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Considering some of the wrestlers who don't currently have a match scheduled for Wrestlemania surely there should be a MITB match this year. I understand the arguement that there is now a MITB PPV however this match has been a great addition to Wrestlemania over the past few years. The following could be part of the match...

Wade Barrett
Evan Bourne
Daniel Bryan
Kofi Kingston
Drew McIntyre

With these eight that would make a fantasitc match. And if they decide to make it a ten man match there are many more to choose from (even though some aren't the best wrestlers)...

Mark Henry
Sin Cara (although I'm sure they won't use him until after Mania)
Ted DiBiase
Ezikiel Jackson
Tyler Reks
+ many more

Although knowing the WWE they will just have a crappy Battle Royale with all these superstars before the event. Money in the bank needs to be there so fingers crossed.

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Dibiase and Reks are gonna get future endeavered after Mania it would make no sense for either to be in a high profile match like this.
He just had a great match on smackdown this week.He had the best two moves of the night imo i really liked that powerbomb face crusher move it was epic. I also loved the dropkick to reys head when rey was jumping from the top rope. He can wrestle, his entertaining stop hatin' Tyler rex well........
his pointless

Dolph Ziggler will win Money in the bank

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Sin Cara would be an awesome edition - what better way to put him over than to have him on the grandest stage of them all. I wouldn't expect him to win MitB, but his presence will certainly make it far more interesting.

To the post above about how many MitB I want - I want one at WM, scrap the PPV!

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The majority of the MiTB Wrestlemania wins/case cash ins/title reigns are lame, Jack Swagger is now a manager at this years Mania, what's that tell ya!?!? Punk's first cash in was a horrible way to book a face and his reign was so brief and he looked like a bicth when he had to forfiet the tittle because of Randy Orton's super foot. RVDs cash in was good but his legal troubles made his championship reign brief and by next Mania he wrestled like 4 minutes in an 8 man match. Kennedy's injury ruined his win. Punk's 2nd win and Edge's win are the only ones to cash in and not end up as a laughable MiTB winner.

Come on?!?! A ladder snapping in half thanks to Jeff Hardy's skinny ass? I can only suspend my disblief so far, they're steel ladders, 6 Big Shows wouldn't snap them. And I hate when wrestlers get taken out of the picture for so much of the match. I also think more than 6 participants is a joke since many have 0 chance of winning and are just there to take a spot or 2. Would TLC 2 at WM 17 have been as good if they added in some random guys like Big Show? No Way

Well there's my rant. I'm happy MiTB won't be wasting Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston's time.
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