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April 11,2003
PHX, Arizona

The show starts of with pyro and shows what happen on thursday when Undertaker came back.

Talking- Undertaker came out and says that he beat up nathan Jones kuz he was a bad student and that he is crap. He will never be like me. He will never get the WPW World title which i should have been in but i was still hurt at the time. Nathan Jones would have lost to the Big Show ne ways so shut the hell up. I am.... Nathan Jones comes out and says that you were like my hero in wrestling now you turn your back on me you are such a bitch you old man. Undertaker says, say that to my face ass hole. Then Nathan jones walks down and then walks into to the ring and now there face to face. Nathan jones says, I said you u bitch you old m........ Undertaker punches him in the face and nathan jones sells it real good and then the last ride came and then he left.

1. Christain VS Test. Christain wins after his finsher. Scott Steiner came down and beat him down and made him tap.

2. Scott Steiner VS William Regal. Scott Steiner wins by a tap out.

Backstage- Nathan Jones is getting medical treatment and then we go to a fight between Test and Scott Steiner and then refs come and stop it.

Talking- Triple H says that he beat down Matt Hardy let he was. I will beat down the fat man big show and then be the world champion at backlash. I will win and the people now it also and then leaves.

3. Rey Myestrio VS Jamie Noble. Rey Mysterio wins after the 619 and west coast pop. Moves in the Cruiserweight tourny.

4. Billy Kidman VS The Hurricane. Billy Kidman after the Shooting Star Press.

Backstage- RVD getting ready for his match. Edge is seen walking down the hallway and then interview. He says that he will beat RVD fot the Title.�@‚qVD is a good wrestler and all but i will come out on top.

5. Rob Van Dam VS Edge. RVD wins after the 5-star splash.

Talking- Eric came out and said that the IC title will be held at Backlash in a 6 man battle royal and the first 6 to come out next on Breakdown will be the men in the Battle Royal and then walks out.

Backstage- Booker T says that he will beat down that sucka Chris Jericho and i will be the WPW World Champion and i am 5x5x5x5x5x WCW World Heavyweight Champion can you dig it suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Chris Jericho says that Booker T aint nothin compared to the king of the world Chris Jericho and i will be the frist WPW World Champion no im going out to win my match you ass clown.

6. Booker T VS Chris Jericho. Booker T wins after the Book End and the 1.......2.....3.

Preview Thursday Night Mayhem
Triple H VS Big Show
Chirs Benoit VS John Cena
Jeff Jarrett VS Batista

what you think of the show reply plz
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