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More NxT Titles [spoilers kinda]

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My one gripe with the old wwecw brand was only one belt on the entire brand I felt that brand deserved a tag team belt heck idk "Ecw Tag team Championship" or a "Ecw Cruiserweight Championship"

Now that NxT has debuted a Championship for a show [and because it is basicly FCW now] I think IT deserve more belts for its sizable roster.

So lets say

NxT Championship [ already made ] = for anyone close to jumping to the main roster Raw or smackdown etc etc
Nxt Middleweight/Tv [what ever you want to call it] Championship = For anyone who is rising up In NxT
NxT Tag Team Championships = For any Tag teams On NxT can also be for teams that may be jumping over too Raw or Smackdown

And for the woman how about a idk NxT womans Championship

Doing this would be good to show what talent can Achieve what and help them get some ground when they go into the main roster

So what do you think
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NXT should adopt the FCW queen diva crown rather than actually make another divas title for the show and the Jack Brisco classic rather than add any more belts to the NXT title.

Maybe could get away with NXT tag titles but then there arent any real tag teams other than The Ascension so just keep getting them experience ready for a call up the the main show.
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