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More Booker T

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He has quietly built himself a sneaky character and I hope he's inserted into the Rhodes program at some point. His lockerroom advice to Daniel Bryan and Big Show were great and I'd like to see him play this character for an extended time with Cody Rhodes.

Throw in Goldust and his history with Booker T and you have a pretty interesting program. Booker T right now really reminds me of Remy in House of Cards, he's got the whole ulterior motive masked under congeniality thing down pat.

I'd love to see him using his friendship with Goldust to get close to Cody Rhodes and corrupt him.

I think we all suspect Booker T being a double-agent but we haven't seen him on screen with Triple H, I think that's something to play around with.

Booker T has got a great character and he isn't on TV enough. Loved his campaign speech last night and Booker T, you know he's on the payroll for Triple H.
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I'd love to see him back on commentary.
I'd love to see him back permanently on commentary, I'll take him over JBL and Jerry Lawler any day.

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