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Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva - Fightography

Wanderlei Silva began fighting professionally at 20 years old in Brazil's burgeoning Vale Tudo circuit of the late 1990s. After his appearance at International Vale Tudo Challenge 6 (where he shared the bill with young UFC rookie Chuck Liddell), he was brought into UFC to help fill out the "Ultimate Brazil" show in 1998. He would fight twice more in UFC (in the pre-Zuffa purchase days) while continuing to fight in Vale Tudo competitions, but his real home was to be the newly rising promotion from Japan, Pride.

From Pride 7 to Pride 28, Wanderlei Silva was a cornerstone of the organization, making 20 appearances on almost every card fielded by the organization, and racking up an 18-0-2 record, including 13 wins by KO, TKO, or towel, against primarily Japanese opponents (though he faced western greats Guy Mezger, Dan Henderson, and Quinton Jackson in that timeframe). Although he was less successful between Pride's 2004 Shockwave event and Pride 33 events, he was still a mainstay in the organization (and was scheduled to fight at Pride 34, but was delisted due to a medical disqualification by the NSAC).

For years, a fight between Wanderlei Silva and UFC's Chuck Liddell had been brewing, with UFC even loaning Liddell to Pride for three events in 2001 and 2003 (prior to Chuck's title days). They had appeared on no less than four fight cards together without facing one another in their careers before finally meeting in 2007's New Year's Eve UFC event, UFC 79: Nemesis.

For many fans, the long awaited meeting more than met their expectations, a significant accomlishment for a fight that was Nine Years in the making, spanning nearly the entire careers of two of MMA's elite fighters. Speculation is that once Chuck Liddell recovers from a serious hamstring injury, they will face one another once again in the cage of history.

01. 1996.11.01 Wanderlei Silva vs Dilson Filho (Brazilian Vale Tudo 6)
02. 1997.07.01 Wanderlei Silva vs Marcelao (Brazilian Vale Tudo 10)
03. 1997.09.15 Sean Bornett vs Wanderlei Silva (International Vale Tudo Challenge 2)
04. 1997.09.15 Wanderlei Silva vs Egidio da Costa (International Vale Tudo Challenge 2)
05. 1997.09.15 Wanderlei Silva vs Artur Mariano (International Vale Tudo Challenge 2)
06. 1998.08.23 Wanderlei Silva vs Mike Van Arsdale (International Vale Tudo Challenge 6)
[1] 07. 1998.10.16 Wanderlei Silva vs Vitor Belfort (UFC 17.5)
08. 1999.01.20 Wanderlei Silva vs Adriano Serrano (International Vale Tudo Challenge 9)
09. 1999.04.27 Wanderlei Silva vs Eugene Jackson (International Vale Tudo Challenge 10)
[2] 10. 1999.05.07 Tony Petarra vs Wanderlei Silva (UFC 20)
[3] 11. 1999.09.12 Carl Malenko vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 7)
[4] 12. 1999.11.21 Daijiro Matsui vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 8)
[5] 13. 2000.01.30 Bob Schrijber vs Wanderlei Silva (grand prix alternate) (Pride 2000 Grand Prix)
[6] 14. 2000.04.14 Wanderlei Silva vs Tito Ortiz (open title) (UFC 25)
15. 2000.08.12 Todd Medina vs Wanderlei Silva (World Vale Tudo 2)
[7] 16. 2000.08.27 Guy Mezger vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 10)
17. 2000.10.31 Gilbert Yvel vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 11)
18. 2000.12.09 Wanderlei Silva vs Dan Henderson (Pride 12)
19. 2001.03.25 Wanderlei Silva vs Kazushi Sakuraba (Pride 13)
20. 2001.05.27 Shungo Oyama vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 14)
21. 2001.11.03 Wanderlei Silva challenges Kazushi Sakuraba (Pride 17)
22. 2001.12.23 Alexander Otsuka vs Wanderlei Silva (non-title) (Pride 18)
23. 2002.04.24 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Wanderlei Silva (non-title) (Pride 19)
24. 2002.04.28 Mirko Filipovic vs Wanderlei Silva (non-title) (Pride 20)
[8] 25. 2002.08.28 Tatsuya Iwasaki vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 2002 Shockwave)
26. 2002.11.24 Hiromitsu Kanehara challenges Wanderlei Silva (Pride 23)
27. 2003.08.10 Wanderlei Silva vs Kazushi Sakuraba (grand prix) (Pride 2003 Total Elimination)
28. 2003.11.09 Wanderlei Silva vs Hidehiko Yoshida (grand prix) (Pride 2003 Final Conflict)
29. 2003.11.09 Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva (open grand prix title) (Pride 2003 Final Conflict)
[9] 30. 2004.02.15 Wanderlei Silva vs Ikuhisa Minowa (Pride Bushido 2)
31. 2004.08.15 Yuki Kondo vs Wanderlei Silva (grand prix alternate) (Pride 2004 Final Conflict)
32. 2004.10.31 Quinton Jackson challenges Wanderlei Silva (Pride 28)
33. 2004.12.31 Mark Hunt vs Wanderlei Silva (non-title) (Pride 2004 Shockwave)
[A] 34. 2005.04.23 Wanderlei Silva vs Hidehiko Yoshida (grand prix) (Pride 2005 Total Elimination)
35. 2005.06.24 Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 2005 Critical Countdown)
36. 2005.08.28 Wanderlei Silva vs Ricardo Arona (Pride 2005 Final Conflict)
37. 2005.12.31 Wanderlei Silva vs Ricardo Arona (Pride 2005 Shockwave)
38. 2006.07.01 Wanderlei Silva vs Kazuyuki Fujita (Pride 2006 Critical Countdown)
[C] 39. 2006.09.10 Wanderlei Silva vs Mirko Filipovic (Pride 2006 Final Conflict)
[D] 40. 2007.02.24 Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva (Pride 33)
[E]41. 2007.12.29 Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva (UFC 79)
42. 2008.05.24 Keith Jardine vs Wanderlei Silva (UFC 84)

All files are new rips from DVD source ~1500kbps XVID with 64kbps mono MP3 audio in AVI containers at 640x480 (give or take) except:
[1]~1500kbps XVID 192kbps stereo AC3 AVI 512x384
[2]~1000kbps XVID 128kbps stereo MP3 AVI 512x384
[3]~1400kbps XVID 112kbps stereo MP3 AVI 512x384
[4]~1200kbps XVID 112kbps stereo MP3 AVI 512x384
[5]~1100kbps XVID 160kbps stereo MP3 AVI 448x336
[6]~1000kbps XVID 192kbps stereo AC3 AVI 512x384
[7]~1100kbps XVID 112kbps stereo MP3 AVI 448x336
[8]~1100kbps MPEG 224kbps stereo MP2 MPG 352x240
[9]~1100kbps XVID 96kbps stereo MP3 AVI 512x384
[A]~2000kbps XVID 128kbps stereo MP3 AVI 512x384
~1000kbps XVID 112kbps stereo MP3 AVI 352x256
[C]~1100kbps XVID 112kbps stereo MP3 AVI 512x384
[D]~700kbps XVID 160kbps stereo MP3 AVI 512x368
[E]~1500kbps XVID 64kbpx mono MP3 AVI 720x400 (16:9)

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