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MJF's Title Reign: Flop or Not?

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Inspired by this thread:

Cast your predictions now! It'll be interesting to look back at this thread in the coming months.
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AEW booking is a flop, Not the wrestlers. Even good booking, direction, and promo help or manager could have made Hangman an amazing champion. With out a single bit of company direction or guidance in all those areas hes absolute trash.

This has happened to every single champion and it will continue too. Its the company that is the flop not the talent. AEW like i said is a EVENTS company. They attract the crowd for the in ring but have no vision for TV or building its talent. The company you work for should have your back and better you.
TK's booking is a flop. Honestly MJF is one of those people who don't need a championship. Also the other 3 pillars are mid-card at best.
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Yes, that's exactly what OP wants you to subjectively answer. What is your stance on this?
Typically, things like drawing power would determine how much of a flop a title reign was and your title holder is the face of that company. Considering they've just sold near enough 70,000 tickets at their Wembley show and MJF is the world champion. Which means he'll be champion heading into the biggest attendance in the companies history whilst being the champion during the time they've also got their highest gate in their history.

Personally, I think the reign has lacked that one big feud. But I feel almost every world champion in the companies history has lacked that. Jericho sort of had Moxley but then Moxley missed out on having anything worthy of a true championship story due to having no crowds for practically his entire reign. Omega for me is the best champion in the companies history for the match quality and the story with Page and Page and Punks run were disappointing.

It's a shame that all of MJF's best feuds were non-title. Most notably Punk and Wardlow.
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They stick him away from the fight and the bigger guys.

Like they want to protect his credibility even tho he has any.. It's quite sad but I think the dude is not meant to carry a world title.

Amazinc talker and heel, but he's just got zero physical presence.
I agree. Unless MJF is with someone whose a big name the guy just does not feel like a big deal. MJF at best is a midcarder. To me he is Intercontinental/US Champion level tops.
Yes, that's exactly what OP wants you to subjectively answer. What is your stance on this?
Has his title reign produced great TV, are people invested in his programs, is there any noticeable upward movement in general interest in AEW as a whole, are people talking about him in a positive light? These are the most common indicators of a successful run.

Run down the list

Consistently compelling TV? Not really if it were we'd be revelling in it.

Overall investment? It seems down particularly during this current 4 Pillars stuff.

Interest in AEW? Not the hottest it's been that's for sure.

Is it doing anything positive for MJF? It did at first and has definitely levelled out of late.

On paper you could objectively call it a flop. I personally wouldn't go that far I'd say it's been hit and miss. It's not the end of world, this is just what happens when you put guys who aren't ready/over enough for the top of the card. MJF will be fine and as for the other three it should now be obvious that they need more time/better booking to get to that level.
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I’m right there with you. It will not be nearly as great as MJF could make it, because he isn’t TK’s favorite.

TK will get bored with this toy and move to another wrestler in a stop and start decision that most fans would kill Vince McMahon for…

TK fucking sucks…
Well, well, well…
MJF has been awesome during this reign, but AEW trying to make lower card level talents like Bland Boy, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin happen is sinking it. I'm not blaming MJF because he has held up his end. Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Connor McGregor, or any big name that you could think of couldn't make Darby Allin, Bland Boy, and Sammy Guevara interesting.
*Jungle Jackoff

MJF himself has been nothing less than stellar. Tony Khans booking and idea to center an entire storyline around 3 guys who've never done anything, who have the personality of white office paper, is a bad idea and because MJF only does the rare program and never wrestles, the last thing he does is the lasting image of the reign for a while. He had a feud with Danielson that wasn't handled well, which ended with the best match of the last 20 years, so that was the major shining point of this reign, then it was this 4 pillars shit, the match might be good, it might not be good, but whatever it is, the program itself has done damage to the world title and MJF isn't working with anyone of world championship calibre (Especially Jungle Jackoff.....especially after Rush bent Jungle Jackoff over his knee and made him call Rush daddy).

MJF needs to get back working with Punk, like they were going to. Obviously you don't put the title back on Punk with his injury history (Granted, only one of them was actually a wrestling injury) but this is how you put interest on the belt again and interest back into MJF. If the rumor of Adam Cole is true, good god, that'll just keep it sunk. Based on the fact that I see Adam Cole talking about MJF on Barstool Rasslin', it is true. Yikes.
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Hard to call it a success so far. This 4 pillars feud definitely took it way back a few steps. Hopefully it will recover after he gets paired with an actual interesting opponent. Unfortunately, the recent rumors were Adam Cole.
They need to have title match on TV. That would help Him look like a strong champion.
He's good, but he's just doing basic heel stuff, nothing innovative about him at all. The thing that ticks me off the most is he took Cody out of the world title scene and ultimately AEW.

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