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OK This is my first one so I understand If it sucks.

Ok we start off with Eric Bischoff coming out.
EB: Well hello and salutations to you all in North Carolina!!!
Crowd goes crazy
EB: Tonight is going to be a very interesting night. First off we are going to have Molly against Victoria for the Women’s Championship. And we are having a street fight between Booker T and none other than the King of The World, Y2J.
Crowd does usual screaming for Booker and booing for Y2J
EB: Well Chief Morley and I have decided to cut poor little Spike Dudley some slack and decided to give D-von and Bubba their re-match against Regal & Storm.
Crowd cheers
EB: And tonight the main-event is going to be a number one’s contenders match with Scott Steiner.
Crowd goes crazy
EB: Yeah that’s right Scott Steiner against…
Scoot Steiner’s music interrupts and EB looks very annoyed SS comes out with a mic and stands at the top of the ramp.
SS: Eric! You know I was going to challenge HHH tonight. And then you go on and put a one contenders match one.
EB: Hold on Scott hold on. I just thought I would make it more interesting. Your Number One Contender’s Match will be against… Batista!
SS: Batista huh? Well this goes out to all my freaks in North Carolina!
Crowd goes crazy
SS: I’m gonna beat Batista and then kick HHH’s pansy little a$$
Scott Steiner leaves. EB goes after him. Then there is a video for a match tonight. Maven and The Hurricane vs Chris Nowinski and D’lo Brown.
Ad break.
When we come back, Christian is in the ring. Goldust’s music hits and out he comes.
Match happens blah blah blah. Goldust’s uses the ropes to pin Christian.
We go backstage where we see The Coach outside Batista’s locker room. Ric Flair comes out and says Batista is not available for interviewing. Y2J walks past and Coach interviews him. I (I’m not gonna bother typing that out cos everyone knows what it would be like) I’m the King Of The World… I’m defiantly not a sucka… I’m a huge rockstar and so on and so forth. After the interview we go to the women’s locker room where we see Molly getting ready for her match.
We come back and Molly’s music hits and she comes out and waits in the ring. Victoria’s music hits and she comes out usual crazed look in her eyes. The announcer announces it’s a no disqualification match. Match starts and it's actually a good match cos both these girls can wrestle! Victoria looks like she’s winning and is just about to pin Molly when Lita runs out carrying a chair and hits Victoria with it a few times and runs back out. Molly pins Victoria for the win.
We go backstage and Terri is interviewing Booker T. Halfway through we have a RNN report. Randy’s OK and doing fine!! We come back and Lita is back stage and runs into Jeff.
Fans go crazy
They talk for a bit and then EB comes.
EB: How dare you interfere with the women’s championship match!!! First you get me really ticked off by saying Smackdown is better than RAW and now you do this.
Lita: But Eric the match was no disqualification.
EB: Look just shut up for a minute. From now on there is officially gonna be a tag-team match tonight. You and…
He looks at Jeff.
EB: Well Jeff since you and Lita know each other so well and you’re so EXTREME (said really sarcastically) your going to be her partner. Yes a mixed tag-team match. Have a nice night. Oh and you’re on after this match so get ready.
Ad break
Come back and Chris Nowinski is in the ring. He badmouths the crowd a bit and then D’lo comes out. Hurricane comes out and gives his mask to some little disadvantaged boy in the front row and then Maven comes out. The match begins. Chris starts out with Maven and they just kill each other for a bit. Nothing really interesting happens. Maven pins D’lo for the win.
We go backstage and the Coach is still trying to get an interview with Batista but Ric Flair won’t let him. We come back out to the ring and go to JR and The King. King does dome promo on his book. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the fans go wild. His entry is a bit longer than usual cos he’s a North Carolina boy. Lita comes out and the fans also go crazy cos she a North Carolina girl. They wait in the ring and Al Snow’s music hits and the crowd cheers. Then Ivory comes out. The match begins and yeah. Jeff Hardy does a few Swanton’s Al Snow gets out his bowling bag but before he can put on his bowling shirt Lita does a Litacanara. At the end Lita hits a Twist of Fate on Al and lets Jeff get the pin.
Ad break
We come back and Y2J comes out and badmouths the crowd a bit. Booker T comes out and they start the match with a few chairs and garbage cans and stuff. Then Booker T spots Al Snow’s bowling bag that he’s left behind. He take s it out and does a spina-rooney. He opens the bag and pulls out… a jar of A$$ cream????? He looks really confused and Y2J’s yelling out “I don’t use that stuff Christian does!!!” All of a sudden Christian comes out and beats up Booker and takes the jar. Y2J hits the Walls of Jericho and Booker taps out.
We go backstage and Chief Morley is on the phone to someone.
CM: So it’s done? Excellent. I’ll have the papers over to you tomorrow.
EB comes up.
CM: Mr Bischoff, I got you 2 new superstars.
EB: You do? Excellent.
CM: Yeah but a pity I didn’t get them this week otherwise the crowd would have been sold out.
EB: Really? Who did you get?
CM: Well you’ll just have to wait.
CM walks off leaving EB looking confused.
We go out to the ring and The Dudleyz come out. Regal and Storm then come out and the match begins. The crowd is immediately doing the “Tables Tables” chant so as soon as possible, Bubba and D-von get the tables but don’t end up putting anyone through them. Regal gets the brass kuncks out and is waiting for Bubba to get up when all of a sudden, Spike comes out and attempts to beat up Regal but they just through him through one of the tables that Bubba set up. This however has brought Bubba some time and he and D-von hit the 3D on Regal and Bubba pins him for the win.
Ad break
We come back and Terri is interviewing Jeff Hardy and Lita. They just say how it would be great if Matt came back to RAW and Team Xtreme was started again.
We go out to the ring and Batista comes out followed by Scott Steiner. They are just about to start when Eric Bischoff’s music hits. He come out and announces that there will be another superstar competing in this match. Rob Van Dam.
Crowd chants and does the pointing thing.
RVD comes out and the match starts. Scott Steiner just about kills both Batista and RVD in the first 5 mins. The match goes on for about 30 mins with Scott Steiner pinning Batista for the win. He then calls out HHH. HHH comes out and down to the ring with bandages on his arm.
SS: What Hunter? Couldn’t take the biggest arm in the world?
HHH: I’m just out here to tell you Scott that I’m not gonna touch you until Royal Rumble. And you listen here. I’ve checked with Eric that if you interfere in any of my upcoming matches or try to surprise me and Flair backstage. Your Number One Contendership will go to Rob Van Dam.
HHH and SS stand face to face yelling at each other and the show ends.

Hope you liked
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