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Miz headlining Wrestlemania??

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Mental, but very happy for him and with the idea, if in fact it happens.

It's clear that Del Rio will be challenging for the Smackdown title, presumably against Edge. Now I assume Del Rio will win, and they rarely end Mania with a heel win. Even if Edge wins, I can't see them putting that match on last; firstly, as cemnted a main eventer as Edge is, I just don't think he's got the momentum at the moment to headline over say Cena.

So that leaves us with the Raw title to headline Mania. No way is Miz losing it to Lawler at EC so he has to be the champion going in. Right? If Cena is his opponent, he's tried and tested in the Mania main event.

So there's only one outcome I can see.............AWESOME.

Apologies if this has been covered already.
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Well they have set up Miz poorly for Wrestlemania. His major feud as champion has been with a 61 year old announcer that he has trouble beating. His opponent, whoever it is, will have gone through an Elimination Chamber to get to him. If he does face Cena, how on Earth is Miz a believable threat to Cena? Hell, the way they booked Miz, I can honestly say I'm not 100% confident that he's going to be given the win over Lawler at the PPV and that's just sad.

If you want to have Cena win the title again at Mania, don't you want to, you know, set up the pins correctly for him to knock them down? One of my biggest criticisms of Triple H and some of his main events is that he will go out of his way to make his opponent look like shit (Jericho at X-8, Orton at XXV) and I can't help but think "Don't you want people to think you actually accomplished something by beating this guy?". If you beat up a loser, well then good for you, you beat up a loser.

The template for building a Wrestlemania main event should be XIV. Outside of the outside factors like Mike Tyson's involvement which added a lot of energy to it, the whole thing was just booked so well. Shawn Michaels cost Taker the title, then beat Undertaker in HIAC, then was part of the Montreal Screwjob over Bret Hart to win the title, then beat Undertaker AGAIN by the skin of his teeth in a Casket match. All the while, Austin was being moved up the card & established as a top contender through his work with the Intercontinental Title and his build up through the Royal Rumble & victory in said match. Austin then ran through DX to get to Michaels at Mania. By the time it was showtime, you had a heel with all the heat in the World because he always came out on top and nobody could get the best of him, & Austin was the biggest & most credible babyface in the company. Put 'em together, you have an exciting match that people want to see. Here, assuming they go with Miz & Cena, you have John Cena facing a crap champion. Not Miz's fault. That's just the way he's been booked.
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