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I was dooding in Core Data and was coming up with some models for a feud system and I got to wondering how feud systems work.

Before continuing, I am aware that this is not a programming forum, nor is it stackoverflow (and yes, I have posted this question on StackOverflow); but I thought I'd ask the wrestlingforum community on their thoughts. Please note, I am only dabbling and is not some major announcement or something equally as superfluous.

My screenshot:

For those who can't see the screenshot, try: http://yfrog.com/2tscreenshot20101003at181p

I'm interested in the feud part, a feud can be:

1. A worker vs worker
2. A tag team vs tag team
3. A stable vs worker
4. A stable vs tag team
5. A stable vs stable

The only problem I'm having is how to model all of that. It gets really confusing. I've been looking at 2010's rivals system; and at its most basic it's simply a list of allies vs a list of rivals; I guess I could use that as a sort-of template.

Anyway, you're thoughts on this would be great.
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