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Segment #1: Eric Bischoff is smirking in the ring to a ring of the audience's boos. Bischoff has a mic in hand, “Mr. McMahon has been angry as of late because of the mediocre ratings that have been showing up week in and week out, so he found me and hired me back. That's right SmackDown and RAW are both under my management now, the general managers are now my assistants. Moving on, tonight marks a night of change. All the champions will be challenged, and if I think they're weak I will make sure there will be a new champion...Like it or not. You can boo you hearts out but I am here to stay.” Bischoff laughs, drops the mic, and leaves.

Tag Team Title No Disqualifications Match:
The Usos d. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater via pinfall after the Double Splash on Slater
Note: Rikishi returned during the match and took out Gabriel with the Rikishi Driver leaving Slater vulnerable.
After match: Rikishi has a mic, “This time around it's not about Rikishi, it's about The Usos. Consider me their insurance policy.”

Interview with Theodore Long:
Josh Matthews: How are you feeling about these changes Mr. Long?
Theodore Long: What can I say? That's the WWE...
Eric Bischoff appears and demands that Matthews leaves, and orders Long to get him a coffee and a cold water. Mr. Long leaves dismayed.

United States Title Triple Threat Match:
Sheamus d. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after the Brogue Kick on Ziggler

Eric Bischoff is standing at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand, “The Diva's Divison is horrible. You know it, I know it, and they “Divas” know it. I am taking action. The Diva's Championship is now defunct, and the Women's Championship is back. I will be hiring and firing new women wrestlers over the next couple of week starting tonight. Let me introduce to you the newest acquisition to the new Women's Divison...Awesome Kong!”

Women's Title Fatal Four Way Match:
Awesome Kong d. Eve, Michelle McCool, and Gail Kim via pinfall after the Implant Buster on McCool

Eric Bischoff holds Awesome Kong's arm up with the title on the ramp

World Title Triple Threat Match:
Christian d. Edge and Alberto Del Rio via pinfall after the KillSwitch on the chair when he betrayed Edge
-After the match Christian celebrates with the title, while Edge writhes in pain.

Eric Bischoff says Wade Barrett will wrestle Evan Bourne, and Bourne has one hand tied behind his back.

Intercontinental Title Singles Match:
Wade Barrett d. Evan Bourne via pinfall after the Wasteland

WWE Title Gauntlet:
The Miz d. Goldust via pinfall after the Skull Crushing Finale
Triple H d. The Miz via pinfall after the Pedigree
Triple H d. John Morrison via pinfall after the Pedigree
Triple H and Randy Orton are both counted out
Daniel Bryan d. Rey Mysterio via submission after Rey tapped out to the LaBell Lock
Daniel Bryan is celebrating with the title when Eric Bischoff says there is one more wrestler
Alberto Del Rio d. Daniel Bryan via submission after Bryan tapped out to the Cross Arm Breaker

Alberto Del Rio celebrates with the WWE title as we fade to black

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