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More TNA employees getting a possible TV deal

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First, Eric Bischoff's midget wrestling project gets a TV deal, now even more TNA workers are jumping in on the TruTV bandwagon. This time, it's TNA's live event security team, Atlas Security.

From PWInsider:
Ronnie Lang's Atlas Security, which does security for TNA and ran security for the original ECW, among other companies, will be filmed this weekend for three episodes of TruTV's "All Worked Up" reality series.
Atlas will be working security at the Lucha Libre USA taping in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There have been discussions about Atlas (who have also done security for top music acts, including Donna Summer) having a full fledged series down the line, according to one source, but things are very, very early in that process.
Interesting that TruTV isn't taping at a TNA house show, I'm sure Dixie Carter would get pissed that whilst TNA has trouble securing additional programming on Spike TV, others working in the company are picking up deals. The joy of "independent contractors".