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Monday Night Breakdown

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April 25,2003
Kansas City, Missouri
Hosted by Tony.S And Bobby THe Brain

The show starts off with Pyros and Linkin Park "Pappercut" and the crowd going crazy and also shows Booker T winning from last nights PPV Backlash.

Talking- Chris Jericho walking out to the ring while the crowd is booing him and then flexs his arm then gets in the ring. He get a mic and start to talk. " I am now the Number one contenders people. I will face Booker T and Judgement Day. I want Booker T to come down so i can shake his hand for winning the World title last night". Can You Dig It Suckaaaaaaaa plays while he comes down to the ring and the crowd going crazy. " I dont need you to shake my hand since i won the match against Triple H last night. I cant wait to step in that ring with you at Judgement Day and beat you all over the ring".
Chris Jericho, " Uh at Backlash you won with the help of Kevin Nash and you did not win it by your self and i want to see if you can win without ne ones help tonight".
Booker T, " Its set for next week Jericho i got a match with Raven the IC Champion so ull have to wait til next week CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

1. Randy Orton VS Rhyno. Rhyno wins after a Gore.

Backstage- Eric is talkin to some and you hear is "Your here so i can tell the crowd the big news. Then we cut to the back and there is a limo and then the door open then we cut to black.

2. Batista VS Goldust. Batista wins after Powerbomb.

Talking- Eric is walking down to the ring with some boos and gets in the ring with a mic. " Hello Everybody i would like to tell you the big news. I just got off the phone with a good friend form WCW. I am going to bring him out right now> He misses you guys so come on out".
The lights go to red and an old song play and walks out Hulk Hogan and the fans go crazy and he does the hand to the ear. He enters the ring and hugs Eric and looks to the crowd and Eric gives him the mic.
" Its good to be back since Wrestlemania. I have missed you guys very badly and i am back in red and yellow. And to tel....... Then Vinnie Mac walks out and gets booed badly and chant a$$ hole to him but he does not enter the ring.
" What the hell is Hulk Hogan doing here in WPW. He ran out WCW and he made WrestleMania the wrost WrestleMania in WWE History. I want him out of the WPW. He is such a waste of time, money and talent but he dont have talent".
hogan, " you know what Vince. Iam so tired of this crap you keep sayin to me. I help the WWE and i help WCW when i was in the NWO damn it. I worked hard in this bussiness".
Vince " whatever, you worked hard to bring the bussiness out of bussiness like you did to WCW. Then he leaves the arena and Hulk Hogan looks pissed off and storms out of the ring.

Backstage- Triple H whining about losing the match and Kevin Nash to Ric Flair.

3. The Dudley Boys VS William Regal/Lance Storm. William Regal and Lance Storm after Lance Storm pins D-Von and when La France Interferes.

4. U.S Title- Jeff Jarrett (c) VS Test. Jeff Jarrett after a pinfall.

Talking- Triple H walks out with Ric Flair with booes and they get in the ring.
Triple H, " I am not Happy with Kevin Nash making me lose the title at Backlash last night. I want Kevin Nash to come down this ring and tell me why he turn his back on me"? Kevun Nash walks down to the ring smiling and Triple H with a pissed off look.
Kevin Nash, " Hello Triple H. I turned on you kuz i can. You always thought you were the best and i herd you were talkin a lots of crap behind my back when i was injured whats up with that".
" Who said i talk alot of Crap Kevin. Uh the people in the back. They dont know nothin its all lies man".
Kevin," Whatever man i herd it from my GOOD FRIEND Shawn Micheals. He told me everything.
HHH," What! him he is lieing he hates me thats why he sed that. Then Ric Flair hits him in the knee and they attact him. Shawn Micheals comes down for the save and then Ric and HHH leave the ring.

5. Billy Gunn VS Rey Myestrio. Rey Myestrio after the 619 and then the West Coast Pop.

Backstage- Gene, " Undertaker, last night you took out Nathan Jones like he was nothin.
Undertaker, " Yes i did gene and he is nothin. He is a rookie in the WPW and that was an easy match now im going home.

6. World Heavyweight Championship- Booker T (c) VS Raven. Booker T wins after Book End then Chris Jericho comes down to the ring and beats him and leaves laughing at him.

What you think of the show 1-10.
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