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Most Dangerous Wrestling Finishers

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Those move's that you screamed "OOOOH" the first time you saw them. The one's that done the wrong way could really screw someone up.

I'm thinking...
Psycho Driver - Easily could destroy someones spine and i'm honestly surprised it hasn't.

Brainbustaaahhh - One foot too far and your skull crashes into the post. need I say more?

Styles Clash - I've seen a few videos of this one. The person doesn't bend all the way back and their neck is broke.

Tombstone Piledriver - Undertaker is smart and keeps their head way above the danger zone but done wrong it could easily fuck your neck up

Lionsault - This isn't really dangerous to the opponent more to the person doing it. EX: Hayabusa :(

Codebreaker/66 Tears - Either version is really dangerous. Jericho's version is the least dangerous cause he gets you in the chest, the other version i've seen is worse. I forget who it was in a japanese video I saw who made his opponent bite through is tongue and also broke his nose with it. I gave myself a concussion when my opponent dropped me on my head while I was doing it to him. (go watch BZW Rage 2010 it's at the end)

Any Inverted Brainbuster - Some people can take a clear drop to the top of the head but most people I know can't handle that pressure on their neck. One wrong move and paralysis is sure to occur.

That's really All I can think of but I'm sure I missed a lot of them. Which moves do you guys think are the most dangerous?
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Helms' Vertebreaker. It's about the only wrestling move I've ever had a hard time watching. I legitimately cringed before it. It looked badass, but someone getting paralyzed from it was pretty inevitable.

I think Homicide still uses it, but TNA is awful so I wouldn't know.

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Benoit's Diving Headbutt seems dangerous. It can hurt the performer and maybe leave long-term issues on the guy falling down... OH WAIT!
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Finger Poke of Doom.

Seriously though, if done incorrectly, The Samoan Spike would hurt like a bee-atch!

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I think that most of the finishing maneuvers could be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly.

My personal call would be any piledriver. It's just too easy to screw it up and injure someone's neck badly, a la Stone Cold.

Also, I've always wondered about the way the diver in a frog splash (or just about any "diving" splash for that matter) could have any rib protection whatsoever.


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If Rikishi doesn't wipe, the stinkface could be really bad. I mean REALLY BAD.

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I wonder what it says about society that half the people in this thread said "Cobra" and figured it would be funny.
Uh oh, here comes Mr. Serious. Dont worry though I dont think the cobra is dangerous. I mean, have you seen Mr Socko!!! :O

Nah but seriously, if anyone has ever had the sharpshooter put on them by their big brother like I have, they'll know that if its not done correctly it can cause some serious damage to your lower back.

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The Pedigree has always looked dangerous to me, there's just something about the way it happens that screams "paralysis" to me if something went wrong.

German Suplex's have always looked lethal to me as well.
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