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all roles are from here - http://mikeburnfire.sitesled.com/mscumB.swf

look through if you're unsure.

Twas a dark stormy night, etc etc

a person appeared and killed Sticksy

He was Dana White.

oh noes, people are trying to take over the UFC and WEC. try and stop them

/trololol write up. gogogogo, day 1 starts now.

Player List

1. "Ravishing" Rawlin67
2. Steven "Mister" Lawls
3. "Bloodthursty" Bartman
4. Christiano "Form the East" Rising
5. [email protected] Supahstah
6. Derek "Da Hoopstar" Hooper
7. Donovan "IMPULSE" Wesson
8. John "the Potato Warrior" Lostfap
9. Roy "No Wait" Rigor
10. "Reckless" RKO920
11. Chris "gonna run this town tonight" Postage
12. Matt "The Sex" MetalX
13. Eric "Makes the Tweens Scream" McQueen
14. "Lethal" Leeroy-riz
15. Ben "Stone Cold" sXe
16. Tony "The Belgian" Alcoholic
1 - 20 of 439 Posts