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Most legendary classics in TNA history

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Since 2002, TNA has been pretty much the 2nd premier wrestling company in the US, 2nd to WWE. TNA has had some pretty insane matches in their tenure. What are their top 10 or 20 matches since 2002? Let me start off with a few.

-AMW Vs Triple X inside the Steel Cage
-Jeff Hardy Vs Abyss Vs Sabu Vs Rhino in Monster's Ball
-Samoa Joe Vs AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels at Unbreakable
-LAX Vs Team 3D in Detroit Street Fight in 2006?
-Sting Vs AJ Styles at Bound for Glory

What matches are TNA's best and most memorable matches? Matches like Ultimate X, Monster's Ball, Full Metal Mayhem.
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I agree with a lot that's been listed, but here's some I'll add in:

A.J. Styles Vs. Petey Williams Vs. Chris Sabin - Ultimate X 2005
Kazarian Vs. Christian Cage - ladders match at Genesis 2007
Douglas Williams Vs. A.J. Styles - Final Resolution 2010
Bobby Roode Vs. James Storm - BFG 2012
Bobby Roode Vs. A.J. Styles - impact May 2012
Bad Influence Vs. A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle - Slammiversary 2012
Austin Aries Vs. Alex Shelley - Against All Odds 2012
Kid Kash & Douglas Williams Vs. Tony Nese & Rashad Cameron - ONO Xtravanganza
Christopher Daniels Vs. A.J. Styles - Destination X 2012
Samoa Joe Vs. Kurt Angle - Lockdown 2008

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Any time Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns stepped into the ring against eachother it was pure magic. Same goes for anything between The Young Bucks and The Machine Guns.
have to agree... MCMG and Beer Moneys best of 5 series was insane..those were the days where TNA 's tag division was head and shoulders above WWE's

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Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe at Lockdown 08

The first ever X Division match, a four-way between AJ Styles, Psycosis, Jerry Lynn and Lowki

AJ Styles vs Lowki vs Jerry Lynn

First ever Gauntlet match to reveal to first ever TNA champ the final being Malice vs Ken Shamrock in a brawn vs submission match

More than any other these four matchs represented a new breed of wrestling, an evolution of what wrestling could be in a new era. Wich sadly TNA failed to capitalizes on

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A lot of people mention AJ Styles Vs Chris Sabin Vs Petey Williams from this card but the match before that between AMW and Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young) was a really strong tag team match that made AMW look amazing.
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