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Most boring or uninteresting matches ever

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The most boring matches that ever was, and I am not speaking about some mathces involving jobbers. Also matches that were "supposed" involve two superstars or more, but totally sucked
I am not counting mega stars like Hogan, because they had at least the aspect of making people turn in to the match

I say following matches are

1. Andre the Giant vs Hillbilly Jim in 1989
2. Virgil vs Bastion Booger in 1993
3. Jim Duggan vs Kamala in 1993
4. Kamala vs Typhoon in 1993
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Hogan Vs. Bundy - Wrestlemania 2 (Even a steel cage couldn't save this match.)

Hogan Vs. Sid - Wrestlemania 8 (One of the worst Wrestlemania main events ever.)

Virgil Vs. Nailz - SummerSlam 1992 (most of the match was Virgil getting choked)

The Brothers Of Destruction Vs. Kronik - Unforgiven 2001 (Total disaster.)

Nash Vs. Helmsley - Bad Blood 2003 (Despite it being a HIAC and Foley being involved, this match was an epic fail.)

Goldberg Vs. Lesnar - Wrestlemania XX (This could've been a good powerman match, but they halfassed it thanks to the crowd being assholes).

Undertaker Vs. Heidenreich - Survivor Series 2004 (punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, they go outside the ring, punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, they go back inside the ring, punch, punch, punch, punch, punch)

Cena Vs. Layfield - Wrestlemania 21 (JBL does almost all the work for about 10 minutes then Cena just beats him with the FU. WTF?)

Helmsley Vs. Kozlov - Survivor Series 2008 (This match requires to be fast forwarded.)

Cena Vs. Miz - Wrestlemania 27 (This match sucked so bad.)

- Vic
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