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Moments in wrestling you can't wait for

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and why?

Me? I can't wait until Miz and CM hang up their boots and hope they train someone. Because those fucks get it, despite not having proper teachers.
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I can't wait for Morrison to win a world title.

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John Morrison becomes WWE Champion.
Dolph Ziggler gets a legit world title reign.
Christian becomes a world champion.
Cena and Orton actually lose a feud.
Orton turns back heel.
WWE has factions you can take seriously, aka factions that aren't made just to be made to look like idiots by Super Cena or The Apex Predator.
WWE's tag division isn't treated as a joke.

That's my list 20 seconds after considering the question. Obviously there's a lot more.

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Can't wait until CM Punk wins the WWE Championship for the first time.

Can't wait until Barrett/Del Rio win world titles. I would say Riley/Christian, but they have zero chance of ever happening, so I'm not gonna hold myself to that delusion.

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Ted Dibiase Junior to be allowed to have some dignity.
Shaemus to be cereal instead of a joke character.
Goldust and Cody Rhodes feud.
Gail Kim VS Awesome Kong the REUNION.
Big Bad Brodus Clay in a Royal Rumble.

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Can't wait to see Triple H retire.

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JoMo wins world title
Ted Dibiase Jack Swagger drew mcintyre get big pushes
a better tag division
world title unification
brand extention ended
gm revealed
Steph and Trips takeover from Vince
death of PG
cena heel turn
edge and christian reunion
Takers last match and farewell
Kane gets another title reign
rey mysterio stops being a heavyweight
thats all i got just now

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Cena turns heel (I know, fat chance of that happening)

Christian finally wins the big one (Yeah, and I'm going to have sex with Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard in the best threesome of all time. If Christian winning did happen though, I'd probably bet my life savings on that threesome (before losing of course))

Sting debuts in WWE (I would mark the fuck out if I ever see this)

'Dashing' Cody Rhodes wins a world title (his size should really hold him back. Plus, WWE have a habit of holding back talents with the name of Rhodes/Runnels. Him winning and then holding the title in his signature mirror entrance would be sweet)

The Miz turns face (I don't know why but I feel like he's make a very good face)

Randy Orton punts and/or RKOs Justin Bieber at Wrestlemania (OK, this won't happen and I actually don't have anything against Bieber, but tons of people do and they'll all be at Wrestlemania. The reaction would be through the roof)
Undertaker loses his streak to the money in the bank winner (again, reaction would make it worth watching even if I'm swearing profusely at the TV and vowing never to watch WWE ever again before inevitably breaking my promise the next night. I'd still bitch about it here though haha)

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Daniel Bryan Vs CM Punk feud.
Daniel Bryan getting a character (hopefully the rebirth of the Dragon)
Daniel Bryan defending the US title again
Cena heel turn.
The Miz losing the belt.
The Undertakers last feud.
Barrett's first reign.

A bit of a guilty pleasure, but I'm really looking forward to Lawler Vs Cole, just so I can see Cole take a few bumps.

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Undetaker losing at Wrestlemania
JoMo winning a world championship
Kofi winning a world championship

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for the rock to peoples elbow cena and possibly austin stunning the miz

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Can't wait to see John Morrison as the WWE champion.

Can't wait to see Miz returns to the midcard where he belongs to it.

Can't wait to see Miz/Cole/Riley live sex celebration on Raw.

Can't wait to see R-Truth been fired.

Can't wait to see someone beats Taker at Mania but we know that it won't happen.

Can't wait to see Alberto Del Rio just for once doesn't start his promo with " My name is.....but you already know that ;) "
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