's an animal JR, and tonight Shelton Benjamin is the poor kid that's gonna find that out

JR: The winner of that match get's to pick a match of his choice next week on Raw, that's a big stipulation and it will be interesting to see who the winner picks

"Time to Play The Game" hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd, as Triple H makes his way to the ring dressed in a black suit with the World Heavyweight Championship Belt over his shoulder

Triple H gets in the ring and get's a microphone

Triple H: Tonight, I am faced with the challenge of once again showing you all that I am better than Randy Orton

The Crowd Boo's

Triple H: I am faced with the task of showing you all that Randy Orton cannot beat The Game....

The Crowd Chants "Randy, Randy, Randy"

Triple H: I know the people here in New York have the average IQ of a 7 year old, so I am going to use school boy terms, so that you can try to understand this example that I set

The Crowd change the chant to "Asshole, Asshole, Asshole"

Triple H: Some of you should be familar with a term called Revision.......This is happening tonight, we are revising the fact that I am better than Randy Orton, this example has already been shown to you all, so let's play the footage shall we, just to refresh all of your memories.

Footage is shown on the titontron of Triple H delivering the pedigree on Randy Orton at Unforgiven then pinning him 1-2-3

Triple H: You see now, that I beat Randy Orton in the centre of the ring, 1-2-3 and tonight I will do so again......because I am the Game......I am The World's Heavyweight Champion

Triple H holds up the belt to huge heat from the crowd

Triple H: I am that damn good!, I have beaten everyone, your Orton's, your Shawn Michaels, your Chris Benoits, Rock's, Undertaker's, Austin's, Goldberg's......

Chris Benoit's music hits throughout the arena to a massive pop from the crowd as Chris Benoit walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Benoit: While your going through that list of yours Triple H, I heard you mention Chris Benoit

Triple H is shown on camera nodding his head

Benoit: When did you ever beat me, each and everytime we have faced off in a World Heavyweight Championship Match, the result has always been the same......whether it be by pinfall or submission, I beat you each and every time

A big "You Tapped Out" chant start much to the displeasure of Triple H

Benoit: As far as in the big matches go, you have never beaten Chris Benoit, hell it was right here in Madison Square Garden that I made you tap out on the big stage......Wrestlemania 20!

The Crowd Cheers

Triple H is shown on the camera with a frown on his face

Benoit: But Randy Orton on the other hand, the two occasions we faced each other in a World Heavyweight Title Match, he beat me both times, that takes a massive effort, and Randy Orton has done what you couldn't

The Fans Cheer

Benoit: Tonight, I am going to sit back and watch Randy Orton beat your ass in the middle of the ring and become the World Heavyweight Champion!


JR: We're back from the commercial break now, moments ago strong words from Chris Benoit to Triple H

King: Benoit said he's gonna sit back and watch Orton take that championship, but that's all Benoit can do, sit back and watch Triple H wrestle in the main event, Benoit is a loser

JR: Chris Benoit is not a loser, by no means is Chris Benoit a loser

Gene Snitsky's music hits throughout the arena as he comes to the ring for the following match

JR: Up now is Gene Snitsky against Tajiri

Gene Snitsky Vs Tajiri

Gene Snitsky comes to the ring to heat from the crowd. Tajiri gets a decent pop. Snitsky and Tajiri tie up but Snitsky throws Tajiri into the corner then runs at him but Tajiri gets his feet up, kicking Snitsky in the face. Tajiri starts hitting kicks on the legs of Snitsky, but Snitsky takes the kicks then gives Tajiri a hard right hand knocking him down. Snitsky picks up Tajiri and puts him in the corner. Snitsky starts nailing Tajiri with hard right hands, knocking Tajiri down in the corner. Snitsky chokes Tajiri with his foot, the referee applies the count 1-2-3-4-Snitsky breaks before the DQ. Snitsky picks Tajiri up and then Irish Whips him off the ropes, Snitsky clotheslines Tajiri then stands with an angry look on his face, looking at Tajiri then he looks at the crowd. Snitsky stomps away at Tajiri then picks him up. Snitsky throws Tajiri to the outside of the ring. The Crowd start chanting "Babykiller, Babykiller" causing Snitsky to shout "It wasn't my fault." Snitsky snaps and goes outside the ring and gets Tajiri, Snitsky throws Tajiri head first into the steel steps. Snitsky picks up Tajiri then throws him back in the ring. Snitsky gets back in the ring then covers Tajiri 1-2-kickout by Tajiri. Snitsky picks up Tajiri and Irish Whips him off the ropes, Snitsky delivers a powerslam on Tajiri then covers quickly 1-2-Tajiri kicking out at the last second. Snitsky stands up and stares at Tajiri who is down holding his ribs, Snitsky signals for an elbow drop and takes his time doing it, Snitsky goes for an elbow drop but Tajiri moves and Snitsky hits the canvas. Tajiri gets up and delivers several kicks to the head of Snitsky then one big kick, knocking down Snitsky, Tajiri covers Snitsky 1-2-kickout with authority too as Tajiri was thrown half way across the ring. Snitsky get's up quickly, Tajiri tries a superkick but Snitsky catches it and spins Tajiri round, Snitsky hits a kick in the midsection then goes for a powerbomb. Snitsky nails the powerbomb and covers for the 1-2-3
Winner: via pinfall Gene Snitsky

Snitsky gets up and picks Tajiri up and throws him over the top rope, outside the ring. Snitsky pauses, smiling at the crowd but an explosion goes off and Kane's music hits and out comes Kane. Kane storms to the ring and get's in. Snitsky attacks him straight away. Snitsky and Kane exchange right hands, Lita runs down the ramp carrying a lead pipe.Kane delivers an uppercut knocking Snitsky down, Lita rolls the pipe in the ring towards Kane, Kane goes down to pick up the pipe and Snitsky hits a low blow. Snitsky throws Kane through the ropes shoulder first into the ring post. Snitsky picks up the lead pipe, Kane turns around and Snitsky hits him with the lead pipe in the forehead, knocking Kane down. Snitsky stands with an evil look on his face, Lita gets in the ring and pleads with Snitsky to put the pipe down. Snitsky drops the pipe then goes to walk away but turns back and levels Lita with a clothesline. Snitsky picks up Lita then delivers a huge powerbomb leaving Lita knocked out in the centre of the ring.

The Crowd Starts chanting "Babykiller, Babykiller"

Snitsky's music hits and he leaves walking up the ramp with a viscous look on his face.


JR: Moments Ago, Ladies and Gentlement after Gene Snitsky had defeated Tajiri in a one on one match, Kane came out to the ring causing a brawl with him and Snitsky, Lita came rushing out and gave Kane a pipe but Snitsky took advantage and hit Kane with the pipe then delivered this shocking powerbomb on Lita

Footage Plays of Snitsky powerbombing Lita

King: It was horrible JR, Snitsky......I hate that name

JR: Paramedics came down during the break and took lita away on a stretcher with a very distraught Kane

King: Kane was concerned for his wife and it looked like she was concerned for him a moment ago

JR: Maybe so....

We Cut Backstage to see Eric Bischoff sitting in his office on the phone

Bischoff: Yeah......

There is a knock on the door and Paul Heyman walks in

Bischoff: I'm gonna have to call you back

Bischoff hangs up the phone then stands up

Bischoff: Paul what do you want...

Heyman: Mr Bischoff, how are you doing?

Bischoff: I'm fine Paul, how are you?

Heyman: I'm splendid, but I have something that may be benefitial to your Raw Roster..

Heyman smiles

Bischoff: And that is?

Heyman: May I present to you, my new client.........Matt Morgan!

Matt Morgan walks in with his wrestling gear on. Bischoff looks up, a bit stunned.

Bischoff: In what way is Matt Morgan benefitial to me?

Heyman: Well he could be benefitial to you, if you give him a contract here on Raw

Bischoff: I've seen Matt Morgan before

Heyman: And he has vastly improved since his stint on Smackdown

Bischoff: I can't just hire someone without seeing what he can do

Heyman: Mr Bischoff, I ensure you that if you hire my new client Matt Morgan, you will not be disappointed

Bischoff pauses for a minute

Bischoff: Ok, here's the deal, Matt Morgan tonight you have the chance to impress me, you have a one night deal here on Raw and if you want to stay then you have to impress me, I've given you the chance, now it's up for you to make the impact

Heyman smiles

Morgan: Oh believe me........I will

The camera zooms in on Morgan who has a very serious look on his face

We go back to JR and King

JR: Well I wonder what kind of impact that Matt Morgan will make King

King: It's gonna have to be huge JR, if it's going to impress Eric Bischoff.

Batista's music hits throughout the arena and he and Ric Flair make their way out for the following singles bout

JR: Up now is Batista against Shelton Benjamin, the winner of this match gets to pick a match of their choice next week on Raw

Winner Get's A Match of Their Choice Next Week
Batista (w/Ric Flair) Vs Shelton Benjamin

Batista comes out with Ric Flair to huge heat from the crowd. Shelton Benjamin get's a big pop from the crowd. Batista and Shelton Benjamin walk around the ring the ring and then tieup with Batista backing Benjamin into the corner. The referee calls for a break and both men break, Batista taunts Benjamin but Benjamin slaps Batista much to the annoyance of Flair who get's up on the apron but Benjamin knocks him off, the distraction allowing Batista to deliver a clubbing shot on the back of Benjamin. Batista puts Benjamin into the corner and delivers several kicks to the midsection then brings him out of the corner and Irish Whips him off the ropes, Batista goes for a clothesline but Benjamin ducks then dropkicks Batista causing him to stagger back off the ropes. Benjamin runs at Batista but Batista backdrops him to the outside, but Benjamin lands on his feet and trips up Batista causing him to fall face first to the mat. Flair goes round to attack Benjamin but Benjamin meets him with a right hand. Benjamin get's back in the ring and starts levelling Batista with quick right hands, Benjamin then runs off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Batista counters with a huge spinebuster, Batista covers 1-2-kickout. Batista get's up and question's the referee's count then picks up Benjamin. Batista scoops up Benjamin then hits a hard sidewalk slam, then covers 1-2-kickout again by Benjamin. Batista picks up Benjamin and puts him onto the middle rope and chokes him. The referee applies the count 1-2-3-4-batista stops the choke then distracts the referee, allowing Flair to choke Benjamin as well. Batista then goes over and delivers a hard kick in the head of Benjamin. Batista then stands, and taunts at the crowd who in return start chanting "Asshole, Asshole, Asshole". Batista picks up Shelton Benjamin, then scoops him up and delivers a hard backbreaker, then quickly covers hooking both legs 1-2-kickout just before the three. Batista sits up and looks frustrated that he can't put away Shelton Benjamin. Batista stands up and looks down at Shelton then signals that the match is over. Batista picks up Shelton and goes for a powerbomb but Shelton backdrops Batista. Shelton get's up and so does Batista. Shelton Benjamin starts delivering fast paced right hands to Batista then kicks him in the midsection and hit's a DDT. Shelton Benjamin get's up, Ric Flair is on the apron and Benjamin knocks him off once again, Batista is setting Benjamin for a clothesline, Benjamin turns around, Batista runs at Benjamin, goes for the clothesline but Benjamin ducks and Batista runs into the turnbuckle. Batista staggers back and turns around and Shelton Benjamin nails a superkick, Benjamin covers 1-2-3.
Winner: via pinfall Shelton Benjamin

JR: Shelton wins it, Shelton Benjamin get's to pick a match of his choice next week on Raw

King: I can't believe it Shelton beat Batista!

JR: Shelton Benjamin picking up the win despite the two on one odds against the animal of evolution



Randy Orton is sitting down in his lockerroom putting tape around his wrists, he looks to the side then stands up as Chris Benoit appears on camera to a huge pop. Orton and Benoit stare at each other

Benoit: Just to let you know tonight, I think you'll beat Triple H and become World Heavyweight Champion

Orton: Thanks Chris

Benoit: With Evolution at ringside though Randy, there is nothing to worry about because tonight I have your back

Orton: Look Chris, I can deal with Triple H, I can deal with Ric Flair, I can deal with Batista, I don't need any help, but thanks for offering

Benoit: I respect that, I respect you, but there's also one thing I respect and that is the World Heavyweight Championship and after you win it tonight, I will be first in line to congratulate you but I will also be first in line to take it from you

Benoit walks off leaving a puzzled Randy Orton in the lockerroom

JR: Strong words by Chris Benoit, Benoit clearly King wants back the World Heavyweight Championship

King: And I'm sorry to disappoint Chris Benoit but there won't be any match with Randy Orton for the Title because Triple H is going to beat Randy Orton, it's destiny

JR: Well that remains to be seen, up now Chris Jericho defends the Intercontinental Championship against Maven

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho (c) Vs Maven

Maven comes out first to a decent reaction, Chris Jericho comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. As soon as Jericho get's in the ring, Maven attacks him. Maven starts delivering fast right hands to the head of Jericho, knocking him into the corner. Maven continues to hammer away on Jericho with right hands until the referee get's Maven out of the corner. Jericho is on his knees, Maven runs up and dropkick's Jericho in the side of the head then covers 1-2-kickout pretty early by Y2J. Jericho makes his way up and get's met with more right hands from Maven. Maven kicks him in the midsection then hits a Fisherman Suplex with the bridge. 1-2-kickout early again by Jericho. Maven quickly makes his way to the top rope and comes off with a missile dropkick, Maven covers 1-2-kickout again by Jericho. Maven looks frustrated and question's the referee's count before going back to pick up Jericho. Jericho gives him a shot to the midsection then starts hammering Maven in the head with left and right hands. Jericho then delivers a hard knife edge chop knocking Maven down. Jericho delivers three quick elbow drops to the ribs of Maven then get's up and starts stomping him causing the referee to step in and restrain Jericho. Jericho picks up Maven and then hits a snap suplex leaving him down in the centre of the ring. Jericho stands, waiting on Maven to get up. Maven get's half way up and Jericho runs off the ropes then hits a bulldog on Maven. Jericho then hits the Lionsault but dosen't cover. Jericho grabs Maven's leg's then locks in the walls of Jericho. Jericho turns the Walls of Jericho and locks it in. Matt Morgan and Paul Heyman run down the ramp and Matt Morgan get's in the ring. Morgan attacks Jericho causing a DQ.
Winner: via DQ, Chris Jericho

Matt Morgan hammers away with quick hard right hands on Jericho in the corner, Morgan then Irish Whips Jericho and then delivers a huge big boot. Heyman throws a steel chair in the ring and Matt Morgan picks it up. Morgan set's Jericho who begins to make his way up, using the ropes. Jericho get's up and turns around, Matt Morgan level's him with a steel chair then drops it down. Matt Morgan mounts Jericho and begins to level him with more right hands as Heyman get's in the ring. Heyman grabs the steel chair and folds it out then screams "Do It!" to Matt Morgan. At that point Morgan get's up and picks up Jericho. Morgan picks up Jericho into a suplex position and then delivers a hard vertical suplex onto the steel chair. Morgan stands in the middle of the ring smiling at the destruction of Chris Jericho.

JR: Well Matt Morgan was told to make an impact by Eric Bischoff and he has just done that, dismantling Chris Jericho

King: This Matt Morgan looks very impressive JR, I think he will get a Raw contract now, If that didn't impress Eric Bischoff, what will?



Matt Morgan and Paul Heyman are walking backstage

Heyman laughs

Heyman: You destroyed Chris Jericho, you made an impact, you are the man Matt Morgan, you are the baddest superstar in the WWE, you are....

Eric Bischoff walks up

Bischoff: Well, Well, I told you to make an impact, and you beat the hell out of my Intercontinental Champion (shouting)

Heyman: Mr. Bischoff, you said.......(cut off by Bischoff)

Bischoff: I know what I said, you were told to make an impact, and that wasnt just any impact, that was a huge impact, you destroyed Chris Jericho........you know how long I've wanted someone to do that

Heyman and Morgan Smile

Heyman: Does my client have a job on Raw now?

Bischoff: Your damn right he has a job on Raw, and his first match will be next week, live from St Louis Missouri, one on one with Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship!

Bischoff walks away leaving Morgan and Heyman

Heyman: Did you hear that, an Intercontinental Title shot next week on Raw, tonight you started to make an impact, next week you finish it, in the demise of Chris Jericho

We Cut Back to the Arena

JR: Chris Jericho against Matt Morgan next week for the Intercontinental Title!

King: That's huge JR, Morgan the newest Member to the Raw Roster

JR: What he and Heyman did to Jericho was dispicable

King: It got him the job though and a shot at Jericho next week

Christian's music hits throughout the arena as he comes to the ring for the following contest

Singles Match
Christian(w/Tyson Tomko) Vs Chris Benoit

Christian comes out with Tyson Tomko to huge heat from the crowd. Chris Benoit comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Christian and Benoit walk around the ring before tieing up. Benoit backs Christian into the corner, the referee calls for a break, both men break and Christian hits a quick rake in the eyes of Benoit. Christian starts delivering a few hard right hands before giving Benoit a knife-edge chop but Benoit replies and gives Christian a harder one, both men exchange chops with Benoit getting the better of the encounter. Christian then tries to punch Benoit but Benoit ducks and hits a German Suplex on Christian. Benoit keeps the grip and get's up for a second one but Tomko get's up on the apron and grabs Christian's hands, the referee tries to get Tomko off the apron allowing Christian to low blow Benoit. Christian taunt's Benoit much to the displeasure of the New York crowd. Christian picks up Benoit and throws him to the outside of the ring. Christian then distracts the referee, as Tomko goes round to Benoit and picks him up, Tomko Irish Whips Benoit into the steel steps then throws him back in the ring. Christian covers Benoit 1-2-kickout by Benoit. Christian picks up Benoit and takes him into the corner, Christian puts Benoit onto the top rope then goes up with him. Christian delivers several right hands to Benoit on the top rope then comes off with a huge superplex. Christian covers Benoit 1-2-kickout. Christian picks up Benoit and then taunts him before kicking him in the midsection and nailing a DDT. Christian covers Benoit 1-2-kickout by Benoit, Christian questions the referee's count. Christian picks up Benoit and taunts him again then goes for a right hand but Benoit ducks and hits a german suplex on Christian. Benoit keeps his grip them nails a second German Suplex and once again keeps the grip and hits the third german suplex. Benoit then signals for the Headbutt then goes to the top rope. Benoit climbs to the top rope but Tomko get's up on the apron, Benoit kicks Tomko off and then goes for the Headbutt, but the distraction gave Christian time to move out of the way. Christian get's up quickly and picks up Benoit, Christian goes for the unprettier but Benoit counters and manages to lock in the Crippler Crossface!, Christian quickly taps out
Winner: via submission Chris Benoit

Tomko get's into the ring and attacks Benoit. Tomko starts delivering right hands to Benoit. There is a big pop as Edge runs down with a steel chair in hand. Benoit gives Tomko a right hand and Tomko turns around. Edge goes to hit Tomko with a chair but Tomko ducks and Edge nails Benoit!

Tomko rolls outside the ring and him and Christian leave as Edge stands in the ring looking at Benoit who is laid out.


JR: Moments ago Ladies and Gentlemen after a one on one match between Chris Benoit and Christian, Tyson Tomko came into the ring and attacked Chris Benoit, Edge came down to make the save but accidentally hit Benoit with a steel chair

King: Edge meant that King, that was no accident

JR: He was aiming for Tyson Tomko

King: I think he was aiming for Benoit

JR: We have to go backstage now to Todd Grisham who has Shelton Benjamin standing by


Todd: Thanks JR, King, I am standing by with Shelton Benjamin who is going to pick what match he has next week on Raw

Benjamin: You can refer to me as Mr. Benjamin

Todd: Well Mr.Benjamin, what match do you select next week on Raw

Benjamin: I've had a lot of people telling me backstage what I should pick, I've had people coming up to me going, Shelton pick a match for the World Heavyweight Title, Shelton pick a match for the Intercontinental Title, you could be the man Shelton pick one of them, that's an interesting statement, you could be the man, I want to be the man and I will be next week on Raw, there was one man who had this famous statement, do you know what that statement was Todd?

Todd: Um.....No

Benjamin: To Be the Man, you have to beat the man

Big Pop by the fans in the background

Benjamin: So next week on Raw it will be me, Shelton Benjamin against Ric Flair

Fans Cheer

Todd: Are you worried at the possible interference of Evolution?

Benjamin: Why would I be, they can't exactly get into the steel cage can they

The Fans Once Again Cheer in the background as Shelton Benjamin walks away

Todd: Back to JR and The King


JR: Well two big matches for next week on Raw announced already King, Chris Jericho defending his Intercontinental Championship against Matt Morgan and Shelton Benjamin against Ric Flair in a Steel Cage Match

King: Shelton Benjamin is going to get taken to School, next week on Raw

JR: Up now is our main event, for the World Heavyweight Championship, Triple H the champion defending against Randy Orton

A Video Package plays highlighting the feud between Triple H and Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H (c) Vs Randy Orton

Triple H comes out to the ring to huge heat from the fans. Randy Orton get's a massive pop from the New York Crowd, perhaps the biggest of the night. Triple H and Orton walk around the ring before tieing up. Neither man backs off and both men break the tieup, Triple H taunts Orton and Orton slaps Triple H in the face. Triple H steps back and get's angry then tries to clothesline Orton but Orton ducks then spits in the face of the Game. Triple H exits the ring and goes and kicks the steel steps. Triple H climbs back up onto the apron and slowly get's in the ring, not taking his eyes off Randy Orton. Orton taunt's much to the pleasure of the crowd. Triple H tries to give Orton a right hand but Orton blocks it and starts exchanging right hands with Triple H. Orton get's the better of the exchange and start's hammering Triple H. Orton then starts delivering fast kicks to the midsection of Triple H, the referee forces Orton to come out of the corner, allowing Triple H to get himself together again. Orton and Triple H walk into the middle of the ring and are ready to go for another tieup but Triple H backs out of it and hits a sneaky kick in the gut of Orton, then starts delivering, slow steady right hands to the face of Orton. Triple H Irish Whips Randy Orton against the ropes but Orton hangs onto the ropes and Triple H runs at him but get's backdropped over the ropes and outside, landing hard on the concrete floor. Orton goes outside to follow Triple H. Orton Irish Whips Triple H into the barricade then clotheslines him over the top into the crowd. Orton goes into the ring quickly to break the count then comes back out. Triple H is using the barricade to get up, Orton goes over and grabs Triple H but the Game hits a quick rake in the eye. Triple H grabs Randy Orton and suplexes him over the barricade onto the concrete floor. Triple H grabs a fans sign then rips it up. Triple H picks up Orton and throws him over the barricade and then takes him into the ring. Triple H covers Orton, 1-2-kickout early by Randy Orton. Triple H get's up and then starts stomping Orton. Triple H grabs Orton's leg then hits a big elbow drop to the inner knee, Triple H delivers a second elbow the knee, followed up by a third one. Triple H then drags Orton over to the ropes and put's his leg on the bottom rope. Triple H delivers a cannibal to the knee of Orton. Triple H then delivers several more cannibal's to the knee of Randy Orton causing him to roll around in pain. Triple H stops and smiles at Randy Orton who is down holding his leg. Triple H then taunts the crowd who in return start chanting "Asshole, Asshole, Asshole" Triple H drags Orton into the centre of the ring then sets him up for the figure 4 leg lock and applies the move. Orton scream's in pain, the crowd starts to get behind Randy Orton, chanting "Randy, Randy, Randy", Orton leaves his shoulders down accidentally, 1-2-shoulder up, Triple H smiles at Orton who looks back in pain, Orton leaves his shoulders down again 1-2-shoulder up again by Orton. Orton signals that he's going to try to turn the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Orton tries to turn and eventually turns the Figure Four and Triple H screams in pain. Triple H then get's out of the hold and both men are down holding their legs. Triple H is first to get up, he then goes over to Orton and tries to do the Figure Four again but Orton rolls him up into the small package 1-2-kickout by Triple H. Triple H and Orton both get up, Orton tries giving Triple H a clothesline but The Game ducks and kicks Orton in the leg causing him to go down. Triple H picks up Orton then kicks him in the midsection and delivers a DDT. Triple H covers 1-2-kickout by Orton. Triple H sits up and then get's up and goes to pick up Orton again. Triple H Irish Whips Orton off the ropes then delivers a huge spinebuster and covers quickly 1-2-kickout. Triple H get's frustrated and covers again 1-2-kickout. Triple H tries to cover a third time but again Orton kicks out. Triple H then get's up and tries to pick up Orton but Orton hits a shot to the midsection of The Game. Orton then battles his way up, delivering right hands to the forehead of The Game. Orton runs and clotheslines the Game down, but Triple H gets up quickly, Orton backdrops Triple H and get's fired up, telling him to get up. Triple H gets up and turns around and Randy Orton kicks him in the midsection then hits the European Uppercut, Triple H staggers back and falls into the ropes. Orton grabs Triple H and Irish Whips him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Triple H ducks then tries to clothesline Orton who ducks and causes Triple H to clothesline the referee. Orton then kicks Triple H in the midsection and hits a double arm DDT. Triple H is down in the centre of the ring. Orton covers and the fans count 1-2-3, but there is no referee. Ric Flair runs down the ramp and get's in the ring. Flair attacks Randy Orton and starts hammering away with right hands but Chris Benoit runs down to a huge pop and starts hammering away on Flair but Batista also runs down and delivers a huge clothesline on Benoit knocking him out. Batista picks up Orton but Orton rakes him in the eyes then hits an RKO, Flair who is outside the ring get's a chair and get's in the ring but Orton stomps him as he is getting in. Orton picks up Flair and starts opening up on him with right hands then kicks him in the midsection and nails an RKO. Triple H hits Randy Orton in the back with a steel chair then drops it down. Triple H picks up Randy Orton and kicks him in the midsection then goes for a pedigree but Orton reverses it and manages to spin round for an RKO. Orton gets an arm over Triple H. The referee stirs around 1.......................2..........................3
Winner: and NEW World Heavyweight Champion.........Randy Orton!

JR: Randy Orton has done it, we have a new Champion

The Show finishes with Orton holding up the belt on the turnbuckle with pyro going off in the background

End of Show

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Great show...really liked your promos. Matches weren't the greatest but who am I to judge? I don't have the time to write my full matches. Again, great show...can't wait for next Raw.

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Shocking stuff in the Main Event. Never expected Orton to reclaim the title....nice work there.

I'm a fan of Matt Morgan, hopefully he gets a big push here.
Benjamin vs Flair should be a great match too next week.
I like the situation with Benoit, hope he stays in the title hunt.
Nice way to restart on the booking again......stick around this time!!!

Oh, are you doing Taboo Tuesday, or just moving right along to Survivor Series??

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Great stuff...Morgan vs Jericho should be interesing to see how far you take that. I was surprized to see Orton win the Title on RAW. Ill be sticking with this thread.

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Great Raw. Nice to see Morgan back and that you are using some of the current storylines (like Snisky/Kane). Hope you stay around for a while this time.


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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Awesome show Mr. Benjamin and I liked who Shelton picked to face next week. I am also suprised to see Randy Orten win the title but thats life. I think that makes HHH the shortest ever World Heavyweight Champion!

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Re: Mr.Benjamin Presents World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw

Great Show. Glad to see Orton as Champion. They were planning on having Orton regain the title on RAW the night after Unforgiven - but those plans were scrapped. At least he won the title back in your show! I will continue to read this. I am hoping to make a return to BTB myself - but, I don't know when.

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