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Mr. Anderson lands movie role

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TNA World Champion lands Key Movie role

New York (MMD Newswire) March 9, 2011 -- Top Movie llc is pleased to announce Ken Anderson ( Mr Anderson) plays key role, Yuri Popov, in its recently completed feature film DOGS LIE.

"Ken is a multi- talented individual .Most of us know him as the powerhouse athlete in the ring but that's only part of his skill set" added Richard Atkinson, Producer/ Director of DOGS LIE. " On the set he's a natural - thoughtful and fun to work with. On the big screen he has great presence and a unique sense of timing."

Ken Anderson (aka Mr Anderson) plays Yuri Popov, an attractive, powerful but menacing mob soldier, a key role in this dark drama . Ken is best known for his role "Behind Enemy Lines" Columbia ( as MCPO Carter Holt). On TV he has appeared in TNA Impact ! Wrestling (as Mr Anderson), WWE Raw ( as Mr. Kennedy) , WWE Superstars ( as Mr Kennedy), WWE Hall of Fame (as Mr. Kennedy) and WWE Smackdown! (as Mr. Kennedy).

The full Synopsis and Cast list can be found on the Movie's web site along with the Trailer, behind the scenes photos and contact page.

"I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Ken in the movies" expressed Atkinson.

Top Movie llc is a privately owned production company.


Seems like another small time thing but it's better than nothing. Good for him.
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If my hair looked like that compared to my beard, I'd do something about it. From the thumbnail I thought he was bald. Not nice. But on topic, I think he would do well in a film. Though I haven't seen the other one he was in before.
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