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Monday Night Raw Podcasts

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Hi there guys I'm from a website called Destination:Boss and we've recently started a ne feature to review wrestling (at the moment just WWE in the build up to wrestlemania 27) but we'll probably expand to other companies like TNA, ROH and others in the future.

Wondered if you could do us a proper Boss favour and give the first podcast a listen, I thought you guys here are as good experts as any with this being one of the biggest wrestling communities I found online!


Thanks everyone, all feedback good/bad would be brilliant. And if you have any wrestling mates share it round with them, the more the merrier.

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Yeah, alright, I'm downloading the podcast now.

With the use of the word 'boss', I have a feeling the podcast will be smeared with that dirty scouse accent, though :sad:

Only, kidding. I'll listen now and give you my thoughts after :D
Aha, the commentary equivalent of a snapmare. Enjoying it thus far
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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