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Mocking the older generation?

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This has been done before in some form, or another in professional wrestling. Which is the idea that the top stars of the WWE who still have their years ahead of coming together to mock the the aging generation. For example: John Cena mocking HHH. Meaning Cena does HHH attire, buys a wig, and grows his facial hair. Randy Orton doing what the Miz just did, and wear latex to make himself look like The Rock. Orton mocking The Rock would be interesting. The Miz could wear latex again, and mock Austin. I'm sure Miz could pull off the Austin. Morrison would mock HBK. Finally, CM Punk could pull a quick mockery of Randy Savage. That would be interesting, and a nice throw back mockery.
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Orton mocking The Rock is like a shitstain mocking a goldmine tbh.
I wouldn't be surprised if wwe does this sometime in the future. HBK has mocked Hogan before in a feud back in 2005.
what better way to get over an unqualified genenration is for them to kick the walking sticks out form under a bunch of seniles wbhio i the poeoples minds are as great as they ever was, by name alone
I don't see how CM Punk could imitate anyone with muscle tone. Just kidding!
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