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Miz headlining Wrestlemania??

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Mental, but very happy for him and with the idea, if in fact it happens.

It's clear that Del Rio will be challenging for the Smackdown title, presumably against Edge. Now I assume Del Rio will win, and they rarely end Mania with a heel win. Even if Edge wins, I can't see them putting that match on last; firstly, as cemnted a main eventer as Edge is, I just don't think he's got the momentum at the moment to headline over say Cena.

So that leaves us with the Raw title to headline Mania. No way is Miz losing it to Lawler at EC so he has to be the champion going in. Right? If Cena is his opponent, he's tried and tested in the Mania main event.

So there's only one outcome I can see.............AWESOME.

Apologies if this has been covered already.
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What I don't understand is how the WWE expects us to believe for one second Miz has even the slightest chance of beating Cena, considering just last year John made fucking Dave Batista tap out. Just look at the list of names he's beaten at Mania: Big Show, JBL, Triple H, HBK, and Edge (already mentioned The Animal). Miz is so screwed, but that actually makes me happy since he is such an embarrassment to the WWE Title.
The point of the Wrestlemania build won't be "who will beat whom?" it'll be "I can't wait for Cena to shut up that loud mouth."

Miz lacking credibility isn't really an issue when his whole character and reign is based around him being an "undeserving prick who doesn't deserve the belt".
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