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Based on Google search data from 2010 in the United States, here are the 45 most-popular wrestling and MMA personalities from the past year:

1. John Cena
2. Brock Lesnar
3. Georges St. Pierre
4. Anderson Silva
5. Edge
6. Jeff Hardy
7. Batista
8. Randy Orton
9. Hulk Hogan
10. Triple H
11. BJ Penn
12. Kimbo Slice
13. Cain Velasquez
14. Shane Carwin
15. Rey Mysterio
16. Shawn Michaels
17. Matt Hughes
18. Chuck Liddell
19. Rampage Jackson
20. Undertaker
21. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
22. Tito Ortiz
23. Steve Austin
24. Dana White
25. Rashad Evans
26. Randy Couture
27. Bret Hart
28. Frank Mir
29. Chael Sonnen
30. Fedor Emelianenko
31. Big Show
32. Gina Carano
33. Urijah Faber
34. The Miz
35. Herschel Walker
36. Chris Jericho
37. Jon Jones
38. Lyoto Machida
39. James Toney
40. Ric Flair
41. Dan Hardy
42. Matt Hardy
43. Sheamus
44. Forrest Griffin
45. Rich Franklin

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Angle is not there but Matt Hardy is...

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not shocking really, hogan and flair the only major stars (maybe foley too) and hardy only pn the list due to his wwe run.

what kids will search for Angle, AJ Styles etc? and most adults havent even heard of tna (not bashing as i prefer tna to wwe, its just a fact)

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Well yeah, this is nothing new. Hogan and Hardy are huge names that make TNA lots of money.
appantly not enough to pay back the 100 mil they borrowed from Panda Energy
or get better produciotn,
or move out of the impact zone
or wooo away anybody from wwe without getting realeased so is it worth it?

espspecially when the overusage of a Sonic esque prima donna and a legitimate criminal is bogging down stuff that in the long run, not just week to week, could get moving even closer to being big instead of eternally settling on mediocridy
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