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WWE 2013: Blowing Up!

Backstory: Starting the night after Payback. The results are the same as in real life. Quick results:

  • John Cena (c) def Ryback for the WWE Championship
  • The Shield (Rollins and Reigns) (c) def Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for the Tag Titles
  • Dean Ambrose (c) def Kane for the United States Title
  • CM Punk def Chris Jericho
  • Alberto Del Rio def Dolph Ziggler (c) for the World Heavyweight Title
  • Curtis Axel def The Miz and Wade Barrett (c) for the Intercontinental Title
  • AJ def Kaitlyn (c) for Divas Title

WWE Champion- John Cena
World Heavyweight Champion- Alberto Del Rio
WWE United States Champion- Dean Ambrose
WWE Intercontinental Champion- Curtis Axel
WWE Tag Team Champions- Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
WWE Divas Champion- AJ Lee

Other TV Roles:
Raw GM- Vickie Guerrero (with David Otunga as Assistant or legal advisor or some shit)
Raw Commentators- JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler
Raw Interviewer- Josh Matthews (usually)
Smackdown GM- Teddy Long
Smackdown Commentators- JBL and Michael Cole
Smackdown Interviewer- Matt Striker

Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Antonio Cersaro
Big E Langston
Big Show
Bo Dallas
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Curtis Axel
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Otuna
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
The Miz
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
The Rock
Roman Reigns
Santino Marella
Seth Rollins
Sin Cara
Ted Dibiase
Titus O'Neil
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Other info about the Btb: BtB will start the night after Payback, which will be Raw, June 17th. I will post the preview today, and the full show within the next 3 days.

I post full shows. The shows will be in color, red for Raw and blue for Smackdown of course. No NxT or Superstars :( A lot of the content is just summarized through, unless it's important to the story development, which in that case I will describe in full for the readers! Things will be kept short and sweet! Stick around for real, cuz shit is about to pop off! This BtB will be better than the others! Stick around for a little bit and see for yourself!

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Just 24 hours after a hellacious PPV, Payback, here is a little preview of tonight's Raw!!

Monday Night Raw PREVIEW!
June 17, 2013


Cena and Ryback brawled to a point where both men could hardly walk last night. It was Cena who came out on top after giving Ryback the FU through the freakin ambulance! Cena retains his title!

CM Punk returned with a win over Chris Jericho! The match was a truly classic! The fans loved the awesome match between the 2 greats!

Dolph Ziggler lost the World Heavyweight Championship last night to Alberto Del Rio! Ziggler's brains must have become pudding, but the kid fought his heart out, and the crowd appreciated him for that, and let him know it! Del Rio got lots of boos!

The Shield continued their reign of terror as Dean Ambrose pulled off a count off victory over Kane while Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan after miscommunication between Orton and Bryan!

The newest Paul Heyman guy Curtis Axel is now Intercontinental Champion! He stole a victory from The Miz when he pinned Wade Barrett, who was about to tap!

AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn. AJ is now champ, what can I say?

Preview for tonight:

What happened to Ryback? Will he be on Raw tonight? We are supposed to hear on the condition of Ryback tonight!

What will Punk do next? Will he challenge John Cena for the WWE Title, to truly be "the best in the world?" We will hear from Punk!

Mark Henry has tweeted that he will be on Raw tonight to announce some major. What will it be? Retirement? Jump shit to TNA? Acting career? What is next for the big black man?

The Shield has beaten EVERYONE put in front of them, even the main eventers. Who is next to go against the superteam? The Shield will be in action, all 3 of them!

Wade Barrett is cashing in his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Championship tonight against Curtis Axel!

Kaitlyn is also getting her rematch against AJ for the Divas Title. Stay tuned! Big night!


-Dean Ambrose Vs Sheamus
-Alberto Del Rio Vs Kane
-Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett for the IC Title
-AJ Vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Title
-Mark Henry announcement
-A word from Punk
-Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in tag team action!

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Monday Night Raw
June 17th, 2013

Show opens with a highlight of Payback last night.

We are shown highlights of the brawl between Ryback and Cena during the Ambulance match last night. We see how Cena FU'ed Ryback through the top of the ambulance for the win!

We also see how Dolph Ziggler would not lose to Alberto Del Rio. We see how Del Rio knocked Ziggler out cold, and how doctors came out and stuff.

The rest of the PPV is highlighted through: Ambrose defeated Kane, The Shield defeated Orton and Bryan because Bryan dove onto Orton on accident, we see highlights of the classic between Punk and Jericho, etc.

The show begins as fireworks blast off and cameras roll all around the arena, to thousands of screaming fans

Michael Cole: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Just 24 hours from the slobberknocker of a PPV, PAYBACK!!"

JBL: "It sure was Michael."

Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, and JBL talk a little bit about last night's PPV, as the show begins.

***My Time Is Now!!****

John Cena comes running out, happy as fuck like always, holding the WWE Title. He salutes the camera and runs into the ring. He grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to cool down.

John Cena: "Wow, wow, wow, WOW!!!"

Fans scream as Cena paces back and forth!

John Cena: "Did we have ourselves a fight last night or what?? Now, I didn't expect Ryback to go easy on me last night, but man, very few times in my career have I been taken to the limit like that!"

Fans scream as Cena continues talking about his match with Ryback. Cena says that he has his shield up, waiting for his next opponent, whoever it is, when......

***Cult of Personality****

CM Punk walks out, all arrogant and shit like always. Paul Heyman is right behind him. Punk gets into the ring, holding a mean stare with Cena, and grabs a mic.

CM Punk: "Now, John, congratulations on your victory over Ryback."

Fans cheer and Cena nods, with a smile.

CM Punk: "But unless you didn't hear the roof come off the building when my theme song hit last night, you would know that it was me, that everyone was talking about when they went home. The return of CM Punk!"

Fans cheer and boo, as Cena casually looks around into the crowd.

CM Punk: "I am next in line for your title John. I am back. I am the best in the world! I am back to reclaim what has been mine for the last 2 years, and what should have never left my hands....THAT!"

Punk points at the title, sitting firmly on Cena's shoulder, as Cena just continues smiling.

CM Punk: "So John, all I got to say to you, is stay healthy, and get ready, because you are going against CM Punk, the VERY BEST in the world, and you better believe you will get ALL he has!"

Cena and Punk get closer face to face, Cena nods, as Punk keeps talking shit.


Vickie Guerrero walks out, with a mic in hand, screaming "EXCUSE ME!"
The crowd keeps booing.

Vickie: "I said EXCUSE ME!!"

Crowd keeps booing.

CM Punk:
"Vickie, Vickie, Vickie, please, I don't want to hear it."

Crowd CHEERS, as Vickie gets shocked by what Punk said.

CM Punk: "I still have a headache from last night's match, and please, the last thing I want to hear is your annoying, screeching voice!"

Crowd again explodes, Vickie's jaw drops, as Heyman starts telling Punk to stop.

CM Punk: "Do me, and everyone here a favor, drop the mic, and walk your chunky ass backstage!"

Crowd OOOOOHs, so does Cena. Heyman and Vickie can't believe what Punk is saying.

Vickie: "EXCUSE ME!!!!! PUNK!!!!! I came out here to tell you that you were next in line for the WWE Title, but that isn't the case anymore."

Punk gives a sarcastic concerned look at the camera, just being a jackass.

Vickie: "Instead, you will team up with John Cena tonight!"

Punk and Cena look at each other, and actually start to worry a little bit.

Vickie: "And it will be a handicap match....against the 3MB!!!"

Crowd boos.

CM Punk: "Vickie, really? That's what you came out here for? Really Vickie? I just can't take those guys seriously. Their attempts at being rockstars is almost as pathetic as you trying to be a sexy cougar!"

Crowd laughs.

John Cena: "Really? I thought she was trying to be a guinea pig."

Crowd starts laughing hard! Vickie gets furious!!! She slams the mic down and furiously walks backstage.

Punk and Cena get face to face again and exchange words.

Michael Cole: "What you say can get you in trouble Punk, but nonetheless, what a show we have for you tonight!"

Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title is announced for tonight, as well as Dean Ambrose Vs Sheamus. Another match announced for tonight is World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will go one on one with Kane!

Axel Vs Barrett is up next!

***Curtis Axel's Theme Song***

Curtis Axel comes out with Paul Heyman. The fans boo Axel and Heyman, but they don't seem to care.

***Wade Barrett Theme Song***

Wade Barrett comes out, to a mostly mixed reaction. He looks pissed! He gets in the ring, and the match is one!

Match #1: Curtis Axel (c) Vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship
Good match. Very much back and forth. Barrett slams Axel with his Spinning Slam for a close fall. Ending comes at about the 8 minute mark. Barrett is recovering in the corner, when THE MIZ sprints out to the ring and starts viciously attacking Curtis Axel with hard punches. Axel manages to crawl under the bottom rope to the outside, to safety. The Miz then turns his attention to Barrett, who is recovering still. Miz grabs Wade Barrett and drops him with the Skull Crushing Finale!
Curtis Axel defeated Wade Barrett to retain his Intercontinental Championship

Michael Cole: "The Miz! Making a statement here King! He still wants the Intercontinental Title!"

The Miz motions to his waist, signaling he wants the IC belt. Heyman holds onto the IC Title for dear life, as he and Curtis Axel look at The Miz from the entrance ramp, in fear!

$$$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$$$$

CM Punk is seen walking backstage, when Heyman catches up to him.

Heyman: "Listen Punk, you don't have to go through with this. You don't have to team with Cena. I can get you out of this."

CM Punk: "No, and Paul, listen. I can do this on my own. I have been doing this for 10 years now. I have won many titles by myself in this business."

Heyman: "I know that Punk, you're a great champion."

Punk: "Exactly Paul, I won the WWE title on my own, held onto it for a year and a half on my own, I can do this on my own. And tonight, when I go out there, I wanna be on my own. From tonight and on. Ok Paul?"

Heyman: "Yeah...yeah!"

Punk and Heyman hug, and Punk walks off.

We are taken back to ringside.

A 20 man Tag Team Battle Royal is set for this Friday, to determine the No.1 Contenders for the Tag Titles. The teams announced for the Over the Top Rope Battle Royal are:
-Tensai and Clay
-Millions of Dollars
-Epico and Primo
-The Usos
-Gabriel and Tyson Kidd
-Bourne and Kingston
-Marella and Ryder
-Khali and Hornswoggle!
-More to be announced!

We are taken back to ringside, where the announcers hype up the Battle Royal for Smackdown this Friday!

***Somebody Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked!***

Mark Henry comes out to a pretty big ovation from the audience. He gets in the ring, and grabs a mic.

Henry: "As all of you know, I have been here for a long time. I have achieved a lot, I would have liked to have achieved a little more here in the WWE, but I have done pretty good either way."

Henry laughs a little, as the crowd starts to quiet down!

Henry: "I have been through a lot. Before I got signed to the WWE, I was a weighlifter. I represented our country in the Olympics in 1996! I won multiple accolades in weightlifting, came to the WWE, and won some titles here too, one of them being the World Heavyweight Championship!"

Crowd claps for Henry.

Henry: "I hear, that people are saying that I should retire sometime soon. That I am getting too old! That I don't got it anymore! You know what I have to say to all of the people saying all that? SCREW YOU!!!! I HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO YOU, AND I NEVER WILL!! NOT WHEN YOU SAID I COULDN'T BE ANYTHING HERE IN THE WWE!! NOT WHEN YOU SAID I COULD NEVER BECOME WORLD CHAMPION, AND I SURE AS HELL AINT GONNA LISTEN TO YOU NOW!!! I AM AT MY BEST! I BENCH PRESS 650 POUNDS, AND SQUAT DAMN NEAR 1000!!! NO ONE IN THIS ROSTER CAN STAND ME UP TO ME!! I AM PUTTING THE ENTIRE ROSTER ON NOTICE, MARK HENRY IS BACK!!!!!"

Henry slams the mic down, with authority. A lot of the crowd is cheering, some are booing as well.
The commentators talk about Henry and his intensity!

JBL: "The World's Strongest Man is back, Michael! We are in for it!"

Henry walks to the back, staring down some fans in the audience.

***Break the Walls***

Chris Jericho comes out to a massive ovation from the crowd. It is a good minute until his opponent comes out....

***Open Up Your Eyes****

The crowd EXPLODES with joy when Christian walks out. Jericho can't believe Christian is back!

Match #2: Chris Jericho Vs Christian

Awesome match between the 2 greats. Christian and Jericho exchange signature moves for 15 minutes. Ending comes at around the 16 minute mark when Jericho reverses Christian's roll up attempt into the Walls of Jericho. After about 45 seconds and much crawling and scratching by Christian, he finally taps out!
Chris Jericho defeated Christian

Jericho offers Christian his hand, and helps him up! The crowd is on their feet, showing respect for the 2 legends!

Michael Cole: "What a classic match here between these 2 great superstars!"

We are taken backstage, where Abraham Washington is walking around, looking around curiously, with a grin on his face.

***AJ Theme Song***

AJ comes out with Big E Langston, to some boos from the crowd.

***Kaitlyn Theme Song***

Michael Cole: "Rematch from last night's match for the Divas Title ladies and gentlemen!"

Kaitlyn walks out and gets in the ring, the match is on!

Match #3: AJ (c) Vs Kaitlyn to defend her Divas Title

AJ defeats Kaitlyn after a 2 minute match between the 2 divas. AJ smiles her way to the back with Big E Langston by her side!

AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn to retain her Divas Title

JBL: Great victory for AJ there!

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We are back. The camera is backstage to Randy Orton walking, and Daniel Bryan walks up to him.

Bryan: "Listen, Randy! I want to talk to you about last night! I'm sorry for what happened!"

Randy Orton stops walking for a second.

Bryan: "Listen, I think we should move past that. We both know accidents happen in that ring, and
that was nothing more than an accident. We should team again Randy! Listen, this Friday, on Smackdown, there is a battle royal. 10 teams, winners get The Shield for the titles! What do you say huh? Huh?"

Orton: "Listen Daniel, I don't team with anyone. I have fought for myself since day one, and will keep doing so. Stay out of my way!"

Bryan: "Ok that's FINE! But....just to let you know, I am going to destroy The Shield, with or WITHOUT your help!"

Bryan storms off as Orton looks on, kinda worried.

***Written In Your Face****

Sheamus comes to a big pop from the crowd. He shouts as he comes down the entrance ramp.

***Special Op****

All 3 members of The Shield appear at one section of the crowd. Dean Ambrose gives dap to Rollins and Reigns as they go to the back and Ambrose comes down for his match.

Michael Cole: "Non title bout between Dean Ambrose and Sheamus here tonight!"

Match #4: Sheamus Vs Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose and Sheamus put on a brawl of a match tonight. Good fight between the 2. Midway through the match, Ambrose slammed Sheamus face first onto the turnbuckle steel post. Ending came a little past the 10 minute mark. Sheamus was getting up in the corner when Dean charged at em but Sheamus got his boot up on Ambrose's face, and climbed to the top rope. Ambrose again charged at Sheamus, knocking his foot off the top rope, causing Sheamus to fall face first a good 7-8 to the mat below. Ambrose rolls Sheamus up for the 3 count!
Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus

Ambrose grabs his title and storms off onto the crowd, posing with the title once he gets to one of the stairways on one of the higher up levels of the crowd.

JBL: "HUGE win for Dean Ambrose here tonight! And he did it all by himself. I'm telling you, this guy is something great!"

Commentators continue praising Ambrose for his win, as Sheamus gets up, holding his head.

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We are back, and we hear a BOOOOOM!!!!

****Fire and Brimstone****

Kane walks out with a mean strut to his walk. He gets into the ring and paces back and forth, waiting for his opponent.

****Alberto Del Rio Del Rio Theme Song***

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out first and introduces Del Rio in Spanish, to quite a bit of heat from the crowd. Del Rio pulls up in a shiny, silver Ferrari Enzo. Big smile on his face as he slowly approaches the ring.

Micheal Cole: "Dolph Ziggler showed so much heart against Del Rio last night, but Del Rio proved to be too much!"

Commentators talk about Del Rio giving Ziggler a concussion at last night's match.

Match #5: Kane Vs Alberto Del Rio

Another good match. Kane controls most of it. Del Rio catches a break when he was on the apron and Kane grabbed em by the throat, Del Rio jumped off the apron, pulling Kane's head and shoulder viciously over the top rope. Del Rio managed to get some work done on Kane's arm, throwing him shoulder first onto the steel post, and a few direct kicks to Kane's arm. Kane got back into it with a mean uppercut, nearly taking Del Rio's head off.

Ending came at around the 8 minute mark when Kane flew off the top rope with his flying clothesline. Kane then was getting ready for his Chokeslam when Ricardo hopped on the apron. Kane grabbed him by the throat, but Del Rio kicks Kane straight on the lower back! Del Rio then starts vicioucly attacking Kane with hard knee strikes to Kane's legs, bringing the man down to one knee, and Del Rio continues the assault with vicious knees to the arm, shoulder, face, neck, legs, and even knees, bringing the big man down. Del Rio then SIDE KICKS Kane right on the side of the head, but only gets a 2 count! Kane then SITS UP! Del Rio hits another mean knee strike right on Kane's nose, knocking the big man on his back again, but AGAIN Kane gets up but Del Rio catches him with another brutal Enzuguiri on the back of the head, knocking the monster completely out! Pin 1-2-3!
Alberto Del Rio defeated Kane

JBL: "Del Rio is a great champion! It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's about the size of the fight in the dog!"

Commentators continue talking Del Rio's victory and viciousness against Kane, when DOLPH ZIGGLER sprints into the ring and starts attacking Del Rio! Ziggler takes down Del Rio with a double leg takedown and starts wailing on him. Ricardo pulls Ziggler off, when Ziggler starts beating Ricardo up now. Del Rio gets out of dodge and watches as Dolph Ziggler hits Ricardo with the Zig Zag!

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We are backstage in Teddy's office. AJ and Ziggler are there with him.

Teddy Long: "Listen Dolph, the doctors you shouldn't be in that ring, not tonight!"

Ziggler: "Teddy, I don't care what the docs have to say. I want my title shot! And I want it as soon as possible Teddy, this Friday!"

Teddy Long: "I cannot do that playa!"

After arguing a little bit, Teddy Long actually agrees to give Ziggler his shot this Friday night!

We return back to ringside, where Sin Cara is in the ring waiting on his opponent!

***Antonio Cesaro Theme Song****

Antonio Cesaro comes out with Roksana, to little heat from the fans. He proudly walks to the ring with his girl.

Match #6: Antonio Cesaro Vs Sin Cara

Very typical match. Ending came at the 5 minute mark. Sin Cara had started to get the upper hand with some nice kicks and a few aerial moves. Sin Cara then springboarded off the ropes with a cross body onto Cesaro, but Cesaro sidestepped Sin Cara and Sin Cara landed stomach first hard on the mat. Cesaro picked Sin Cara up and dropped him with his finisher for the win!
Antonio Cesaro defeated Sin Cara

Cesaro asked for a mic after the match!

"It is now my time!"

Cesaro breaths heavy as the crowd boos a little.

Cesaro: "The next Pay Per View, the Money in the Bank, we will see ANTONIO CESARO.......leave with the contract for a WWE title shot!"

Cesaro smiles a little, keeps breathing hard.

Cesaro: "You will all witness the Era....of.....ANTONIO CESARO!!"

Michael Cole: "He has been so impressive here in the WWE!"

JBL: "I actually agree with him. He has a very good chance of winning the Money in the Bank match! Future world champion right here ladies and gentlemen!

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We are backstage, where Jericho is removing the tape from his wristbands, when Christian walks up to him.

"Hey uhh, I wanted to tell you, that you gave me one of the best matches of my career out there tonight. Thanks!"

Jericho nods a little as the crowd cheers.

Christian: "I don't know if you heard, but uhhh there's a battle royal this Friday on Smackdown. Winners get a shot at the...."

Jericho cuts Christian off.

Jericho: "I accept!"

Christian smiles!

Jericho: "Are you asking me, to team up with you??"

Christian smiles a little and nods.

Jericho: "Let's put it like this: Do the JERICHOHOLICS out there want to see Y....2.....J!!!!! AND
Captain Charisma....CHRRRRRISTTTIANN..... TEAM UP????"

The crowd blows up in cheers!

Jericho: "You've got yourself a partner Christian!"

The 2 shake hands as the crowd cheers for the 2 greats! We are taken back to ringside!

Michael Cole: "Wow what about that? Are we seeing a reunion between Jericho and Christian!!!"

Jerry Lawler: "These guys haven't teamed together in 10 years. Are they really gonna compete at that Battle Royal on Smackdown? I, for one, would love to see it!"

In the ring, we see the ring full of superstars. There are 10 superstars in the ring. On one side we got Titus O'Neal, Darren Young, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Epico and Primo, while on the other side we got Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, and Santino Marella. We are waiting on their last 2 teammates to come out!

***Trouble in Paradise***

Kofi Kingston comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, alongside Evan Bourne. They fly into the ring and the next match is on!

Michael Cole: "All 6 of these teams will participate in the Over the Top Rope 10 Team Battle Royal this Friday night to determine the Number 1 Contender's for the Tag Titles!

Match #7: Air Boom, Kidd and Gabriel, and Ryder and Marella Vs Millions of Dollars, Rhodes Scholars', and Epico and Primo!

Pretty entertaining match for the most part. The heels beat down Justin Gabriel for several minutes until he tags in Kingston, when things pick up. At about the 8 minute mark, things break down. All 12 superstars start brawling. Evan Bourne Shooting Star Presses onto like EIGHT guys on the outside, taking out most of the participants. Kofi and Damien Sandow are in the ring, and Kingston knocks Sandow out cold with the Trouble in Paradise for the win!
The 6 superstars are celebrating when.....
Air Boom, Kidd and Gabriel, and Ryder and Marella defeated Millions of Dollars, Rhodes Scholars', and Epico and Primo

Jerry Lawler: What an exciting match by all 12 of these great young superstars! That shooting star press by Bourne almost gave me another heart attack!

We are shown replays of the Shooting Star Press by Evan Bourne onto a huge crowd of guys outside!

***Special Op****

The Shield's theme song hits. The crowd gets worried, as do all the superstars in the ring, as well as the commentators. Everyone starts looking around for The Shield

Michael Cole: "This can't be good, King. Everyone knows who this is by now!"

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are spotted near the front row and they jump the barricade beginning the attack! They attack the guys recovering at ringside who happened to be Epico, Primo, and Darren Young. Dean Ambrose is now spotted jumping the barricade on the other side, slamming Titus O'Neal head first onto the turnbuckle steel post. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are able to run up the ramp and avoid The Shield!

The Shield just dismantled those 4 at ringside and now surround the 6 in the ring! Ambrose is able to reach into the ring and pull Bourne out of the ring and slam him hard against the barricade. Kingston goes outside of the ring to brawl with Dean but Rollins is quickly on him, and the 2 on 1 advantage allows Dean and Rollins to throw Kingston face first against the steel ring post. Marella, Tyson Kidd, and Justin Gabriel go out there and start fighting with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, while Roman Reigns in the ring SPEARS Zack Ryder out of his boots. Reigns then goes outside of the ring and helps his partners with the 3 adversaries. He throws Marella to the ground, and also SPEARS Tyson Kidd several feet back! Reigns and Dean then beat up on Justin Gabriel, as Seth Rollins superkicks Marella out cold! The Shield then throw Justin Gabriel in the ring, and they all surround him, getting ready for their Powerbomb! Up and down goes Justin Gabriel, POWERBOMB! Roman Reigns howls super loud, just for fun, as the crowd boos.

JBL: "I love it, these guys are unstoppable. They just came out and laid out 12 superstars, barely even breaking a sweat! We have never seen anything like The Shield, Michael!"

***Tons of Funk***

The 2 dancers come out with Brodus Clay and Tensai to a pretty decent pop from the crowd, as we get ready for our next tag team match! Dean Ambrose daps his partners and leaves through the crowd! The match is one!

Match #8: The Shield (Reigns and Rollins) Vs Tons of Funk (Clay and Tensai)

Good match between the 2 teams. Match goes back and forth quite a bit. Both teams maintained control. Ending came at around the 11 minute mark. Tensai was in the ring with Reigns. Rollins goes around the ring, and starts attacking Brodus Clay with hard punches and forearm smashes, but the big man isn't fazed by it much. Rollins has just realized he pissed off a giant and starts running from the bigger man.

Clay is chasing Rollins around the ring when he is intercepted by a HARD LARIAT from Roman Reigns, out of nowhere. Brutal! Rollins and Reigns then slam Clay shoulder first onto the steel steps! Tensai goes out there and stops this, with a headbutt to Rollins, and one to Reigns as well. Tensai throws Reigns in the ring, and measures him in the corner, and charges him, but Reigns dodges it, causing Tensai to go full steam chest first onto the turnbuckle. Rollins then gets in the ring. Reigns big boots the dazed Tensai, but Tensai doesn't go down. Rollins then superkicks him, dazing him, but still won't go down. Reigns then rebounds off the ropes and SPEARS Tensai down, for the 3 count!
Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Tensai and Brodus Clay

Dean Ambrose then comes down through the crowd to congratulate his teammates. The 3 men then decide they aren't done. They POWERBOMB Tensai down with authority, then leave the ring. The trio then approaches Brodus Clay, who was at ringside recovering. The trio start beating him up and throw him THROUGH THE BARRICADE WALL!!!!

JBL: "Wow, all I got to say is wow! I am so impressed with this young group!"

Lawler: "These guys are so brutal!"

The Shield then goes back into the ring. Ambrose demands a mic! The crowd is booing super loud for The Shield. Before Ambrose can get a word in, DANIEL BRYAN SPRINTS TO THE RING! Bryan ducks past Reigns, clothesline to Rollins, side kick to Dean's gut, nice kick combo takes out Reigns! Bryan double leg takedowns Rollins and starts pounding him until Dean is all over him! The 3 jump on Daniel Bryan until....


RANDY ORTON RUNS DOWN THE RAMP to a huge pop from the fans! Orton runs in and The Shield quickly retreats, with not much of a brawl with Orton. Orton helps Bryan up as fans are going crazy!

Michael Cole: King, does this mean Orton and Bryan will keep teaming? Is there a chance of them being in that battle royal on Smackdown??

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$

We are taken backstage to where Vickie Guerrero is standing by with David Otunga.

Vickie: "I cannot believe this! I am the General Manager of Raw! They cannot say that to me!"

Otunga: "You're right, they cannot!"

Vickie: "Oh my god, they better pay for this! They will!"

Otunga: "Ohh they sure will, I got something planned for them, to MAKE SURE, Cena and Punk, get what is coming to them!"

We are taken back to ringside.

Cole: "Moments away from our main event here tonight! It will be WWE Champion John Cena, teaming up with what is to be the Number 1 Contender for Cena's title, CM Punk, in a handicap match against the 3 Man Rock Band!"

****We're a 3 Man Band!****

The 3MB come out, looking like dumbasses as always, playing their invisibible instruments. Very few boos are heard.

***Cult of Personality****

CM Punk comes out to a MASSIVE ovation. The crowd loves CM Punk just as much as they always did!

***My Time is Now****

Very classic reaction for Cena. Cena comes out excited like always. Everyone is on their feet, some booing, some cheering, you know the deal.

Match #9: John Cena and CM Punk Vs 3MB in a Handicap Match

Squash match. Cena and Punk toy with 3MB. At about the 5 minute mark, as Cena and Punk keep toying with 3MB, Punk grabs Slater by the hair, Cena grabs Mahal by his head, and they both throw Slater and Mahal out of the ring. Cena tells Punk to take them out. Punk climbs the top rope and flies off with a DOUBLE FLYING CLOTHESLINE onto Mahal and Slater on the outside of the ring, taking them both out. Cena drops McIntyre inside the ring with the FU for the easy 3 count!
John Cena and CM Punk defeated 3MB

Cena gets up and starts celebrating, throwing the Cenation sign up, as Punk gets into the ring to confront Cena, we hear........

"EXCUSE ME!!!!!!"

Vickie Guerrero walks out with mic in hand. Fans start booing furiously as Punk and Cena just look tired of Vickie.

Vickie: "Don't think for one second your night is over, Punk and Cena. Like I told you, you will pay for what you said earlier to me. My assistant, David Otunga, has found 3 more opponents that are much more likely to get the job done tonight!!!"

Vickie walks off laughing as BIG E LANGSTON walks out!

EZEKIEL JACKSON then walks out right behind him! The looks on the faces of Cena and Punk have changed a little now.

Right behind Jackson and Langston, walks out the returning MASON RYAN!!

The 3 big muscleheads walk down to the ring, as Punk and Cena definitely aren't playing games anymore.

Cole: "The mood changed once these 3 men came out, King. The whole arena felt it, even Punk and Cena."

JBL: "Punk and Cena are in for it. They should've never disrespected our general manager. Punk was next in line for a title shot but instead, he is going to get destroyed by 3 300 pound men because he wanted to open his mouth. Good job Punk!"

Punk and Cena have a few words with each other as the match starts.

Match #10: Cena and Punk Vs Jackson, Ryan, and Langston

Very different type of match. The 3 big men controlled most of this match, due to frequent tags and overpowering their opponents. They worked on Punk's abdomen for several minutes, until he tagged out Cena. Cena got some fire going but Big Zeke stopped it with one nice clothesline. The big men now wear Cena down until about the 12 minute mark when Cena reverses Big E's headlock into a nice Spin Out Powerbomb, powering the big black man down! Both men are now down, getting up, and Langston tags in Zeke, as Cena tags in Punk!

Zeke comes in, as does Punk who comes in on fire, ducking past Big Zeke and knocking Ryan off the apron with a nice heel kick. Punk gets fired up on Big Zeke, hitting him with 2 corner Shining Wizards and the bulldog. Langston comes in from outside and clubs Punk on the back of the head but Cena also comes in and clotheslines Langston over the top rope to the outside! Punk tags in Cena, then Punk Dives onto Mason Ryan outside! Cena is measuring Zeke for the FU, when Langston gets on the apron but Punk is there to kick him back off! Cena gets Big Zeke up on his shoulders but CM Punk kicks Cena right on the abdomen, then roundhouse kicks him! Fans boo and cheer! Big Zeke picks Cena up and slams on with his One Arm Rock Bottom! Zeke pins Cena right in front of CM Punk, who just stands there, not doing much.
Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, and Big E Langston defeated John Cena and CM Punk

Cole: "I can't believe this King, why would Punk do this? I actually thought Cena and Punk were working great there!"

After the match, the 3 big men walk off to the back, as Cena lays down motionless, with Punk standing over him with a mic. Punk then kneels over Cena and says.....

Punk: "Like I said John......Stay healthy......And be ready!!

Punk is holding Cena's title and just lays it on Cena's chest. Punk drops the mic, as his theme song hits. Punk walks off with head high, as fans still keep on both booing and cheering.

Yupp! That's the show ladies and gentlemen! A LOT to come in these next 3 shows! Stay tuned because things are about to EXPLODE!! I apologize if you didn't like the font, I'm still experimenting with it!

Smackdown Preview coming within 2-3 days, and the Smackdown full show shortly after! :)

Read, rate, and review! :)

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview
June 21st, 2013

It's been 5 days since Payback! This Smackdown episode will be massive, I'm telling you!
10 teams will compete in a 20 Man Tag team Battle Royal to determine the No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles, which Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are holding. On Raw, we saw Chris Jericho and Christian reform their tag team from back in the day, when Christian asked Jericho and Jericho gladly accepted! Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan are also seemingly on the same page again, when Orton ran out and saved Bryan from The Shield on Raw. Air Boom is also back together and WILL be in this battle royal! So will Tensai and Brodus Clay, among other tag teams! Stay tuned man, it's gonna be good!

Dolph Ziggler got permission from Teddy Long to get his rematch clause this Friday night! Ziggler suffered a concussion at the hands of Del Rio at Payback, but Ziggler is proving more guts than brains and is cashing in his rematch clause just 5 days after the concussion! What is going to happen?

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel still has been having beef with The Miz, as well as former champ Wade Barrett. Axel seemingly stole the win from The Miz at Payback. Axel defended against Barrett on Raw, but Miz wasn't gonna have it, and interrupted the match, attacking both superstars. Now, on Friday night, TRIPLE THREAT! Who will come out champ? Does Heyman have anything else up his sleeve? We know he always does.

On Raw, we saw the return of powerhouses Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan, when they teamed up with Big E Langston to defeat CM Punk and John Cena. We are told that both Mason Ryan AND Ezekiel Jackson will both be in singles competition!

The Shield is still running rough shot over the WWE. They laid out their entire competition in the tag team divison this past Raw, proving dominant like not many other teams before them. United States Champ Dean Ambrose is still on a roll. He defeated Kane at Payback, then Sheamus on Raw. This Friday night, we will see Tag Team Champs Roman Reigns and Sth Rollins against Sheamus, and his partner the 7 foot.....BIG SHOW!

Mark Henry also came back on Raw with a monumental announcement! The World's Strongest Man is back! He said on Raw he is stronger than he has ever been. We're supposed to see or hear from Henry on Smackdown!

It's gonna be A HELL of a show! Stay tuned! Coming very soon, next 2 or 3 days!

-Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship
-Curtis Axel (c) Vs The Miz Vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship
-20 Man Tag Team Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to determine the No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles
-Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Vs Sheamus and Big Show
-We'll hear from Henry
-Ezekiel Jackson in action
-Mason Ryan in action

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown
June 21st, 2013

A little promo is shown about what happened at Payback, right before the show started. We see highlights of the PPV, mainly about how Del Rio beat up Dolph Ziggler so bad, even gave em a concussion. We also see highlights from the rest of the PPV, how The Shield came out on top, and how Curtis Axel stole the win from The Miz.

We are also shown some highlights from Raw. We see how Del Rio defeated Kane, and how Ziggler attacked Del Rio afterwards. We are also shown how Ziggler pleaded for his rematch clause to be TONIGHT! Del Rio Vs Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title and Curtis Axel will defend against Wade Barrett and The Miz in a Triple Threat!

Last but not least, we see how Orton and Bryan decided to stay as a team and combat The Shield. Tonight a 20 man Tag Team Battle Royal will take place to determine the No.1 Contender's for the tag belts! We also see how Christian and Jericho reformed their tag team on Raw!

The show begins! Fans are screaming all around the arena!

Michael Cole: "WELCOME to what is to be one of the most exciting episodes of Friday Night Smackdown we have seen in a LONG time!"

JBL: "That's right Michael, so much is on the card tonight! The World Title is on the line tonight!"
Michael Cole: "As well as the Intercontinental Title! And we will also determine the Number 1 Contenders to the Tag Titles!"

The commentators welcome the fans to the show. They talk about the matches announced for tonight! Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title, Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett Vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Title, the big Battle Royal, and we will also see Sheamus and Big Show Vs The Shield!

****Alberto Del Rio Theme Song****

Del Rio's music hits to start off the show. A limo comes out, and Del Rio hops out in super nice suit, with a scarf around his neck, and the World Heavyweight Title on his hand. Smiling ear to ear, the world champ slowly struts and taunts his way down to the ring. The crowd is cheering and booing as well. Del Rio grabs a mic as he and Ricardo stand proud in the ring.

Del Rio: "Ladies and gentlemen, the WORLD Heavyweight Champion......."


Some fans clap for Del Rio but some still continue booing.

Del Rio: "The title.....is back to where it belongs!"

He again pauses to smile, as the crowd still give him a mixed reaction.

Del Rio:
"The title.....is with a REAL CHAMPION!"

Mixed reaction from the crowd again.

Del Rio: "When Dolph had this title, it just didn't seem right. He was a fluke, I said it all along. And 5 days ago, I proved it!"

Crowd boos a little.

Del Rio: "But.....the little dog still has a little fight in him. He wants his rematch tonight!"

Crowd cheers as Del Rio laughs a little.

Del Rio: "And I am totally ok with that! I will prove, once again, that Dolph is not in the same level as Alberto Del Rio!"

Crowd boos a little more. Del Rio intensely stares straight into the camera.

Del Rio: "I am Alberto Del Rio! I am the World Heavyweight Champion! Tonight, I will give Dolph another concussion and make sure........the little dog is down forever!"

Crowd boos more and things just got a little more serious.

****Here to Show the World****

Fans cheer up when Ziggler's music hits. Ziggler comes out in long pants, a T Shirt, and a jacket, with his girlfriend next to him. He has a mic.

Ziggler: "Del Rio, you don't know what you did!"

Crowd cheers a little bit as Ziggler runs his hand through his hair real quick.

Ziggler: "You took that title from me, you awakened a whole new beast!

The crowd cheers as Del Rio starts looking a little uneasy.

Ziggler: "For my entire career, my goal has been to put on the best match of the night, every night, steal the show, EVERY night, but tonight.....It's different!"

Crowd gives a cheer for Ziggler!

"Tonight....I don't care about stealing the show. I don't care what the crowd will think of me. The only thing on my mind tonight is that world title.......And kicking your teeth straight down your throat!"

Crowd blows up for Ziggler! Del Rio still looks a lil nervous. Ziggler starts to walk away but....

Ziggler: "Oh, and also, Del Rio, tonight. It will be NO HOLDS BARRED!!!!!"

Crowd again blows up!!!

Ziggler: "One of us........Is going to the hospital tonight!!!"

Crowd again blows up, as Ziggler walks to the back. Del Rio is not too happy but this.

Michael Cole: "WOW! Can you believe this John? The World Heavyweight Title match tonight will be a NO HOLDS BARRED match!"

JBL: "Not smart from Ziggler at all. Kid has more guts than brains. He should've waited a few weeks for his title shot! He is 5 days cleared off from a concussion he recieved from the hands of Del Rio, and he wants to get in the ring with this match in no rules?"

Michael Cole: "I agree with you John. This is not smart from Ziggler at all."

Del Rio also leaves. The teams that will participate for the Battle Royal start coming out.

Michael Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, the 20 Man Battle Royal to determine the Number 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles is up next! Don't go anywhere!"

$$$$$Commercial Break!$$$$$

We are back from the break. The ring is filled with a bunch of the guys who will take place in the 20 Man Tag Team Battle Royal. Standing in the ring are Darren Young with Titus O'Neil, Epico with Primo, Zack Ryder with Santino Marella, Justin Gabriel with Tyson Kidd, the 2 giants Brodus Clay and Tensai, as well as The Great Khali, with Hornswoggle on the outside standing on the outside.

****AIr Boom Theme Song****

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne come out to a BIG pop from the crowd. The fans are excited to see the young duo back together. Kingston and Bourne fly into the ring and stare the other participants down.


The Usos come out, also to a pretty big ovation. The Samoan duo do their traditional dance, WTFing the participants and the crowd.

Randy Orton walks out like a badass to a MASSIVE ovation from the crowd. Daniel Bryan is right behind him, going "YES!" over and over again.

****Open Up Your Eyes****

Christian and Chris Jericho both come out super energetic, also to a MASSIVE ovation from the crowd. The veteran former tag team champion duo walk down to the ring, high fiving the crowd!

Michael Cole: "John, this is the first time Jericho and Christian have teamed together in 8 years! These 2 were actually tag team champions one time here in the WWE! Now, ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for the battle royal. 10 teams, 1 will be left. Only 1 member of the team has to be eliminated for the duo to both be gone! Winners.....get shots at the tag belts!"

Match #1: 20 Man Tag Team Battle Royal to determine the No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles: Air Boom, Orton and Bryan, Khali and Hornswoggle, Tensai and Clay, Ryder and Marella, The Usos, Christian and Jericho, Millions of Dollars, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd, and Epico and Primo!

All 20 superstars stare each other down, trying to take a corner as the match starts. Everyone starts brawling! Clay and Tensai fight Khali on a corner, Orton and Bryan square off with Millions of Dollars near another corner, Jericho and Christian fight with Air Boom, and the whole ring is just filled with a big brawl! Orton quickly breaks away from the pack by RKO'ing Darren Young! Titus shoves down Bryan and runs at Orton, who ducks Titus' shot and RKO's him as well! The crowd blows up! Bryan and Orton throw Young and Titus over the top rope!

Elimination #1: Orton and Bryan eliminate Millions of Dollars!

The brawl continues. Gabriel has Jey Uso reeling near the ropes, charges at him but Jey Uso BACK DROPS him over the top ropes....but NO! Gabriel hangs onto the apron until Jimmy Uso SUPERKICKS him
straight off!

Elimination #2: The Usos eliminate Gabriel and Kidd!

JBL: "Beautiful Superkick from Jimmy Uso there! Very nice teamwork too!

The Usos shout super loud loud, getting a nice pop from the fans! Khali is seen fighting off both Tensai and Clay in the corner, knockin em both down with hard overhand chops to their watermelon skulls! Khali then comes over to the Usos and headbutts Jey down, and overhand chops the other Uso down as well! Almost everyone in the ring is down resting, except Khali, who raises his arms in dominance! Epico and Primo both jump on him with running forearm smashes to Khali's chest but they don't faze him much. Ryder and Marella also help Epico and Primo, by attacking Khali's knees but Khali shoves both Marella and Ryder down with ease! Primo and Epico hit Khali with a DOUBLE dropkick, actually pushing the big man back a bit. Epico and Primo continue their struggle with Khali, trying to lift him above the ropes, when HORNSWOGGLE from the outside, reaches Epico by his little braids and pulls his down over the top ropes to the outside!!

Elimination #3: Khali and Hornswoggle eliminate Primo and Epico!

Primo in the ring can't believe it as he now has to leave! The fans cheer! Now we got Tensai and Clay, Ryder and Marella, The Usos, Christian and Jericho, Khali and Swoggle, Orton and Bryan, and of course, Air Boom! The brawl continues! Air Boom is now on Khali, trying to work on him with little effect! Tensai and Clay are now back up and go to work on Khali as well. Clay trucks Khali from the front and Clay trucks him from the back, squashing Khali between Clay and Tensai, which finally puts Khali down! Khali gets up using the ropes but Tensai and Clay are there, and they have actually lifted Khali above the top rope, they're just trying to push him over now when CHRISTIAN and CHRIS JERICHO run up behind Tensai and Clay and lift them over, eliminating ALL 3 giants from the match!

Elimination #4 and #5: Christian and Jericho eliminate Khali and Hornswoggle as well as Tensai and

Hornswoggle almost starts crying on the outside, as he goes to help his gigantic friend up! Christian and Jericho have the crowd on fire! Bryan flies off the top rope and DOUBLE DROPKICKS both Jericho and Christian, who weren't expecting it at all! Ryder simaltenously gets up and drops Bryan with a nice Leg Lariat, followed by Santino Marella's goofy headbutt! This actually gets the crowd rolling though! The Usos are now back up and one Uso backs Ryder to the corner, beating him up, as the other Uso Superkicks Marella's head off! That Uso then goes to help his brother with Ryder, and the 2 quickly overpower Ryder! One of the Usos throw Ryder over the top ropes!!!......BUT NO!! Ryder hangs onto the ropes! The other Uso then Superkicks Ryder off the
apron, much like they did to Justin Gabriel earlier!

Elimination #6: The Usos eliminate Ryder and Marella

The Usos brush off their hands, with cocky looks on both their faces! Little do they know that Air Boom are right behind them and Kofi takes one Uso down with a nice Jumping Clothesline, as Bourne fights the other Uso, putting him on his back with a nice kick and knee strike combo! Air Boom have both of The Usos on their backs, right next to each other, in the middle of the ring! Bourne rebounds off the ropes and Kofi BACK BODY DROPS Bourne right ONTO BOTH of The Usos! Kofi then rebounds off the ropes and does his signature Jumping Leg Drop onto both of The Usos as well! Evan Bourne then signals his Shooting Star Press and goes up top! The crowd is going crazy when Randy Orton runs at Bourne and knocks him off the turnbuckle, straight to the outside!

Elimination #7: Orton and Bryan eliminate Air Boom

Randy Orton smirks as he leans on the ropes. The crowd can't believe it, and neither can Kofi, who now has to leave! Christian is seen on the other side of the ring FLYING onto both of The Usos with a Frog Splash off the turnbuckle! The crowd pops! The Usos roll to the corner, as Jericho helps Christian up and Bryan goes to recruit with his partner, Randy Orton! Both teams face off as the crowd is going crazy!

Michael Cole: "What a match this is John! Top notch action here on Smackdown!"

Christian and Jericho go toe to toe with Orton and Bryan, and Jericho and Christian actually get the upper hand hand when Orton goes for the RKO to Jericho but Jericho pushes Orton onto Christian, who SPEARS him! Bryan then fights Christian and Jericho, with some nice kicks to Christian's chest, but the 2 on 1 is too much for Bryan when Jericho and Christian double team him! Jericho and Christian double irish whip Bryan and Jericho drops him with a nice standing dropkick to Bryan's mouth! Jericho and Christian smile and once again high five each other, as the crowd loves it! The Usos then attack and one of The Usos throws Jericho over the top rope but Jericho hangs on onto the apron! Christian back body drops Jey Uso OVER THE TOP....but Jey Uso lands on that same apron as well! Christian then fights off Jimmy Uso in the ring, as Jey Uso and Chris Jericho fight on the apron! Christian goes for the spear on Jimmy inside but Jimmy moves out of the way and Christian SPEARS JERICHO!!!.....ALMOST knocking him off the apron but Jericho STILL hangs on! Jimmy Uso then Calf Kicks Christian right on the back of the head. Jey Uso, still on the apron, then grabs Jericho, who is now still on the apron, barely on his feet, and Jey Uso holds Jericho in position for Jimmy to Superkick him off but Jericho MOVES out of the way and pulls Jey Uso to take the Superkick!!!!! Jey Uso flies off the apron!!

Elimination #8: Jericho and Christian eliminate The Usos!

Michael Cole: "BRILLIANT move by Jericho there John! I thought Jericho and Christian were history!"

JBL: "He's a 6 time world champion for a reason, Michael!"

Jimmy Uso jumps up in disbelief, who can't believe what just happened. Jericho crawls in through the 2nd rope and regroups with Christian who is also getting up. Orton and Bryan are also in the other corner, recovering. Orton is holding his gut from the spear, as Bryan is holding his mouth from Jericho's dropkick! The crowd is ready for this!

Michael Cole: "Here we have it ladies and gentlemen! One of these 2 teams will challenge Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the Tag Team Titles!"

Bryan and Orton again go toe to toe with Jericho and Christian. Bryan takes the fight to Jericho with some hard kicks to Jericho's gut and chest, fighting him back towards the ropes. Orton ducks one of Christian's strikes and drops him with his signature Snap Powerslam! Orton starts going in his zone, as the crowd starts going wild!

Michael Cole: "Orton's going to that zone, this isn't good for Christian and Jericho!"

Orton starts pounding the mat, waiting for Christian to get up, as Bryan is beating on Jericho on the other side of the ring but Jericho reverses one of Bryan's kicks and throws his head first onto the 2nd turnbuckle. Jericho then attacks Orton from behind, with hard punches to the back of his head! Jericho then helps Christian up and the 2 beat Orton up! The 2 lift Orton to his feet, and Christian drops him with his signature Reverse DDT! Jericho then attacks Bryan in the corner with a nice running corner elbow strike, Christian then hits Bryan with a corner Clothesline, and Jericho again simaltenously attacks Bryan on the corner with a running jumping Forearm Strike which connects hard on Bryan's jaw, knocking him down in the corner!

JBL: "Awesome teamwork from Jericho and Christian here Michael! I am so glad these 2 are a tag team again. One of the best!"

The crowd cheers for that awesome teamwork. Orton starts getting up but Jericho does his signature Bulldog to Orton, dropping him head first! Jericho then Lionsaults right on Orton! Crowd pops again! Christian starts pumping the crowd up for the Spear!! He goes for it but Orton dodges it, and Christian runs head first onto the turnbuckle!! Jericho then goes for his Codebreaker on the dazed Orton but Orton pushes him off!!! Bryan then runs in and Superkicks Jericho right on the mouth! Bryan is fuckin pissed! The crowd is going CRAZY!! Bryan sprints at Christian, who's on the corner, and hits him with a Running Dropkick, brutally connecting!! Bryan has the crowd going crazy, as Orton is trying to get up! Bryan then realizes he has to throw his opponents over to win! He goes over to Jericho and lifts him up with a Fireman's Carry and throws him over the top!!......But Jericho of course hangs on!! Bryan then elbows Jericho right on the face! Jericho is just barely hanging on the apron! Another elbow from Bryan but Jericho ducks! Jericho then grabs Bryan and holds him from the back, exposing his gut and Christian out of nowhere SPEARS Bryan hard! Orton comes behind Christian and pushes him at Jericho, who's on the apron, and the 2 partners smash heads! Christian then stumbles onto an RKO from Orton!!!!! Orton then goes over to Jericho and RKO's his head over the top rope, and Jericho flies off the apron!!!!!!

Elimination #9: Orton and Bryan eliminate Jericho and Christian!!!
Michael Cole: "It's over!!!! Orton and Bryan WIN!!!!

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan Win the 20 Man Battle Royal and become No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles!

The fans are cheering super loud! Orton and Bryan slowly help each other to celebrate their big win as Jericho looks in from outside in disbelief. We go to commercial!

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We come back to the camera being backstage, in a long hallway. Abraham Washington walks in front of the camera way, smiles a little, hand in his pocket, and just keeps walking.

JBL: "What the fuck does he want?"

Michael Cole: "We haven't seem him in quite a while John, and watch your language, kids are watching, please. How nice of you."

JBL: "Ahhh, fuck you Michael! Kids love the Great JBL!"


Ezekiel Jackson comes out to some boos from the audience. He has a mean look on his face as he walks down the ramp, trying to look like he's fuckin Kimbo Slice or some shit. Yoshi Tatsu is in the ring jumping up and down in nervousness as he about to face 300 pound of big black muscle!

Michael Cole: "Ezekiel Jackson returned to action this past Monday night after an abdomen tear ladies and gentlemen. His injury kept him out of the ring for 6 months, but on Monday, he returned in a big way, by pinning WWE Champion John Cena!"

Match #2: Ezekiel Jackson Vs Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu keeps jumping around the ring to get away from the big black man but after about 30 seconds of running away, Jackson catches Tatsu in the corner, and LEVELS him with a short arm corner clothesline, dropping Tatsu on his chest. Jackson then picks Tatsu up and throws him on the other side of the ring with ease. Jackson keeps throwing Tatsu around until Tatsu catches Zeke with a few nice kicks to the stomach, Tatsu then dropkicks Zeke right on the chest, with little impact to the big man, who knocks Yoshi's head off with another hard lariat. Big Zeke then raises Tatsu up to a vertical base, Tatsu can hardly even stand when Zeke rebounds off the ropes onto Tatsu with ANOTHER super hard Lariat, knocking the fuck out of Tatsu! Big Zeke gets the pin!
Ezekiel Jackson defeats Yoshi Tatsu

Michael Cole:
"WOW! Big Zeke is on his game!"

JBL: "I love that clothesline Michael! I won a world title with that move!"

The crowd murmurs in fear of big black Ezekiel Jackson! Big Zeke grabs the mic after mean mugging the camera!

Ezekiel Jackson: "The Personification of Domination is back!"

Crowd gives little reaction to Jackson.

Jackson: "I am the most physically gifted athlete on this whole roster! I have been overlooked for too long......I am back, and I am back to conquer! BIG ZEKE IS BACK!!!!"

Zeke throws the mic down and flexes the bowling balls he has for shoulders, as well as the 2 anacondas he calls arms.

Cole: "Have you ever seen Big Zeke so impressive John?"

JBL: "This man is a monster. If he is dedicated enough, he can be a world champion in this business. He looks to me like he is on the right track!"

Big Zeke walks to the back, mean mugging multiple fans. One old man needed to be escorted out because he pissed his pants, and also got some piss on a little girl next to him.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, don't go anywhere. Up next, the Intercontinental Championship WILL be on the line in a TRIPLE THREAT match! Champion Curtis Axel will defend against The Miz, and Wade Barrett! We'll be right back!"

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$$


Curtis Axel walks out with the title around his waist. He does a little taunt before walking down. No reaction at all from the crowd!

****Rebel Son****

Wade Barrett walks out with a super focused look on his face. He stares down the champ Axel as he walks down to the ring. Not much reaction from the crowd.

****I Came to Play****

The Miz walks out to a BIG pop from the crowd. He taunts at the top at the entrance ramp before strutting his way down to the ring!

Cole: "One fall to a finish here ladies and gentlemen!"

Match #3: Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett Vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

Awesome match from these 3! Very even all throughout the match. Barrett and Miz did team up for a second to throw Axel out of the ring but their team did not last. Axel dropped Barrett with his Swinging Neckbreaker at one point in the match but Miz interrupted the pin.

At around the 13 minute mark, Miz and Barrett were both at the ringside area recovering, by the announce table, when the lights go off!!! Nothing can be seen in the ring but a big brawl can be heard!

Cole: "What the hell is going on here? John, can you see anything?"

JBL: "I can see nothing Michael, but I can tell that someone is getting their ass whooped!"

A super loud SMASH can be heard at the ringside area. The light have been off for several seconds now! A couple of seconds later we hear someone get SLAMMED THROUGH the announce table!! Several seconds later the lights are back on and Barrett has been SLAMMED through the BARRICADE, and Miz has been slammed right through the announce table!! Axel is shocked at the carnage at ringside but goes out there, throws the lifeless Miz back in the ring, and DROPS him with his signature Swinging Neckbreaker! Pin and it's over!

Curtis Axel defeats Wade Barrett and The Miz to Retain his Intercontinental Title!

Cole: "I can't believe what has happened here! Who attacked Miz and Barrett??"

Axel, with title around his shoulder, looks all around the arena and SETH ROLLINS can be seen standing with ROMAN REIGNS at one spot on the crowd, both with titles in arms! DEAN AMBROSE is also spotted on the other side of the crowd, also holding his belt!!!! All 4 champions raise their belts high, smiling and nodding at each other!!!

Cole: "John, I knew it! It was The Shield! Heyman has got to be behind this!"

PAUL HEYMAN now walks out onto the stage, clapping while having the most sinister smile ever on his face!! The crowd is booing so much!!"

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$$

We see replays of what just happened. We see how Miz and Barrett got their asses whooped while the lights were off. We also see how The Shield showed their unity with Curtis Axel!

****Here and Now or Never****

Mason Ryan walks out onto the stage to a pretty big ovation from the crowd! He flexes as the musclehead walks down. We see replays of his participation from Raw's handicap match where he teamed with Ezekiel Jackson and Big E Langston to defeat CM Punk and John Cena.

Match #4: Mason Ryan Vs Hunico

Mason Ryan manhandles Hunico with power move after power move; Hunico gets no offense in whatsoever. Ryan drops Hunico with a nice Running Powerslam for the pin!

Mason Ryan defeats Hunico

Just as Ryan raises his arms up in victory, Camacho runs in and clubs him in the back of the head, and starts punching him right on the back of his head repeatedly. Mason Ryan pushes Camacho off, and SPEARS him out of his boots! The crowd blows up for that. Ryan then grabs Camacho and throws him to the outside! Ryan then grabs Hunico, and MILITARY PRESSES him over the top ropes onto Camacho outside!!! The crowd is on fire!

JBL: "Another young lion who could see a world championship in his future! This Mason Ryan is something special!"

Cameras go to the back, where Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton are recovering from their big match earlier.

Bryan: "I knew we could do it!"

Bryan slaps Orton's hand with a low 5!

Bryan: "10 teams man, some of the best teams, and we beat EACH one of them! The Shield is gonna have NOOO chance!....But first.....We're gonna need a team name!"

Crowd laughs a little as Orton gets serious.

"Daniel listen, a team name is not important. What is important that we strike as quickly and as efficiently as we can. Listen, Rollins and Reigns got us on Sunday. We need to straighten up
and take those belts from them!"

Daniel Bryan nods as he also gets more serious. We go to a commercial break!

$$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$$$

We are backstage where Teddy Long is talking on the phone, saying "Playa" over and over again. Paul Heyman walks up to him, with Curtis Axel right behind him, holding the IC TItle. Teddy quickly gets off the phone.

Teddy: "What are you doing here Paul?"

HUGE smile on Heyman's face.

Heyman: "Oh don't mind me Mr.Long. I am just looking over my clients, that's all."

Teddy: "Listen Paul, you are starting to stirr up quite some trouble here, and I WILL NOT let you do it on my show. I know it was you who had The Shield interrupt the match tonight for the Intercontinental Title, and let me tell you Curtis, you will NOT get away with that. Wade Barrett still hasn't gotten a fair rematch for his Intercontinental Championship, and he WILL get it on Monday night. It will be one on one, Wade Barrett against you Curtis, for your title! And playa, I think The Miz still has problems with you too. Now, if you will excuse me, I got business to take care of."

Heyman: "Oh Mr. Teddy Long, I am so sorry for this unconvience. I just wanted to let you know that Curtis Axel is not trying to take any shortcuts. He is not afraid of Wade Barrett, or The Miz. He beat them both this past Sunday, and tonight as well. Teddy, I just wanted to let you know to get ready. Because I have a few things in plan that I think you are going to love!"
Heyman and Axel walk away both laughing, as Teddy Long looks down on his phone with a very worried look on his face.

****It's a Big Bad Show Tonight****

BIg Show comes out to a big pop from the crowd! He is pretty rowdy tonight!

****Written In Your Face****

Sheamus comes out to a MASSIVE pop from the crowd! He poses at the stage before walking down like a madman.

****Special Op****

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns all appear at a corner of the crowd. Dean Ambrose gives dap to Rollins and Reigns and walks to the back, as they walk up and through the crowd, onto the ring.

Cole: "The Shield has already made an impact tonight on Smackdown, take a look!"

We look at a replay oh how the Triple Threat match for the IC Title was interrupted by the lights going off, and we see that it was The Shield who beat down Miz and Barrett, to give Axel the win.

Match #5: Big Show and Sheamus Vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Rollins and Reigns start getting their asses whooped in the first few minutes. They can't catch a break against Sheamus and Show. They can't even get the best of Sheamus alone. Frequent tags and quick attacks keep The Shield in the game, but once they get some momentum going, Sheamus and Show stop it. About 3 to 4 minutes in, Sheamus Brouge Kicks Rollins out of his boots and Sheamus throws Roman Reigns over the top ropes to the outside with authority. Rollins also crawls outside with Reigns, where they re-cooperate. Sheamus and Show pose inside the ring, as Reigns and Rollins are outside, holding their jaws in pain. Rollins and Reigns stall for a minute or 2, trying to find a strategy.

Sheamus again gets ahold of Rollins, and the beatdown is back on. Things change around the 7 minute mark, when Rollins starts running from Sheamus, who gives chase, and runs onto a SUPERMAN PUNCH from Roman Reigns. The Shield double team Sheamus for a few minutes with very nice teamwork. Things take a turn when Sheamus clotheslines Rollins' head off in mid-air, as he flying off the turnbuckle. Sheamus tags in Big Show as Rollins tags in Reigns!!

Both big men come in full head of steam!! Show quickly starts manhandling Reigns, squashing him in each corner before laying him out with a SPEAR!!! Rollins attacks Show but Show grabs him by the neck and CHOKESLAMS him!!!!! Sheamus is pulling himself up on the apron as Show has chokeslammed Rollins, and is about to KO Roman Reigns, when DEAN AMBROSE runs down to the ring!!!! He grabs Sheamus at ringside and THROWS him hard against the barricade!!! The ref calls for the DQ!!!
Sheamus and Big Show defeat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by DQ

Big Show notices Dean Ambrose at ringside and turns his attention to him! Reigns is down, Rollins is also down, Sheamus is down at ringside, Dean Ambrose is surrounding the ring, trying to get in, as the 500 pound Big Show stares him down, keeping him at bay! But it's Roman Reigns who Superman Punches Big Show at the side of the head, and starts attacking Big Show with hard punches. Big Show eats em all until Ambrose also slides in and the beatdown becomes 2 on 1!! Reigns rebounds off the ropes and BIG BOOTS Big Show down!

The crowd boos!!! Big Show sits up but Reigns again BIG BOOTS him down. Show AGAIN sits up but Reigns AGAIN Big Boots Show right on the face, this time, putting the big man out for good. Roman Reigns howls in dominance as Dean helps Rollins up. The trio again stand tall over Big Show!!

JBL: "These 3 have changed the landscape of the WWE, Michael! They're only gonna get more powerful now that they've sided with Heyman!"

The Shield turns their attention back to Big Show, who is slowly getting up when SHEAMUS runs back in!!! He hits Dean with a hard right, another hard right to Rollins, knocking them both down, then grapples with Roman Reigns!! Sheamus has Reigns in a standing Guillotine Choke, beating on him, when Rollins Superkicks Sheamus on the mouth, stopping his offense!!! Reigns then reverses Sheamus's Guillotine Choke with a super nice Northern Lights Suplex, dropping Sheamus!! BIG SHOW is now up!! He grabs Rollins by his vest and TOSSES him down!!!! He then grabs Dean and HOISTS him up for a chokeslam......But Reigns kicks Big Show right on the knee, dropping the big man down to one knee, and Dean Ambrose DDT's Big Show right on his head!!!! The Shield again stands tall over their
2 fallen enemies when.............

*****Somebody Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked!!!!!*****

The crowd EXPLODES!!!!!! Out on top of the stage comes MARK HENRY, and he is full of energy!!

Cole: "JOHN!!!!! It's MARK HENRY!! He returned on Raw!!!!!"

Mark Henry runs to the ring and slides in!!! Dean and Rollins are quickly on him but Henry tosses Dean Ambrose down with one arm, and grabs Rollins by his head and THROWS him over the top ropes to the outside!! Reigns is then on Henry, but Henry takes the fight to the powerhouse, and knocks him down with a Short Arm Clothesline!! Dean Ambrose is quickly back up charges at Henry but Henry HOISTS him and DROPS with him the World's Strongest Slam!!!! Reigns and Dean roll to the outside under the bottom rope!! Mark Henry stands tall as the crowd goes crazy!!!

Cole: "I can't believe this John! The Shield has been neutralized! By none other than Mark Henry!"

JBL: "The Shield is one of the most powerful forces I have ever seen Michael, but Mark Henry is THE strongest man in the world!"

Mark Henry helps Big Show and Sheamus up to their feet, who get up, still in pain. Mark Henry holds Dean Ambrose's US Title belt on his hand, and has quite a big smile on his face! Dean Ambrose looks on from the outside with pain on his face, still feeling the effects of the slam by Henry!

Cole: "Dean Ambrose shouldn't have been out here in the first place John. He got a World's Strongest Slam for his worries, and might have found a new enemy in Mark Henry!"
We go off to commercial!"

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

When we come back from commercial, we are shown highlights of Raw. We are shown the war of words between Punk and Cena. We also see how they got in some trouble with Vickie Guerrero, calling her names, and she booked them in back to back handicap matches. We see how Punk and Cena easily beat 3MB. We then see how Vickie came out and told Punk and Cena they would have 3 more opponents: Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, and Big E Langston. We see highlights of that match. We see how Punk turned on Cena at the end of the match, giving their opponents the victory. We then see how Punk told Cena to "get ready" for him!

We come back to the show, and the camera is with Teddy Long backstage, talking to a few people in his office. Mark Henry walks in, still breathing hard.

Teddy Long: "What up playa? It's been a minute. It was great seeing you out there Mark!"

Mark Henry: "It sure is."

Teddy Long: "Let me tell you playa, I love what you did out there. You are the big dog on this yard, and you showed them!"

Mark Henry: "Yeah Teddy listen, I am back in the WWE!"

Crowd cheers!

Mark Henry: "I am back for one thing only......It has been too damn long since I have had gold around this waist.....And you know what? That United States Championship that Dean Ambrose is holding......I WANT IT!"

Crowd cheers again.

Mark Henry: "Book me a match with him. I want to get my hands on that pussy!"

Teddy Long: "You know what playa? I like the sounds of that. I think I can do that playa. I just to make a few phone calls, but Mark, you got him. This Monday night playa, it will be Mark Henry Vs Dean Ambrose! Mark, if you win, you get your title shot playa!!"

Henry laughs.

Mark Henry: "Ok Teddy, I do like that!"

Cole: "WOW, Mark Henry will go one on one against Dean Ambrose on Raw! If Henry wins, he gets a title shot!"

Cameras go backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by.

Josh Matthews: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with the man who is just moments away from wrestling for the WORLD Heavyweight Championship, DOLPH Ziggler!

Big pop for Ziggler as he walks in the picture!

Josh Matthews: "Now, Dolph. This past Sunday you suffered a concussion, and another one just weeks before. Now you are just minutes away from your World Heavyweight Championship match, and you wanted it to be No Holds Barred. What is going through your mind?"

Dolph Ziggler: "Josh, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is going to stop from getting my championship back, not 1 concussion, not 2 concussions, not 3, not 10. Josh, I am the most underrated superstar on this roster. No one thinks I can be it, no one thinks I can be the World Heavyweight Champion. I go out there and put on the best match on the night every single night......"

The crowd cheers, interrupting Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler: "And I don't get respect back here. I never have. I won the WORLD title, Josh, and everyone was predicting when I'd lose it. Tonight Josh, I asked for it to be No Holds Barred for a reason. Alberto Del Rio is going to get ALL of Dolph Ziggler tonight. Like I said earlier Josh, one of us is not going to walk away from this match."

Ziggler walks away from the screen with a super intense look on his face, as his theme song plays for his entrance.

*****Here to Show the World****

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event. Dolph Ziggler, 5 days away from a concussion, has requested this match. It will be No Holds Barred, and it is for the most coveted prize in this profession!

Dolph Ziggler comes out! He is with Big E, and AJ. The crowd pops for Ziggler. He poses at the stage. He then kisses AJ, and smacks Big E on his peck, telling them to go to the back, as he walks down the ramp, with a strut like always. We go to one final commercial break!

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$$$

****Alberto Del Rio Theme Song*****

Del Rio's music hits to mostly boos from the crowd. He comes out in that same limo as earlier. Ricardo is on the stage, screaming out for Del Rio. Both wrestlers get in the ring, and face off, as the announcements are made! Ziggler looks kind of in a crazy state of mind!

Match #6: Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler in a No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Match starts out very fast. The brawl is on right away. Ziggler is much more aggresive than usual. He starts charging Del Rio in the corner early on in the match, savagely attacking him with hard punches, as Del Rio tries to hold onto the ropes like a little pussy. Del Rio then goes outside for a breather but Ziggler takes the brawl to Del Rio outside. These guys brawl all around the ring, with Ziggler beating up Del Rio the whole time. Del Rio catches a break when he flapjacks Dolph Ziggler face first onto the steel steps.

The match is still very fast paced. Ziggler and Del Rio give it their all out there. At one point, Ziggler grabbed a kendo stick and went to town on Del Rio. Just a little bit later, Ziggler, standing on the apron, suplexed Del Rio, from the ring all the way outside THROUGH A TABLE!! The crowd is loving the match!

Ziggler stays in control for the next few minutes. He then sets Del Rio up on another table outside the ring, and FLIES OFF the top ropes with a CROSS BODY.......BUT DEL RIO MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!! Ziggler crashes onto the wood ribs first! Ziggler looks to be out. Del Rio throws Ziggler in the ring for a pin but Ziggler kicks out!!! Del Rio is pissed and starts bullying and toying with the hurt Ziggler. Del Rio waits for Ziggler to get up a lil and Del Rio SUPERKICKS Ziggler, right on the side of the head! Ziggler falls on his face, lifelessly, as Del Rio goes for the pin!




Ziggler kicks out to a big pop from the fans! Del Rio gets frustrated, mounts Ziggler, and beats on him with hard rights! He then goes outside and grabs a chair! He comes back in and starts pounding Ziggler with it! Hard smack after hard smack across Ziggler's back with that chair!!! The fans are booing incredibly!

Michael Cole: "John, this might not be good for Ziggler here. The ref can't stop the match until Ziggler says so, and he told us earlier he'll go to the hospital before quitting to Del Rio here tonight!"

JBL: "I think Ziggler might be taking the ambulance tonight Michael! Del Rio has got this in the bag!"

Del Rio puts down the chair after several hard smacks across Ziggler's lifeless body. The fans are booing as AJ runs down the ramp, crying. She tries to talk to Ziggler but Ziggler just looks up and says "GOOOO" to AJ. The ref makes AJ leave. AJ leaves, still crying. Fans boo as Ziggler tries to crawl away from Del Rio. The ref asks Ziggler if he wants to give up the match but Ziggler pushes him aside. Del Rio is stalking Ziggler, waiting for another chair shot. Ziggler takes a long time to get up but once he is up, Del Rio WHACKS Ziggler right on the forehead with the chair!! Ziggler is out cold!!

Michael Cole
: "Somebody stop this please! Stay down and fight another time Ziggler!

Del Rio covers Ziggler.




Ziggler kicks out!!!! Del Rio nor the crowd can believe it. Del Rio again grabs the chair, and starts pounding the mat with it, in frustration. The ref keeps asking Ziggler to surrender but Ziggler refuses. Del Rio again starts stalking Ziggler with the chair, Ziggler gets up, and Del Rio AGAIN swings with the chair but Ziggler SUPERKICKS the chair right onto Del Rio's face!!!!
Both men are now down as the crowd cheers. Del Rio is up first, Ziggler is still on his knees, getting up, when Del Rio Enzuguiris the shit out of Dolph Ziggler, and Ziggler again falls lifelessly on his face. Pin....




Ziggler AGAIN kicks out!!! Del Rio is almost crying in disbelief. He is really pissed off now. He grabs Ziggler by the hair and TOSSES him outside. Ziggler takes a bad fall. Del Rio grabs the STEEL STEPS, and starts stalking Ziggler. Ziggler gets up and Del Rio hits Ziggler right between the eyes with the STEEL STEPS!!! Ziggler again is down and out. It is a good minute before the ref can get an answer out of Ziggler, whether he wants to continue or not, and Ziggler screams out "NOOOOO!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!". The fans are starting to feel bad for Ziggler.

Del Rio again throws a fit, throwing the steel steps aside, throwing down a TV monitor, and takes off the padding at ringside. He grabs Ziggler by the hair, and talks shit in his face. Ziggler tries to fight out of it, but he has no energy left. Del Rio tucks Ziggler's head into a Guillotine Choke and drops him with a DDT right on the CONCRETE!!!!! Ziggler now is completely out cold! The ref calls for the bell, as Ziggler has stopped moving completely!

Alberto Del Rio defeats Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title

Several doctors go to help Ziggler at ringside. The crowd is at shock! A good few minutes pass by where Ziggler doesn't move. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to celebrate with Alberto Del Rio. The 2 stand tall in the ring. The crowd boos with all of their heart. Ziggler gets put on the stretcher. AJ is out there, as well as Big E, attending to Ziggler, as well as a lot of doctors and referees. That's how the show ends!

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WWE Update:

It has just been reported that several new wrestlers have signed with the WWE over the weekend. WWE has reached out to overseas to reach out to new wrestlers, as well as other who are signing with the WWE for a second time. We don't have too many names in yet but here are a few we have heard:

-Jack Evans
-Tiger Mask IV
-Trent Barretta
-Caylon Croft
-Juventud Guerrera
-David Hart Smith
-Low Ki

More will be revealed about these signings at a later time. This is obviously part of Triple H's plan to put in work to the tag team and cruiserweight division. Rumor also has it that several superstars CURRENTLY SIGNED are about to be FIRED!! Stay tuned!
Raw is coming very soon :)

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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
June 24, 2013

Things have been getting crazy in the WWE!!

On last Smackdown, we saw that Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel are now working together. The Shield beat the fuck out of both Wade Barrett and The Miz, giving Axel an easy win. Miz appeared to have hurt his right shoulder a little bit due to being slammed through the annouce table. Smackdown GM Teddy Long told Axel he would defend again against Wade Barrett on Raw. Wade Barrett has got to be hungry for his title back!

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan won a huge tag team battle royal last Smackdown, involving 9 other tag teams, to win a shot at the Tag Team belts. Orton will go one on one against Roman Reigns while Bryan will go one on one against Seth Rollins! Orton and Bryan will be getting their title shots soon enough!

Mark Henry also showed some interest in going against The Shield. He cleared the ring of The Shield on Smackdown, and told Teddy he wants a shot at the US Title. Teddy told him he will get Dean Ambrose one on one on Raw; if he wins, he gets Ambrose again, FOR THE TITLE!

On last week's Raw, CM Punk and John Cena had to team up twice against 3 opponents. Punk turned on Cena, despite the awesome teamwork between them. We're supposed to be hearing from Cena on Raw!

-Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title
-Mark Henry Vs Dean Ambrose (if Henry wins, he gets title shot at Dean)
-Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns
-Daniel Bryan Vs Seth Rollins
-A word from Paul Heyman and his group of champions
-A word from WWE Champion John Cena

Just a little preview for Raw. Raw will be posted within a few days. Read, rate, and remember, review!

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WWE Monday Night Raw
June 24th, 2013

The show begins with a little video clip of what's been happening with the WWE Title. We see the FU that Cena gave to Ryback through the ambulance at Payback, and how Punk beat Jericho that same night. We also see the confrontation that Cena and Punk had last week on Raw, and the words Punk had for Cena, then of course, Vickie. We see how Vickie booked Punk and Cena in a Handicap Match against 3MB, then another one right after against Big E Langston, and the returning Ezekiel Jackson, as well as Mason Ryan. We see how Punk turned on Cena, laying him out, allowing Jackson to easily slam Cena down for the pin!

Fireworks then explode as the Raw theme song starts jamming! The crowd is loving it! They are ready for a good show, as the commentators bring us in

Michael Cole: "Hello ladies and gentlemen, and WELCOME to MONDAY Night RAW!!! So much has been happening lately here in the WWE, and we have SO MUCH more!"

Jerry Lawler: "Couldn't be more correct Michael. I personally can't wait to hear what Cena has to say after CM Punk, after seemingly being on the same page as Cena, turned on him!"

JBL: "Trying to send a message King. Punk wants to take the title from Cena, he doesn't want to be his friend!"

****My Time Is Now******

Lawler: "Here we goooo! The champion is coming out!"

Big pop of course for Cena. He runs out like he's drunk, waiving the WWE Title. He sprints down to the ring, and grabs a mic, waiting for the crowd to cool down.

John Cena: "Seems like some problems are rising up here huh?"

Crowd cheers a little.

Cena: "CM Punk wants a title shot, but keeps running his mouth, and ends up not getting one. Dolph Ziggler got his 17th concussion. Miz has a hurt shoulder! Paul Heyman is still making out with Curtis Axel, and I guess they got The Shield to really make a full orgy with them now!"

Crowd laughs!

Cena: "CM Punk has said he's also a Paul Heyman guy, so I guess he'll be joining the sausage fest too!"

Crowd again starts laughing when......

*****Cult of Personality*****

Crowd BLOWS up for CM Punk! Punk walks out alone, head high as fuck, does his pose at the entrance ramp, and continues strutting down, head high, and gets in the ring, and grabs a mic.

CM Punk: "John, really man, stop with the jokes. I am not in any way aligned with The Shield, or Curtis Axel. I never have been. I don't even like Curtis Axel. But Paul Heyman HAS been a good friend of mine for a long time now, and I don't like how you disrespect him."

Crowd cools down a little as things get more serious.

CM Punk: "What that man has done for this business is very real. Heyman got 4 rookies working for him, and they are all champions. And you are out here making jokes. What you should be doing is working as hard as you possibly can John, because you are going to face THE BEST IN THE WORLD!"

Crowd pops for Punk. Punk has a serious look on his face while Cena has a dorky, smug look on his.

CM Punk: "John, I have beaten you before. I have TAKEN that belt....."

....Pointing at Cena's title, which is laying on his shoulder....

CM Punk: ".......from you before, and I plan on doing it again. In 2011 you couldn't beat me, last year you couldn't beat me John. It's not any different this year. I am BETTER than I have ever been and you will get 1000 % of CM Punk, when those offices backstage finally give me my title shot, that belt comes back to me!! I am ready, we can do it tonight John, hell, we can do it right now. Me, you, for the WWE Title! What do you say huh?"

Punk throws the mic aside, and opens his arms, wide, calling Cena out, as the crowd EXPLODES!

Cena: "You wanna do it?? You wanna do it right now??? You chose the wrong motherfucker cuz you know I never back down Punk!"

Cena throws his mic aside, yanks off his shirt, and gets ready to fight!!!!

Cole: "OH MY GOD King, is this really going down????"

"EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lawler: "Ohhhhhhhh nooooo!"

Crowd boos loud as fuck, as Vickie comes out on stage, and screams "EXCUSE ME!" one more time!

Vickie: "CM Punk, John Cena, you 2 will NOT be wrestling for the WWE Title tonight!"

Crowd boos, as Punk mocks Vickie with a funny face.

Vickie: "You know guys, I still haven't gotten over what you 2 said to me last week. This entire week, I have been angry! And I feel like I'm not satisfied with the punishment you got last week!"

Crowd gets quiet. Cena doesn't look too happy about this.

Vickie: "So, I got something more for you. You 2 will actually be teaming up again tonight! In ANOTHER Handicap Match!"

Crowd pops. Punk doesn't like it, neither does Cena.

Vickie: "Against......THE ENTIRE ROSTER!!!!!!!"


Cole: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Cena and Punk against the ENTIRE WWE ROSTER??"

Vickie: "Yupp, you heard it right Punk. You will team up with John Cena, and you will face every WWE Superstar that is not booked for a match tonight! Good luck!!!"

Vickie Guerrero starts laughing, and walks to the back. Crowd boos. Cena and Punk still mouth shit to each other. No one seems happy with the decision.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, Vickie just made one of the biggest matches ever, here tonight. It's got to be King. How many superstars will CM Punk and John Cena face tonight?"

JBL: "It's got to be more than a dozen, Michael. CM Punk and John Cena made the GM angry, and you pay for that!"

Lawler: "I would not like to be CM Punk or John Cena right now, that's for sure."

Cole: "So much in store for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen. We will hear from Paul Heyman and his newly aligned group of champions in just a little bit, up next, The Great Khali will be in action, with Jack Swagger! Don't go anywhere!"

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$$

We come back from commercial, The Great Khali is standing in the ring, with Ranjin Singh. Fans are having a good time, dancing to the music with the big awkward man.

*****All American*****

Crowd boos a little bit, as Jack Swagger comes out. He is alone, without Zeb Colter. He does some push-ups at the bottom of the entrance ramp, and gets in, ready for his match.

Match #1: Jack Swagger Vs The Great Khali

Match starts with Khali going after Swagger, and Swagger trying to avoid him. This seems to be the pattern here. Swagger tries several takedowns on Khali but Khali powers out every time. Khali gets Swagger in the corner, and starts chopping on his chest. After several chops, Swagger ducks under one of them, and goes under Khali, and CHOPS BLOCKS his knee, bringing him down, to one knee. Swagger keeps stomping on that same knee and heel of Khali. He works on Khali's ankle for a few minutes, with several grounded submissions, but Khali still overpowers him.

Ending comes a little past the 7 minute mark. Khali builds some momentum, throwing Swagger around the ring. Khali lifts Swagger up for the Double Hand Chokeslam but Swagger knees Khali right on the jaw as he was being lifted up, and again goes for the ankle of Khali, twisting it! He gets Khali in the Ankle Lock and Khali taps!

Jack Swagger defeats The Great Khali

Cole: "Khali had no choice but to tap there. Swagger had that Ankle Lock locked in tight!"

Jack Swagger looks intense as hell, pounding on his chest.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to make an announcement about this Friday night. On Smackdown, we are going to have a 5 Way Match to determine the Number 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship! These 5 men will battle!"

On the screen are, from left to right: Christian, Big Show, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, and Jack Swagger!
Jack Swagger celebrates a little bit as he walks up the ramp. He still pounds on his chest a lot, and lets out big yells.

JBL: "Huge announcement! 5 great superstars fighting out to see who will go against our World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio! That is going to be one hell of a match!"

We go backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting for someone to walk out, and it's Jack Swagger. He is still breathing heavy from his match.

Josh Matthews: "Jack, Jack Swagger. We haven't seen you here in a few weeks now, but we see that you are still on top of your game. Awesome victory out there over The Great Khali. Now, we have just learned that you will be in that 5 Way Match to determine the Number 1 Contender for Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Title. What is going through your mind?

Jack Swagger: "Josh, I took a little time off, to just think about things. I need to make an impact here. That's what it's about. I've been training a lot, I am better, faster, stronger, than ever before. I am back, and I am going to make a big impact here in the WWE. It starts Friday night!"

Swagger walks past Josh, not giving much of a "Bye".

Josh Matthews: "Thank you Jack Swagger. Michael Cole, back to you."

Cole: "Jack Swagger is back! Wow, how impressive did HE look here tonight?"

Lawler: "I think he looked better than ever, Michael."

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next. We will hear from Paul Heyman. He will tell us what is up with The Shield, and Curtis Axel. Are they working together? What are their plans? We will be right back with the answers!"

A little video clip is shown. It shows how Axel stole a victory from Barrett and the Miz at Payback, pinning Barrett while Miz had him in the Figure 4. It also shows how Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, and also how Dean Ambrose beat Kane, all at Payback. Then it shows the events of Smackdown. We see how the arena went black during the Axel/Miz/Barrett Triple Threat match, and how Miz and Barrett were laid out afterwards. We see how Axel nods at The Shield, who were standing in the crowd, as Heyman clapped. We also see how Miz needed medical treatment for his shoulder after the beatdown from The Shield. Finally, we hear how Heyman tell Teddy Long backstage he has a lot more in store.

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$

****Special Op****

The Shield walks out onto the stage, to many boos. Paul Heyman also walks out with them, as well as Curtis Axel. The 5 men walk down to heavy boos from the crowd. Axel, Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose all flaunt their gold, as Heyman smirks the entire time. They get into the ring, Heyman has a mic, still smirking, waiting for the crowd to stop booing.

Paul Heyman: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is a NEW DAY here in the WWE!"

Heyman and the group of champions standing behind him all keep smirking as the crowd just keeps booing heavy.

Heyman: "My plan is finally coming to fruition. Justice is finally coming to the WWE! Look at these 4 men, ladies and gentlemen, these 4 men are THE PRESENT AND FUTURE of this company!"

Crowd keeps booing!

Heyman: "But....but there is so much more to this plan. Oh my god, SO MUCH more, some of which WILL be revealed in the coming weeks.........Maybe even this Friday night."

Heyman smirks laughs, as do the 4 men behind him.

Heyman: "As soon as my good friend CM Punk will beat John Cena, for the biggest prize in this company, and only then, when we hold ALL the gold around here, will we have something going!"

Heyman again smirks and laughs a little bit.

****Rebel Son****

Wade Barrett walks out on stage to quite a big pop from the crowd. He also has a mic in hand and starts talking as he is walking down the ramp.

Wade Barrett: "Paul, I do like this group effort to change things around here, I really do, but there is one problem. You guys want all the gold around here huh? That piece of gold on Curtis Axel's shoulder......"

Crowd pops, interrupting Barrett.

Barrett: "The Intercontental Title.....is mine! And has been for a long time!"

Crowd pops again, as Barrett is now getting in the ring, confronting the 5 man group.

Barrett: "And tonight, it becomes mine again. I will knock Axel's lights out, and any one of you who gets in my way, and that includes you too, fat ass!"

Crowd again pops for the insult to Heyman as the 3 members of The Shield and Curtis Axel start getting mad. Heyman tries calming them down. We learn that the rematch for the Intercontinental Title Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett is next. Paul Heyman tells The Shield to leave, as the match starts.

Match #2: Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title

The match was pretty much a brawl from the start. The match got out of hand early, as the fight quickly spilled to the outside. Early in the match, Barrett had Axel mounted on the announce table, dropping right hands. Things turned around, when Barrett threw Axel in the ring, and he was also getting in the ring, but had a word with Heyman, allowing Axel to baseball slide dropkick Barrett onto the announce table.

Axel then controlled the match for a few minutes, until Barrett Elbowed an oncoming Axel right on the jaw. The brawl continued. The ending came around the 10 minute mark. Barrett and Axel were brawling outside of the ring, with Barrett clearly getting the better of it. Barrett threw Axel in the ring, and he also slid in, and Heyman also jumped on the apron! Barrett stares at Heyman for a second, calling him "fuckin pig", and out of nowhere, Axel DROPS Wade Barrett with his signature Twisting Neckbreaker! Pin 1-2-3!
Curtis Axel defeats Wade Barrett to retain the Intercontinental Championship!

Heyman jumps in excitement! He grabs the belt and pulls Axel out of the ring! The 2 celebrate as they walk up the stage, as Barrett is in the ring, holding his head, pissed as fuck!

JBL: "Good victory for Curtis Axel here tonight!"

We go to commercial!

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$

We come back from commercial to Alberto Del Rio's music playing. Ricardo Rodriguez is also on stage, with a mic, introducing Del Rio. Del Rio pulls up in a silver Ferrari. SUPER NICE! He jumps out the coupe in a nice suit and scarf, with the World Heavyweight Championship in hand! He very slowly, struts and taunts his way down to the ring! He has a big smile on his face the entire time. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic, with Ricardo next to him.

Alberto Del Rio: "Ladies and gentlemen, say hello, to the World Heavyweight Champion......"


Crowd boos, but some also cheer.

Del Rio: "I told you, I told everyone, Dolph Ziggler is not a challenge for me. I beat him at Payback, but the little chihuahua didn't have enough. He called for a rematch, and I beat him once again.....And again.....Sending him to the hospital!"

Crowd boos still.

Del Rio: "I am dangerous! I am the best Kampion in the world today! I will beat everyone who is in line for this title. That entire locker room cannot compare to me. None of them can compare to......Alberto......Del Rio!"

*****It's The MacMillitant****

Teddy Long walks out to a BIG pop from the crowd, mic in hand.

Teddy Long: "Alberto, I came out here that you are booked for a match tonight playa! In a tag team match to be exact. It will be Tensai and Brodus Clay Vs you Alberto, and your partner, RICARDO RODRIGUEZ!!!!"

Crowd pops again for the announcement! Ricardo starts panicking.

Del Rio: "This isn't fair Teddy. I am not ready to compete tonight."

Teddy Long: "That's later on tonight playa. Good luck! Holla holla!"
Ricardo and Del Rio are both in the ring pissed off, and they start to leave as we get ready for our next match.

Cole: "Wow, Del Rio will team with Ricardo tonight, against the 2 superheavyweights Tensai and Brodus Clay, but up next ladies and gentlemen, one half of the Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns will face one half of the Number 1 Contender team for those titles, Randy Orton!


Randy Orton walks out like a badass, to a big pop from the crowd. Bryan is also behind him, screaming "YES" over and over! They both walk down.

****Special Op****

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are spotted in the crowd with Dean Ambrose. Dean gives dap to Reigns and Rollins, as they both come down for Reigns' match.

Cole: "Remember, ladies and gentlemen, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan ARE the Number 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles, as Orton goes one on one with Roman Reigns!

Match #3: Randy Orton w) Daniel Bryan Vs Roman Reigns w) Seth Rollins

Good match. Both guys get in a lot of offense. Reigns was able to hit his signature Spear after pushing Orton to reverse his RKO. Reigns also hit other notable offense in the match, like a nice Big Boot, and Superman Punch. Orton got some good offense in too. He did his signature Backbreaker on Reigns, his Powerslam, and the Rope Hung DDT.

Ending came at the 8 minute mark. Orton was on fire. He had just hit his DDT on Reigns. He was pumping up for the RKO, when Rollins ran in but Daniel Bryan simaltenously ran in with him and dropkicked him out of the ring! The ref didn't stop the match, and Orton dropped Reigns with the RKO for the win!
Randy Orton defeats Roman Reigns

Lawler: "What a match that was! Seth Rollins tried to interfere but Daniel Bryan was right there to stop him! These 2 are on the same page, and it could mean trouble for The Shield!"

Orton and Bryan celebrate their victory, as Rollins recovers on the outside with Roman Reigns. We go to commercial!

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$

Matt Striker is backstage, ready to interview someone.

Striker: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with the Great White Sheamus!"

Crowd pops for Sheamus!

Striker: "Sheamus, you have been through a lot lately. Losing that big match at Wrestlemania against The Shield, but defeating Damien Sandow at Payback, losing last week to Dean Ambrose, and falling victim to the hands of The Shield again on Friday. 4 days from now though, you will get a chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Title. What is going through your head?"

Sheamus: "Matt, you know, you're right. My career has been on a up and down slope lately. I lost a huge match last week against Dean Ambrose, that really sucked. Tonight I get to team with Big Show against 2 of our opponents this Friday. This is so important Matt because if I can prove that I'm better than my opposition tonight, that should be the case for Friday too, and I will be back on track towards a world title in no time!"

Striker: "One more thing. On Smackdown, you teamed with Big Show, who of course, turned on you and Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. Do you trust the Big Show?"

Sheamus: "Good question Matt. Ya know, the giant fella did turn his back to me at Wrestlemania. I am aware of that, so of course I don't trust him too much. On Smackdown, we teamed really well together. Tonight, we will try to do the same. I will keep an eye open, you know I will!"

Sheamus smiles!

Striker: "Thank you Sheamus, back to you Cole!"

We go back to ringside. Camacho is in the ring, Hunico is at ringside with him.

******Here and Now or Never*****

Mason Ryan comes out to a decent pop from the fans. He flexes then comes down to the ring. We are shown what happened on Smackdown between these 3. Hunico faced Mason Ryan, lost to him, Camacho tried attacking Ryan after the match but Mason Ryan beat them both up. He even threw Hunico onto Camacho, outside the ring.

Match #4: Mason Ryan Vs Camacho w/ Hunico

The 2 powerhouses lock horns, with Ryan easily overpowering Camacho into the corner. Ryan overpowers Camacho all throughout the match, but Camacho does get some offense in, most notably a nice Big Boot to the mouth of Mason Ryan. Ending came at the 6 minute mark. Ryan had just knocked Camacho out of his boots with a hard Lariat, when Hunico hopped on the apron, and Ryan pulled him in! Ryan then laid him out with a Spear! Ryan then picked Camacho up and dropped him with a Running Powerslam for the win!

Mason Ryan defeats Camacho w/ Hunico

JBL: "This is an incredibly powerful man. He just dominated 2 men, one of whom weighs 280 pounds! This man is a beast!"

Cole: "The future of Mason Ryan looks bright, that's for sure!"

Mason Ryan celebrates his win with the fans, and flexes his large muscles, as Hunico and Camacho are laid out at ringside.

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We are backstage with Josh Matthews, where he is standing by with Christian and Chris Jericho!

Josh Matthews: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with Captain Charisma Christian and Y2J Chris Jericho!"

The crowd pops for the 2 veterans.

Matthews: "Christian, Jericho, you 2 teamed up this past Friday and competed in the Battle Royal to determine the Number 1 Contenders for the tag belts, and came so close to winning. Now tonight, you 2 team again against Sheamus and Big Show. The 4 of you will compete against each other, with Jack Swagger also in the mix this Friday, in a 5 Way match, to determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian, what is going through YOUR mind?"

Christian: "That World Heavyweight Championship is going through my mind Josh. Me and Jericho were opponents last Monday, teammates on Friday, teammates on Monday, and again opponents this Friday. It's how it is. It's how this business is. We have both been doing this for long enough to realize that."

Matthews: "Jericho?"

Josh moves the mic to Jericho's mouth.

Jericho: "Jerichoholics, WELCOME to RAW......Is.......JERICHO!!!!!!"

Crowd explodes for Jericho.

Jericho: "Josh, you want my thoughts on the 5 Way match this Friday? Sure, you can have my thoughts. My thoughts tell me that World Heavyweight gold is in Y2J's future. That belt has stayed away from this waist for too damn long, and it's about damn time it's mine again!"

Matthews: "Ok thank you guys, Cole back to you!"

****Written In Your Face****

Sheamus comes out to a HUGE pop from the fans!

****Big Bad Show Tonight****

Big Show also comes to a big pop from the fans. He is super energetic as he walks down the ring!

****Break the Walls****

Jericho also comes out to a massive pop from the crowd.

****If You Close Your Eyes****

Christian, of course, comes out to another massive pop from the crowd!

Cole: "These 4 men will compete this Friday night on Smackdown in a 5 Way match, along with Jack Swagger! The winner will become Number 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship!"

Match #5: Big Show and Sheamus Vs Christian and Chris Jericho

[QUOTE]Really good match. It went back and forth the entire time. Both teams worked well with each other. Sheamus and Big Show did some teamwork. Sheamus held Christian against the turnbuckle, while Big Show ran in and squashed him. Christian and Jericho also did some teamwork. At one point, they double Dropkicked Big Show out of the ring! They also did a lot of tandem offense on Show, like a nice simaltenous Lionsault, followed up by a Frog Splash from Christian, but still not enough to keep the big man down.
Ending came at past the 13 minute mark. Sheamus had just tagged out to Show, and was recovering at ringside. Show was beating up Jericho in the ring when JACK SWAGGER ran out through the crowd! He pulled Christian down from the apron, and SLAMMED him against the barricade!!! The ref calls for the DQ!!

Sheamus and Big Show Vs Chris Jericho and Christian ends in a No Contest!

Cole: "Why the hell is Jack Swagger ruining such a great match?"

JBL: "Trying to prove a point Michael. Trying to make an impact, that's what it's all about! He wants to prove he is better than his opponents this Friday!"

Swagger slams Christian onto the barricade, then runs around the ring to where Sheamus is getting up and Big Boots him right back down. He then goes in the ring and starts beating up Big Show in the corner, with hard right hands to the face of the giant, as well as multiple kicks to the gut and knees of Big Show. The crowd is booing heavily. Swagger then turns his attention to Jericho, who is getting up, and starts beating him up as well. Swagger then turns his attention back to Show, who SLAPS Swagger right on the chest!!!! Swagger backs away from Show and catches an ENZUGUIRI from Jericho!!!!!

The crowd blows up! Swagger is dazed as fuck. He tries to get away from Jericho and Show but Sheamus is now in the ring as well, as is Christian!!!! The 4 have Swagger surrounded!!! Christian SMACKS Swagger right on the face!!! Swagger stumbles onto a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, knocking him flat on his back!!!! Big Show then grabs Swagger by the throat, raises him to a vertical base, and CHOKESLAMS him down hard!!!! Jericho then Lionsaults Swagger!!! Show then grabs Swagger by his singlet and throws him outside
through the 2nd rope. The crowd is going nuts as the 4 stand tall!!

Lawler: "Ha, big mistake from Swagger, coming out here!"

Sheamus, Show, Christian, and Jericho are all celebrating with the crowd! Sheamus BROGUE KICKS Big Show out of nowhere, knocking him out of the ring!!! He then charges at Christian and Jericho with a double Clothesline, but they both duck, and they dropkick Sheamus right of the ring!!! The crowd again goes nuts as Christian and Jericho stare each other, face to face, nose to nose. They both signal that they want the belt!

Cole: "Jericho and Christian stand tall tonight, but this Friday, only ONE will stand tall!"

Lawler: "I cannot believe what just happened here. Swagger came out, trying to prove a point, but became a punching bag, then Sheamus turned on Big Show, and Jericho and Christian are the ones standing tall!"

Big Show looks on, disappointed from outside of the ring, wiping his bleeding lip. Sheamus also looks on from the outside, as Jericho and Christian celebrate with the fans!

Cole: "Remember ladies and gentlemen, these 5 men will all be opponents this Friday night, and the winner of that 5 Way match will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. We will be right back with more Monday Night Raw! Don't go anywhere!"

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We return with the camera backstage, at some empty hallway. Abraham Washington walks through the scene, stops for a second, smirks, and walks back out of the scene.

Cole: "Much like we have seen in previous weeks, Abraham Washington is here tonight."

****Special Op****

The 3 members of The Shield again appear at the top of a stairway on the crowd. Reigns is still feeling the effects of his match with Orton. Reigns and Dean Ambrose dap Rollins and Rollins comes down for his match alone!

****Flight of the Valkyries****

Daniel Bryan comes out to a big pop from the fans, also alone.

Match #6: Daniel Bryan Vs Seth Rollins

This was a fuckin awesome match. Lots of back and forth action. Bryan got in a lot of kick combinations on Rollins but so did Rollins on Bryan. Bryan also dove onto Rollins outside one time. Rollins got a nice Superkick in on Bryan's jaw. Rollins showed some awesome athletic ability in this match. At one point, he used the steel steps as a stepping stool to run up them and cross body onto Daniel Bryan. The ending came at the 7 minute mark when Rollins went to stomp on Bryan's head with his finisher, but Bryan moved his head out of the way, grabbed Seth's arm, and locked in the "Yes" Lock, getting the tap from Rollins!
Daniel Bryan defeats Seth Rollins

Cole: "Awesome match tonight between these 2 phenomenal young athletes!"

Randy Orton also comes down to celebrate with Daniel Bryan. Paul Heyman runs out and pulls out Seth Rollins to ringside, and they start going to the back. Crowd is going nuts celebrating with Orton and Bryan.

The camera goes backstage where Alberto Del Rio walking down a hallway with Ricardo Rodriguez. They both look mad. Ricardo looks scared.

Cole: "World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will team up with Ricardo Rodriguez to take on the much larger team of Tensai and Brodus Clay. It's up next!"

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

We come back! Tensai and Brodus Clay are both in the ring, with their 2 dancers at ringside.


Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez come out to a lot of heat. Ricardo is wearing his singlet.

Match #7: Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez Vs Tons of Funk

The match consisted of Del Rio battling the 2 much larger men. Ricardo would provide several distractions for Del Rio, and Del Rio was actually able to get the upper hand on Tons of Funk several times. Tons of Funk was in control most of the time though. They squashed Del Rio in the corner several times, and Clay actually Big Splashed Del Rio as well. Ending came at the 6 minute mark, when Tensai went to Clothesline Del Rio in the corner but Del Rio moved out of the way, and Tensai went chest first onto the turnbuckle. Del Rio then dropkicked Brodus Clay's feet, knocking him off the apron! Del Rio then yelled at Ricardo "GET THE BELT!", and Ricardo grabbed the title belt and gave it to Del Rio! Del Rio then whacked Tensai across the head with it, went outside, and whacked Brodus Clay with it as well! The ref calls for the belt!
Tons of Funk defeat Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez by DQ

The fans boo heavily as Del Rio grabs his belt and runs off with Ricardo Rodriguez, after whacking both Tensai and Brodus Clay with the belt, right on their heads.

Lawler: "What a little bitch. Of course he would try to squeel his way out this fight. Del Rio needs to be a world champion, and fight all of his opponents, like he said he would!"

Camera goes to the back where Josh Matthews is running to catch up to someone. Del Rio and Ricardo walk onto the set, with the belt, still breathing heavy from their match.

Josh Matthews: "Alberto, Alberto, what was that all about?"

Alberto Del Rio: "That was not my match. Ricardo does not wrestle. I said I will defend this title against any opponent, those 2 fat pigs haven't done nothing to get to Alberto Del Rio. The winner of the match this Friday will get a shot at me, and that's it!"

Del Rio walks off the set, belt in hand, with Ricardo right behind him!

Josh Matthews: "Back to ringside!"

A video is shown of what happened on Smackdown during the tag team match between Sheamus and Big Show Vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. We see how Dean Ambrose came out and the 3 laid out Big Show and Sheamus, until MARK HENRY came out and cleared house of them! We also see how Teddy Long booked Mark Henry Vs Dean Ambrose for tonight, and if Henry wins, he gets a shot at the United States Championship!

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next we have United States Champion Dean Ambrose going one on one with the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry! If Henry wins, he WILL get a shot at the United States Title!"

$$$$$Commercial Break$$$$$

****Somebody Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked****

Mark Henry comes out to a BIG pop from the fans! He has a smile on his face!

*****Special Op****

Dean Ambrose walks through the crowd, US Title on his shoulder. He walks through the crowd with his head high, like always.

JBL: "Gotta love the confidence of this kid! He is going in there with the strongest man in the world, and he is confident in himself!"

Match #8: Mark Henry Vs Dean Ambrose; if Henry wins, he gets a US Title Shot

Henry dominated the match. Ambrose did catch a few breaks, when he avoided a collision with Henry, and when he attacked his right knee. Henry overpowered through Ambrose's every attempt at offense. Ambrose did get vicious with the knees to Henry at one point though, bringing him down.

Ending came at the 8 minute mark. Ambrose had Henry reeling, after a frenzy of brutal knees. Dean Ambrose then went outside and grabbed his US belt. He went inside and goes to whack Henry with it but Henry powers him up and SLAMS him down with the World's Strongest Slam for the pin!!!!
Mark Henry defeats Dean Ambrose

Cole: "Mark Henry gets a United States title shot!!!!"

The crowd explodes for the win! Henry celebrates with the crowd for several minutes! We then go backstage with Matt Striker! He walks up to Paul Heyman, where he is walking by with Curtis Axel!

Matt Striker: "Paul, Paul, let me have a minute of your time!"

Paul Heyman:
"Make it quick please!"

Striker: "Ok Paul, uhh, all 3 members of The Shield lost their matches tonight. Do you feel like losses like those could be a problem that could potentially ruin what you have planned with this group?"

Heyman: "Uhh, no! We may have lost a few battles tonight, but Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns won their match at Payback, defending their gold. Dean Ambrose also beat Kane that night, defending his gold. Curtis Axel also defended his gold, tonight, and last Friday night. What I'm saying is, we win when it counts. And no, nothing can potentially harm what I have planned!"

Striker: "What exactly do you have planned Paul? You told us we will see more this Smackdown? What do you mean? Could you elaborate?"

Heyman: "No, no, no, I cannot elaborate on that. I have lots of plans with this young group. We are going to change the face of professional wrestling. Like I said, more will be revealed on Smackdown!"

Heyman walks off laughing and Axel right behind em, smirking.

Striker: "Okkk..Thanks Paul!"

We see a video package of what happened last week between Cena, Punk, and Vickie. We see the shit that Punk and Cena talked to Vickie, which led to her booking them in 2 handicap matches. We see how those matches went down, and we also see what happened at the beginning of the show tonight, how Cena and Punk got booked in a Handicap Match against the entire roster!

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next we are going to see the BIGGEST Handicap Match in WWE History. It will be every WWE Superstar that wasn't booked for a match tonight, a total of 19 Superstars, against CM Punk and John Cena!"

JBL: "Punk and Cena are really going to get it now!"

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$

*****Cult of Personality****

HUGE pop for Punk.

****My Time is Now****

Huge pop for Cena again, but not as big as Punk's.

****Raw Theme Song****

The entire locker room comes out. Like 20 superstars come down, heels, faces, and everything in between. Kane is out there, Ezekiel Jackson is out there, Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, etc.

****Feed Me MORE!!!!*****

RYBACK also comes out to a HUGE pop from the fans!!

Cole: "Oh my god King! It's Ryback! We haven't seen him since he lost to Cena at Payback!!"

The crowd is super shocked to see Ryback, as is Cena. Cena and Punk both look worried as hell. They are mouthing to each other, trying to come up with some kind of strategies!

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening! It will be elimination style! 19 on 2, the largest Handicap Match we have ever seen in a WWE ring."

Match #9: John Cena and CM Punk Vs The Entire Roster (Ryback, Ezekiel Jackson, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Darren Young, Jinder Mahal, Cody Rhodes, Titus O'Neal, Primo, Epico, Damien Sandow, Kane, David Otunga, Tyson Kidd, Big E Langston, Antonio Cesaro, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater)

Punk started off with Drew McIntyre. Just seconds into the match, Drew went for his Double Arm DDT, but Punk reversed his way out of it and ROUNDHOUSE KICKS Drew McIntyre out cold! Pin 1-2-3!

Elimination #1: CM Punk has eliminated Drew McIntyre!

Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater both get in the ring, as does Cena. Cena FU's Slater, as Punk again Roundhouse kicks Mahal's head off as well. Punk then pins Slater. 1-2-3!

Elimination #2: CM Punk has eliminated Heath Slater!

Punk and Cena have a little face off, when Tyson Kidd sprints at both of them, but both of them side step the oncoming Kidd, who crashes chest first onto the turnbuckle! He then stumbles into a GTS from Punk! Pin 1-2-3!

Elimination #3: CM Punk has eliminated Tyson Kidd!

Epico and Primo both run in and start beating on Punk, beating him up back to the ropes. Cena tags himself in, but neither Epico or Primo see it. Epico and Primo double irish whip Punk onto the ropes but Cena comes out and FU's Epico, as Punk Roundhouse Kicks Primo! Cena pins Epico. 1-2-3!

Elimination #4: John Cena has eliminated Epico!

Damien Sandow then comes in and starts beating up Cena. Cena quickly overpowers Sandow', grabs his leg, takes him down, and locks in the STFU, for the tap!

Elimination #5: John Cena has eliminated Damien Sandow!

Cody Rhodes now jumps in and pounds on Cena. He waits for Cena to get up and as soon as does, Rhodes connects with the Beautiful Disaster! All momentum for Cena and Punk has now been slowed. The roster starts to tag in and out, wearing down Cena. Jackson does some damage to Cena, with some nice body slams. Punk tags in, and gets some fire going against Jackson, but a distraction from Otunga outside, allows Jackson to stop any momentum Punk was getting. Otunga then tags himself in and starts beating up Punk but Punk drops him with The Rock Bottom!! Punk then locks in the Anaconda Vice and Otunga taps!!!

Elimination #6: CM Punk has eliminated David Otunga!

Justin Gabriel comes in and superkicks CM Punk!!! Punk is on his back, Gabriel goes for the 450 but Punk moves out of the way!! Gabriel crashes hard, then eats a GTS from Punk! Pin 1-2-3!

Elimination #7: CM Punk has eliminated Justin Gabriel!

Punk tags out to Cena, as Ryback comes in!!!!! The crowd gets crazy for the 2 to finally lock horns again! The 2 lock up, and they immediately try to match strength! Ryback seems to be getting the upper hand, Cena tries to rebound off the ropes for more power. Quickly in the exchange, Cena goes for his FU, but Ryback rolls off Cena's back, and CLOTHESLINES Cena out of his boots. Ryback then lifts Cena up for the ShellShock, but Punk comes in and kicks Ryback right in the gut!!! Cody Rhodes and Darren Young immediately run in and take out Punk! A little brawl breaks out in the ring, as the ref tries to restore control, Cena is able to Shoulder Block Ryback out of the ring!! But Cesaro now has the tag!! The ref gets everything under control! Cesaro is in control of Cena after kicking his teeth in. Cesaro goes for his Piledriver finisher on Cena, but Cena reverses, takes Cesaro down by his knee, and locks in the STFU, for the tap!!!

Elimination #8: John Cena has eliminated Antonio Cesaro!

Cody Rhodes is now in!!! He again beats on Cena! He measures Cena for the Beautiful Disaster but Cena ducks!! Cena then FU's Rhodes!!!! Pin 1-2-3!!

Elimination #9: John Cena has eliminated Cody Rhodes!

Titus O'Neal then runs in on an unsuspecting Cena but CM Punk takes him out with a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE out of nowhere!!! The crowd explodes for that. Cena and Punk nod at each other, as Cena locks in the STFU on Titus, as Punk stands guard in case anyone gets in. Titus quickly taps!

Elimination #10: John Cena has eliminated Titus O'Neal!

Kingston then gets in the ring! Cena and Kofi have a little face off! Both men wrestle each other down, with Cena getting the better of it. Cena quickly tags out to Punk. Punk and Kofi exchange some rights. Kofi gets Punk in the corner and launches himself at Punk, who moves out of the way, causing Kofi to go chest first onto the turnbuckle. Punk then Roundhouse Kicks Kofi flat on his back! Punk picks Kofi and GTS' him! Pin 1-2-3!

Elimination #11: CM Punk has eliminated Kofi Kingston!!

Evan Bourne comes who flying in on Punk with a Divine Knee Attack, connecting perfectly. Bourne gets some fire going with nice kicks to Punk. Punk stops the momentum with a nice front kick to Bourne's face, and tags out to Cena. Cena and Bourne go at it for a bit until Bourne tries a Hurricanrana on Cena, but Cena powers his way out of it, Powerboming Bourne down! Cena then locks in the STFU on Bourne! Bourne taps!

Elimination #12: John Cena has eliminated Evan Bourne

Ezekiel Jackson is now in and CLOTHESLINE Cena flat on his back!! Jackson is fired up! He goes over to Punk and punches him right off the apron!! Jackson measure Cena and lifts him up with the Torture Rack!!! He holds it on Cena until CM Punk comes in and kicks Jackson right on the knee!!! Everyone now runs in!!! Darren Young, Primo, Big E, Jinder, Ryback, everyone is now brawling in the ring!!! The ref calls for the DQ!!
CM Punk and John Cena def The Entire Roster by DQ

Punk is seen Roundhouse Kicking Darren Young out cold, while Cena on the other side, FU's Big E out of the ring!!! Ryback then SPEARS Punk out of his boots!!!! Kane beats on Cena!!! Jackson measures Cena for another clothesline, Cena ducks, and Jacksom hits KANE instead!!!! Cena again gets beat down by several superstars, like Ryback, Jackon, Mahal, Primo, Sandow is back in, as is Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, David Otunga and others!!!! Kane is back up and UPPERCUTS EZEKIEL JACKSON!!!!!!! Otunga grabs Kane by the shoulder, talking shit to him, but Kane CHOKESLAMS him!!! He Big Boots Drew out of the ring!! He Chokeslams Mahal!!!!

Cole: "King, Kane has gone crazy here!!!! But the crowd is loving it!!!"

Kane is on fire. He is clearing the ring. Big Boots, Uppercuts, and Chokeslams to Otunga, Drew, Mahal, Primo, until Ryback CLOTHESLINES Kane right down!!!! The gang beatdown is right back on, now the main target is Kane!! Outside of the ring, Punk is seen grabbing TWO CHAIRS!!!! He hands one to Cena and they both get in the ring!!! They start swinging at everything that's moving!!!! They both give a chairshot to Ryback each to get him out of the ring!!! They have now cleared the ring and are the only 2 standing!!!

Lawler: "Look at this place Michael!! This place is going insane!!"

CM Punk WHACKS Cena with the steel chair, right on the forehead!!!!!!! The crowd starts booing sooo much!!! Punk opens up his chair, and sits right next to Cena, mic in hand, breathing heavy as fuck!!!

CM Punk: "Stay healthy John!"

Punk drops the mic, and smirks at the camera! Lots of fans are cheering buts lot of booing as well. The shows goes off the air!!

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview
June 28th, 2013

We are told CM Punk WILL be on Smackdown, and will compete! He teamed up with WWE Champion John Cena against the entire roster on Raw. They won by DQ but after the match, Punk whacked Cena with the a steel chair on the head! Punk will be on Smackdown!

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the title at Payback. Ziggler cashed in his rematch clause last week, and lost in brutal fashion once again, getting another concussion. Ziggler was sent to the hospital after the show. On the other hand, we will see Big Show, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Chris Jericho and Christian to face off in a 5 Way Match to determine the new #1 contender for Del Rio's World Heavyweight Title!

Paul Heyman has brought Curtis Axel and The Shield together. All 4 men are champions. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan earned #1 contendership for the Seth Rollins' and Roman Reings' Tag Team Titles! Mark Henry earned #1 Contendership against Dean Ambrose and his United States Title! Mark Henry will team up with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield in 6 man action! Curtis Axel defended his Intercontinental Title successfully against The Miz and Wade Barrett. Curtis Axel will also be in singles action on Smackdown!

Action packed Smackdown! Coming very soon!

-Big Show Vs Sheamus Vs Jack Swagger Vs Chris Jericho Vs Christian in a 5 Way Match to determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!
-Mark Henry, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan Vs The Shield in 6 Man Tag
-CM Punk in action
-Curtis Axel in action

Coming in a day or 2! It's gonna be a crazy episode!

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Raw Review

Don't really think Cena said enough before Punk came out, and the ending of last week's show needed addressing here. And whether or not PG has been ditched here (which I assume it has) I just can't picture Cena saying "motherfucker" to Punk. Punk's dialogue sounded mostly alright, but yeah, I would have thought Cena would have serious matters to address after last week instead of making jokes. The end product of this promo was intriguing though, with Punk and Cena against the entire roster. Should make them look pretty strong going into what I assume will be their match at MITB if they win, which I'm assuming they will.

Recap for Swagger/Khali was alright, but Swagger making Khali TAP OUT? Can't really see it. Seeing as Swagger's opponent didn't need to be Khali, I think you should have chosen a different guy to have Swagger go over. Swagger's post-match interview was alright, didn't sound like much of a heel though, unless you're turning him face in which case it did its job.

Heyman's promo was too short in my opinion, I think there was a lot more that could have been said about the situation. Barrett as a face should be interesting, but overall, yeah, another promo that should have been longer. No surprises in Axel retaining, not sure what happens now that Axel/Barrett has come and gone just like that. Maybe you could have built it up for MITB.

Another short promo here, although I wouldn't want to sit through Del Rio talking for too long. Hoping that something noteworthy happens after ToF/Del Rio & Rodriguez, and it's not just filler.

Having one guy from a tag team face a guy from another team is always a solid choice for furthering a feud, and Orton going over was the right choice to give the challengers some momentum.

No gripes with the Sheamus interview, effective buildup for the tag team match later tonight, and his issues with Big Show needed to be addressed, which they were.

No surprise that Ryan went over Camacho, little confused by how you're booking Ryan, Zeke and Langston, and whether they're faces or not. Didn't seem like it on the last Raw.

Decent interview with Christian and Jericho, would have expected some tension between them after Jericho's comment about becoming champion again, seeing as Christian said just before that he had the WHC in his sights too.

Good buildup for the 5 man match on SD here, had to have Swagger involved here in some capacity, although surely if he attacked Christian it should be a DQ victory for Christian and Jericho? Oh well.

I was thinking maybe Bryan/Rollins would be saved for SD or the next Raw seeing as Orton/Reigns with their partners at ringside was sufficient buildup for the feud for this show IMO. I would have had Rollins go over to keep it even between the two, but Reigns AND Rollins being beaten tonight makes them look pretty weak.

No idea why you had to have Del Rio intentionally lose the match like that, even with his reasoning after the match. Not really how a World Champion should be booked, came out of it looking pretty weak.

Another Shield member losing. Not really feeling how you're booking these guys, even if it was against Henry. Maybe you should have just had Ambrose go over someone and then have Henry come out afterwards. Should be an interesting feud, obviously outside interference will be needed for Ambrose to go over Henry whenever they face each other.

Not sure about Punk getting a "big pop" seeing as he's a heel and he didn't endear himself to anyone on the last Raw with what he did to Cena. ANOTHER DQ finish? Jesus. Don't understand how it was a DQ finish if everyone was brawling amongst themselves. Pretty messy here. At least you got some more Punk/Cena build in there afterwards, although I think Cena really needs to one-up Punk on the next show they appear together in.

Overall, a lot to work on here. I think your promos need to be longer and the characterization is off in places e.g. Cena's promo at the start, and all of the DQs were unnecessary, but keep going and I'll keep reading. Plus, your descriptions are hilarious, e.g. "Punk breathing heavy as fuck!!!!" If you could check out my TNA thread, that would be great.


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WWE Friday Night Smackdown
June 28th, 2013

Smackdown theme song is blasting off! Fireworks go off! The crowd is going off! The camera is zooming in and out of the crowd, and we see 10,000 WWE fans screaming and waving signs!

***Realaza (Remix)***

Alberto Del Rio comes out in that same silver Ferrari, to a wave of boos as he gets out of the car and heads to the ring looking as smug as ever.

Alberto Del Rio: "Ladies and gentlemen, your World Heavyweight Champion.....Alberto......Del RIO!!!!"

Slight heat from the fans.

Alberto Del Rio: "At Payback, I took back what is mine! I took back my World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler!"

Crowd cheers and boos.

Alberto Del Rio: "I brutally beat Ziggler, who I said was never on my level to begin with! Yet you people decide to start booing me! You people hate a real winner! A real winner like......"


Crowd boos.

Alberto Del Rio: "You know what? A real champion doesn't care about what his inferiors think of him! You people are sheep! I am the lion in this jungle! Alberto......DEL RIO!!"

More boos.

Alberto Del Rio: "I proved I am better again last week, and again, Dolph Ziggler had to go to the hospital with a concussion! And on Raw this past Monday, Teddy Long unrightfully placed me in a unfair Handicap match against 2 pigs; 2 pigs you stupid American people cheer for!"

Crowd really starts booing.

Alberto Del Rio: "And yes, stupid American people, Tensai is an American. He and Brodus Clay are the perfect embodiments of the American people. They’re fat…"

Heat from the crowd.

Del Rio: "They have no talent…

More heat

Del Rio: "And they are completely stupid…"

More heat from the crowd as Del Rio laughs.

Del Rio: "What happened happened because I was done wrong by Teddy Long. I did not deserve to face 2 stupid elephants just 3 days after defending my World Heavyweight Championship! Now I'm hearing stuff like 'Alberto, you turned on us! Alberto you turned on your people!'.....Noooo!!"

Crowd boos.

Alberto Del Rio: "I did not make the decision to turn on you. It was you Americans who decide to boo me in Chicago once I claimed what was rightfully mine. It was you Americans who decided that you preferred Dolph Ziggler over me and now he’s in the hospital with 2 concussions! It was your fault all this happened! You people are too stupid to realize........"

***Get on your Knees***

Jack Swagger comes out to a mixed reaction. He enters the ring.

Jack Swagger: "Alberto, don’t call these people Americans. Because everything you just said about them is true except for the fact that they aren’t REAL AMERICANS."

Boos can be heard as Swagger insults his own people while Del Rio laughs.

Jack Swagger: "But I didn’t come out here to insult these losers. I came out here to send the warning. I will take that World Title of your waist and trust me when I say this......"

Swagger goes face to face with Del Rio

Swagger: "......a repeat of WrestleMania won’t happen."

Mixed reaction for the Real American.

Alberto Del Rio: "Amigo, Amigo! It wasn’t only WrestleMania! You forgot all about Extreme Rules where I made you quit like a…"

***Written in my Face***

Sheamus comes out beating his chest to a very mixed reaction (mostly boos of course)...

Sheamus: "It is so good that the big boss Vincent K. McMahon himself has put me into this #1 contender match......

Sheamus gets face to face with Del Rio

Sheamus: ".......because I cannot wait to kick your teeth down your throat!"

Mixed reaction for the Celtic Warrior as more cheers can be heard this time

Sheamus: "And fella, it’s not like I haven’t done it before. I’ve kicked your ass so many times last year that I’ve lost count."

Sheamus then turns to face Swagger

Sheamus: "Listen here Fella. I couldn’t give a crap if you’re from the richest lands in Russia or if you’re from the poorest cities in Africa. Americans, Mexicans, Irish. All that doesn’t matter once *insert timekeeper name* rings that bell."

Sheamus then faces the crowd who are now cheering and booing at the same time!

Sheamus: "And unlike you two I didn’t come out here to talk trash. I came out here to fight!"

*****Big Bad Show*****

Big Show comes out to a mixed reaction as well as some people are very happy that he put a stop to the cheesy words of the Irishman...

Big Show: "Sheamus I adore your courage and your willpower and whatever. But seriously, you haven’t been relevant since I knocked you out back at Hell in a Cell last year to win my 7th world title."

Mixed reaction for the giant

Big Show: "Now Jack “Real American” guy"

Show points to Swagger.

Big Show: "What on earth makes you think that you deserve a title shot after you blew it at WrestleMania? Huh? If anyone’s going to be walking out here as the #1 contender, it’s going to be me. And after I’m done knocking them out"

...talking about Swagger and Sheamus....

Big Show: "I’m going to knock you out!"

Show finally turns to Del Rio as the crowd cheers!

***Just Close Your Eyes***

Christian comes out to a loud pop as he walks down the aisle…

Christian: "I’m sorry Big Show. But I’ve been waiting for ONE MORE MATCH for far too long. I’ve had these injuries constantly ramming me in the ass man! But not anymore because Captain Charisma is fully recovered and feeling better than ever."

Loud Pop for Christian who acknowledges it with a smirk as he walks over to Del Rio.

Christian: "You know, it’s true that I have won this championship...."

......points to ADR’s world title.....

Christian: "But I never really got the amazing title reign that all my peeps have been clamoring for. I’m ready, injury-free and focused and I’m coming for that title win or lose tonight!"

Christian gets in Del Rio's face as the crowd start a “Christian” chant. Christian smirks!

*****Break the Walls *****

Chris Jericho comes out to an even bigger pop than his new tag team partner…

Chris Jericho: "Woah there buddy! You will be challenging for that title… just not against that Mexican piece of garbage! You will get “One More Match” and it’s going to be versus a much more capable World Heavyweight Champion. You know someone who isn’t ugly..."

Crowd cheers.

Jericho: "isn’t a complete pussy....."

Crowd blows up!

Jericho: "or that boring! You know it’s funny. Every time you come out here in your rented luxury cars, and I mean RENTED!!!....."

Crowd cheers as Del Rio gets mad!

Jericho: "Every week man, no matter how nice the car, these people just don't like you."

Crowd again blows up! Del Rio starts getting REAL pissed!

Jericho: "You can't get a reaction from the people no matter how hard you try. I mean, they like your ring announcer more than you!"

Crowd cheers again!

Jericho: "It makes me wonder why he's not the World Heavyweight Champion and you’re not his ring announcer??"

Crowd cheers as Jericho places an arm over Ricardo, who is smiling ear to ear. Del Rio just gets more red in the face, teeth clinched in anger.

Chris Jericho: "You know kid, even though you’re just a ring announcer, you’ve show much more courage and heart than half of the roster backstage. I mean the beatings and sacrifices you make for this smelly taco-eating pile of crap is unbelievable. I mean you help him countless times when he’s in trouble but when you’re in trouble, would he be there for you?"

Crowds boo for Del Rio who snatches the mic.

Alberto Del Rio: "Amigo! You should really shut your mouth because you have no clue what me and Ricardo have been through. We are best friends and we always will be. And if you touch one hair on his head, I will break your arm!!"

Crowds boo the bullshit coming out of Del Rio's mouth as Jericho touches pokes Ricardo in the head with Del Rio looking worried.

Sheamus: "Well then, we’ll just have to find out!"


Cole: "Holy fucking Brogue Kick!"

Alberto Del Rio takes off his scarf, getting ready to fight, but Big Show attacks him, beating him up in the corner, as Swagger quickly jumps all over Sheamus with hard rights! Christian gets Swagger's attention, Swagger tries to wrestle Christian but Christian pushes Swagger off onto a jumping heel kick from Jericho! Swagger rolls out of the ring, as Show is beating on Del Rio in the corner but Del Rio low blows Big Show!!! Del Rio grabs his belt, and charges at Sheamus with it but Sheamus ducks the title belt shot, and BROGUE KICKS Del Rio's head off as well!!

Michael Cole: "This is getting out of control John!!! Our world champion just got knocked the fuck out!!!"

The crowd pops as Sheamus stares down both Christian and Jericho! Sheamus then turns around and gets KNOCKED OUT COLD by The Big Show!! Big Show stares down both Jericho and Christian, and talks shit to both of them!!! Show smacks Jericho in the face and both Christian and Jericho start leg kicking Big Show, but Show is too powerful and shoves them both back!! Show then charges at them, but they both pull the top rope down and Big Show tumbles onto the outside!!! Jack Swagger gets back in the ring and beats up Jericho and Christian, attacking one then the other! He beats up on Jericho, then goes to work on Christian but Christian SPEARS him down!!!! Jericho then LIONSAULTS on Swagger! Christian and Jericho then get face to face!

JBL: "Shit really popped off here tonight Michael!! Sheamus started this fight, but he's the one waking up!"

****If You Close Your Eyes****

Michael Cole: "Who will become #1 contender tonight?????"

We go to commercial break, as Christian and Jericho face off in the ring and Big Show looks on from the outside, in anger!

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$


Antonio Cesaro comes out with sexy Roksana. They come down to the ring, arm in arm, getting ready for this next match. William Regal is on commentary as a special guest!

*****Rebel Son*****

Wade Barrett comes out to not much reaction. He walks down the ramp with a hard look on his face.

Michael Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen we are set for a one fall match up. Wade Barrett, hailing from England, against Antonio Cesaro, from Switzerland. Here next to us, quite possibly one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever come out of Europe, William Regal!"

William Regal: "I'm honored Michael, thank you. I came out here tonight to check out what Europe is exporting these days you know?"

He laughs a lil.

Regal: "In my eyes these are 2 of the best European professional wrestlers out there. Both very hard hitting superstars!"

JBL: "Not just European superstars, but 2 of the best in the world. These are both future world champions!"
The match starts.

Match #1: Antonio Cesaro Vs Wade Barrett

The action is rough from the start. Both men exchange several hard shots, hard knees, forearm smashes, elbows, uppercuts, big boots, everything. Barrett actually big booted Cesaro straight off the apron at one point. Barrett got on that apron and jumped off it onto Cesaro outside, but Cesaro caught him in mid air with a European Uppecut. Good match by both guys! Barrett got the win about 10 minutes into it after wrestling his way out of Cesaro's piledriver attempt, and hitting him with the Spinning Elbow!!
Wade Barrett def Antonio Cesaro!

William Regal: "Beautiful! Bravo Wade Barrett! That was a beautiful elbow at the end there! I knew Wade had this match! Very big match. Antonio Cesaro is a tough competitor, and he really fought hard tonight, but Wade Barrett takes the cake!"

William Regal takes off his headset and gets in the ring. Wade Barrett is still holding his neck, but Regal still walks up to him smiling and shakes his hand. Regal raises Barrett's arm in victory to mixed reactions from the crowd! Barrett looks a little confused, but he is smiling because of the victory! The 2 walk off to the back!

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$

We're backstage where William Regal is walking, talking with Wade Barrett!

William Regal: "I promise you Wade, you have everything it takes to be the World Heavyweight Champion! I see so much of myself in you, but me, I could never do it Wade. I never became world champion! With me by your side, you could go to the top of this company. We will get that world title around your waist and honor all our people back home. I could never do it Wade. For 15 fucking years, I busted my ass for this company, wrestling everyone night in night out, but they never wanted it to happen!"

Regal starts getting real serious here with Wade Barrett, as he just keeps walking with Regal, head up, listening to everything Regal is saying.

Regal: "They never wanted me to be the man! It will be the same for you! You SHOULD'VE been world champion already Wade, but you haven't. 3 years ago you should've became World Heavyweight Champion with The Nexus, but you could never do it. Vince McMahon doesn't want you as champion, he wants Randy Orton. He wants John Cena as champion. John Cena can't wrestle for shit! He doesn't know the difference between a wristlock, and a wristwatch. You are better than him Wade. You can be the greatest ever. For the first time ever, someone can bring a world title to the great country of England!"

Josh Matthews walks onto the camera shot, with a mic!

Matthews: "Sorry to interrupt guys, but I just want a few questions answered."

Regal smiles at Josh, and gets ready to answer questions!

Matthews: "First off, what is this alliance here about? William Regal, are you going to be a mentor for Wade Barrett?"

Regal: "Uhh...Sorta kinda. Not so much of a mentor, as Wade Barrett here is already a champion of a superstar, but more like a guide. I have been around here for quite a while you know, I know how things work around here, and I am just here to put a world title strap around the waist of Wade Barrett and make our home country proud! That's it!"

Regal politely smiles, as Barrett and Regal walk off!

Matthews: "What is next for Wade Barrett??"

Regal: "A world title......"

Regal smiles as he and Barrett continue on walking.

Matthews: "Ok, back to commentary!"

Cole: "WOW, can you believe that? William Regal going to guide Wade Barrett to a world title??"

JBL: "Couldn't have been done it at a better time Michael. Wade Barrett needs a guide, William Regal's exactly right. I believe Wade Barrett is at the top of the list for future world champions!"

Curt Hawkins is in the ring, stretching, getting ready for his next match!

****Here and Now or Never****

Mason Ryan comes out, smiling. He flexes on the stage and walks down the ramp.

Cole: "What about this guy? Another European superstar here, Mason Ryan from Wales!"

JBL: "This guy weighs 300 pounds, ALL muscle! That is one impressive physique!"

Match #2: Mason Ryan Vs Curt Hawkins

Mason Ryan charges at Hawkins from the start and powers him into the corner, followed by shoulder smashes into Curt's gut! Ryan then grabs Hawkins and throws him halfway onto the other side of the ring! Hawkins uses the ropes to get up and big boots an oncoming Ryan, backing him up. Hawkins then climbs the turnbuckle, and cross body planchas off but Mason Ryan catches him!! Ryan gives Curt Hawkins 3 backbreakers, and a fallaway slam, launching Hawkins in the air! The crowd is loving the beatdown! Mason Ryan then picks Hawkins up, puts him on the shoulder, and running powerslams
him down for the win!
Mason Ryan def Curt Hawkins

JBL: "Man this guy is impressive! He caught a 240 pound man in mid air, and launched him over his head. This man is a beast!"

Mason Ryan flexes, celebrating his victory!

We go backstage to where Abraham Washington is seen walking around smiling, and looking everywhere.

Cole: "What the hell does he want?? Is he going to start his own show again? Cuz that shit sucked!"

We go backstage, to a showroom, where Matt Striker is standing by with Paul Heyman!

Matt Striker: "Paul Heyman, I have got to ask you. We know you are leading all 3 members of The Shield and Curtis Axel into what you say, is a different direction for them. May you tell us more about that?"

Paul Heyman: "Sure Matt. I will! As you know Matthew, I have been in this business for a very long time. The promotion I ran for 15 years, EcW was actually one of the biggest promotions in the world, at one point, but of course, as everybody knows, my company ran out of business, largely to the monopoly Vince McMahon had on the industry."

Matt Striker: "Correct."

Paul Heyman: "Shortly after that, me along with 2 other McMahons......"

Heyman smirks a lil.

Paul Heyman: "........attempted to invade this company, and take it over, but of course, as everybody knows, we came up short. Since then Matt, I have worked here. I have been enslaved for 12 years, working for bullshit and being one of Vince's "Yes" men! Watching this business be a shell of its former self, but I wasn't going to let it happen. Last year, me and CM Punk teamed up to give the fans the greatest title reign they have seen since Hulk Hogan's time, and my good friend CM Punk will once again become WWE Champion! It's all beginning. I have seen the best professional wrestlers in the world Matt, and I have the VERY BEST in my umbrella. Curtis Axel, Intercontinental Champion. The Shield, all 3 members are holding gold! But anyways, I feel like I told you enough Matt. You will hear, or maybe even see more, tonight!"

Paul Heyman again smirks, and walks off!

Matt Striker: "Thank you Paul, back to you Michael!"

Cole: "What Heyman has been doing kind of scares me John. His clients are currently holding 4 championship titles, and CM Punk is next in line for the WWE Title!"

JBL: "It's a revolution Michael! Paul Heyman has a lot of ammo to unload on Vince McMahon and it's all just coming out now!"

Cole: "Don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen. When we come back, The Shield, the Tag Team Champions and United States Champion, will face their respective #1 contenders, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for the Tag Titles, and the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry for the United States Title, in a HUGE 6 man tag match!!"

$$$$Commercial Break$$$

*****Special Op*****

Cameras start rolling all around the arena, as The Shield all get spotted. They come out, walking through the crowd, heads high and championship belts around their shoulders.

****Flight of the Valkyries****

Big pop as Daniel Bryan runs out, screaming "YES!".


Randy Orton comes out to an even bigger pop than Daniel Bryan, walking out like a badass of course. He meets Daniel Bryan halfway down the ramp, as they wait for their tag partner.

****Some Bodies Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked****

Mark Henry comes out to another big pop. He comes out and pounds his tag partners on the fist as all 6 run down to the ring!!!! The brawl is quickly on!!

Cole: "Oh my god, these guys aren't waiting for it!"

Match #3: Mark Henry, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan Vs The Shield (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose)

The 6 start brawling right away! The ref rings as the bell as he doesn't know what to do. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan are quickly in there, as Orton goes toe to toe with Reigns, and Bryan with Rollins! Dean Ambrose is quickly on them, but Henry then comes in and headbutts him off! Randy Orton is seen powerslamming Roman Reigns on the other side of the ring, as Daniel Bryan lands a nice kicking combination on Rollins. Ambrose pulls both his partners out of the ring as they regroup!

The 3 Shield guys keep surrounding the ring, looking for ways to get in, but Henry, Orton, and Bryan keep the ring to themselves! Ambrose climbs the apron, and Bryan grabs em by the hair, and starts punching him, but Rollins comes in quick as lightning and kicks Bryan right on the back of the head! The ref tells Henry and Orton to get out as the match is officially on! Rollins keeps landing nice kicks on Bryan, and The Shield tags in and out, keeping Bryan down with hard kicks and knee strikes! Bryan dodges one of Dean's corner attacks, then dropkicks him in the mouth, then tags in Henry!!!!

Mark Henry comes in, and so does Roman Reigns, only to get clotheslined by Henry! Seth Rollins flies in with a cross body but Henry trucks right through him! Henry then squashes Dean Ambrose in the corner! Randy Orton comes in and clotheslines Roman Reings onto the outside! Daniel Bryan runs in and dives through the ropes onto Reigns outside, but Reigns dodges it, and Bryan goes head first onto the barricade!!!! Randy Orton goes outside and starts brawling with Roman Reigns, fist per fist! Mark Henry powers Dean Ambrose up for a World's Strongest Slam in the ring, but Seth Rollins kicks him in the back of the knee!! Ambrose gets off and drops Mark Henry with a Bulldog Driver!!! Pin.....



TH.....Mark Henry kicks out!!!!

Ambrose and Rollins are both shocked as fuck!!! Ambrose tags out to Rollins, Dean Ambrose goes outside, helping Reigns beat on Randy Orton. Seth Rollins, in the ring, measures the big man, and drops him with that Stomping finisher he has!! Another pin!!!......



THR......Henry AGAIN kicks out!!!!

Seth Rollins can't believe it Henry kicked out!!! He starts yelling at his 2 teammates, who are outside beating on Orton and Bryan, who are both down! Rollins keeps shouting at them for help!!! He then turns around to Mark Henry, who clotheslines Rollins out of his boots! Henry then sidesteps an oncoming SPEAR from Reigns, and Reigns goes head first onto the second turnbuckle!! Ambrose starts beating up Henry, but Henry grabs him by the collar and easily tosses him outside!! Henry then SPEARS both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at the same damn time!! Orton is up at his apron, going crazy for a tag, and he gets it from Henry!!

Orton jumps in the ring, with numerous clotheslines to Rollins and Reigns! Powerslam to Rollins! Dean Ambrose runs in and gets powerslammed as well!!! Reigns again charges in with his spear but Orton sidesteps it and hangs Reigns up on the second rope, and DDT's him!!!! Orton starts going crazy!!! He hangs up Seth Rollins on the ropes for his DDT, but Dean Ambrose tackles Orton down and starts beating him up with hard right hands!!! Dean Ambrose measures Orton and hits him with a nice running knee smash to the head!!! Ambrose then dropkicks Henry, who was getting on the apron, right back off the apron, to the outside floor. Rollins covers Orton in the ring!



TH.....Randy Orton kicks out!!!

Dean Ambrose is outside beating down on Henry. He kicks Mark Henry's head right onto the steel steps!!! In the ring, Rollins measures Orton and goes for his Stomping finisher but Orton pushes him off and goes for the RKO, but Rollins also pushes Orton off and superkicks him right on the jaw!!!!

Cole: "What a match we have ourselves here!!!! There are bodies everywhere"

Dean Ambrose gets on his apron and gets the tag from a badly hurt Seth Rollins! Ambrose starts measuring Orton for his Headlock Driver but DANIEL BRYAN is now back in!!! He hits Ambrose with a crazy running dropkick, sending him all the way to the outside!!! Rollins gets in and attacks Bryan on the back of the head but Bryan kicks him in the knee, and follows up with nice kick combo, with a final side kick to the head! Rollins crawls out of the ring as Bryan has the crowd going crazy!!! Bryan flies off the apron onto Seth Rollins with his signature flying knee to the head!!!! Roman Reigns runs over there and superman punches Bryan right on the mouth!!! He grabs Bryan by the head and throws him over the barricade onto the concrete!!! Dean Ambrose, the legal man, gets in the ring to a badly hurt Randy Orton, who RKO's Ambrose out of nowhere!!!!!! Orton gets up and gets SPEARED by Roman Reigns!!!!!!!! A barely conscious Dean Ambrose covers Randy Orton! Henry tries getting in but gets kicked off the apron by Roman Reigns!



THREEE!!!!!!!! The Shield win!!!!!
The Shield (Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose) def Henry, Orton, and Bryan

JBL: "What a victory here Michael!!! The 3 champions just defeated their contenders for their belts in an 6 man fight! They're the ones standing tall. I am telling you Michael, I don't recall a stronger trio than this one right here!!!"

Roman Reigns stands tall, and pulls Dean Ambrose up to his feet, as Seth Rollins also crawls in the ring, holding his head. All 3 members of The Shield are hurt, but they're victorious!

Cole: "Someone gotta make sure Mark Henry's ok. His head got kicked hard right onto those steep steps!"

JBL: "He himself said that he wants Dean Ambrose and that title. If he wants to compete for that belt, he has to combat the brutality of our United States Champion! Man, I love Dean Ambrose! All 3 members of The Shield are future superstars, Michael!"

Paul Heyman again walks out, clapping and smiling, with Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel is right next to him. The Shield, all massaging their necks or holding their head, also hold up their championship gold, as does Curtis Axel, as we go to commercial!!

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$

We are back on Smackdown! Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel is standing in the ring, Paul Heyman outside the ring, waiting on Axel's opponent!

JBL: "What a great Intercontinental Champion we have. This man has wrestling in his blood, and is being led by the greatest manager we have seen in this business, EVER!"

Cole: "John, Paul says he is tired of working here, and is forming a group to help him move up. This has gotten very interesting. He said we may see some more of his plans tonight.

*****What's Up???*****

R Truth comes out to a big pop, rapping his single. The fans are rapping with him!

Match #4: R Truth Vs Curtis Axel

Pretty good match. Goes back and forth. Both guys got offense in. Around the 7 minute mark, R Truth kicked Axel in the gut, went to rebound off the ropes but Heyman started yelling at him, and R Truth tried to kick him but Curtis Axel forearm smashed him hard behind the head! Axel then brought R Truth over to the middle of the ring and dropped him with his signature Neckbreaker! Pin 1-2-3!
Curtis Axel defeats R Truth

JBL: "Great victory for Curtis Axel here. Paul Heyman does wonders for a guy's career! All 4 of his clients walk out victorious tonight, over 4 of the biggest superstars here on Smackdown! Amazing!!"

Paul Heyman holds Curtis Axel's arm up, as he also holds his Intercontinental Title belt up in the air!

Abraham Washington is talking to Ezekiel Jackson backstage.

Abraham Washington: "You've got it all man. There is nobody like you on this roster! You bench 6oo pounds, you got bowling balls for shoulders, biceps, pecks, and 1 as your head!"

Jackson gets a lil confused, as the crowd laughs a little.

Abraham: "Listen man, I can make you a champion. I can make you rich! Together, we can achieve things you've only dreamt of, Ezekiel."

Ezekiel Jackson thinks about it, Abraham Washington smiles a lot, as we go to commercial.

$$$$Commercial Break$$$$


Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne come out, and do their S.O.S taunt at the top of the entrance ramp. The fans cheer!!
Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow also come out to no music. Sandow has a mic in hand. He talks shit about the fans, saying that the vast majority of the population on this part of town are uneducated, overweight, and hillbillies.

Match #5: Rhodes Scholars (Rhodes and Sandow) Vs Air Boom (Kingston and Bourne)

The match is off to a fast start. Bourne takes it to both Kingston and Sandow with numerous kicks, until Rhodes stops his momentum with a Beautiful Disaster kick for a 2 count. They double team Bourne for several minutes until Bourne dropkicks both of them back.

Bourne tags in Kofi who comes in hot as hell, with chops, dropkicks, and splashes to Rhodes and Sandow. Sandow grabs Kofi by his dreads by behind and slams him on the back of the head to stop his momentum. They also double team Kofi for quite a while. About 10 minutes into the match, Sandow and Rhodes are both illegally in the ring, beating on Kofi when Bourne comes running in with a nice running knee, kicking Sandow out of the ring. Bourne also does a nice kick and knee combo on Rhodes, before going on the apron, and SHOOTING STAR PRESSING off the apron onto Sandow!!!! In the ring, Rhodes, dazed as fuck, gets up and eats a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi!!! Pin 1-2-3!!
Air Boom def Rhodes Scholars

Cole: "Awesome tag team action here on Smackdown! What a huge win that was for Air Boom. I think this makes next top contenders for the Tag Team belts, right behind Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan!"

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne are both standing on each turnbuckle, celebrating their win with the fans, when Abraham Washington comes out on stage with a mic.

Abraham Washington: "Excuse me good people! Excuse me!"

The fans boo the suited up black man!

Abraham: "I made quite a discovery earlier tonight. I discovered something pretty damn amazing. Really. Something that is going to rise and be something that no one had even dreamed of before, something great, something BIG, something STRONG!!! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the NEW, improved, newly led Personification of Domination EZEKIEL JACKSON!!!!!"

****Personification of Domination****

Ezekiel Jackson walks out, swinging his arms. Fans boo heavily as Kofi and Bourne, still in the ring, breathing hard, wide eyed, just stand in the ring as Ezekiel Jackson walks to the ring with intensity. He hops on the apron, and gets in the ring, and both Kofi and Bourne are immediately all over him, striking him down, but Jackson knees Kofi right on the gut and grabs Bourne and throws him over the top ropes, but Bourne lands on the apron! Jackson then grabs Kofi, scoops him up on the shoulder and POWERSLAMS him down!!! He turns around to Bourne who quickly climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with a flying knee strike but Jackson easily sidesteps it, and CLOTHESLINES Evan Bourne out cold!!

Cole: "What the hell is this about? These 2 superstars just had a match!"

JBL: "It's about making an impact Michael, now we know Ezekiel Jackson is back! It looks like teaming with Abraham was a smart move!"

Ezekiel Jackson and Abraham Washington stand tall in the ring, as Abraham raises Jackson's arm and pats him on the chest!

****It's the MacMillitant****

Teddy Long walks out, mic in hand, kind of a firm look on his face, to a big pop from the crowd!

Teddy Long: "Abraham, playa you know this aint the way we roll here on Smackdown!"

Crowd cheers.

Teddy Long: "You know we don't do sneak attacks here on Smackdown, especially after the competitors just had a match! That aint how it goes playa, but I see you though. Abraham, you want to make an impact with Ezekiel Jackson playa? Ima give you the chance tonight! As we all heard on Raw, CM Punk is promised to be here tonight!"

Crowd blows up for Punk!

Teddy Long: "Ezekiel Jackson has earned himself a match tonight playa, and a big match at that! So without furder ado, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Ezekiel Jackson's opponent, the #1 Contender for the WWE Title......C......M......PUNK!!!!!"

The crowd blows up once again!

*****Cult of Personality*****

CM Punk walks out, head high, swagger in his walk, he daps Teddy Long, before doing the "IT'S CLOBBERING TIME" taunt. The crowd is ecstatic for Punk.

Cole: "What a challenge here for Punk, the 300 pound Ezekiel Jackson!"

Match #6: CM Punk Vs Ezekiel Jackson w/Abraham Washington

Match starts off with Punk trying to chain wrestle with Jackson but Jackson powering out of each headlock and armlock Punk applies. Jackson lays Punk out with a mean clothesline early in the match, and Punk rolls outside to recover. Jackson quickly goes outside and starts slamming Punk around ringside, onto the barricade, apron, steel post. He gets Punk up on the shoulders but Punk rolls off, and SUPERKICKS Jackson, right on the outside! Punk gets in the ring! Jackson slowly gets up and Punk dives through the ropes right onto Jackson! Punk has the crowd rolling as we go to commercial!


We are back and Jackson is in charge. We see that Jackson shoved Punk back first onto the steel steps during the commercial break. Jackson hits Punk with multiple backbreakers and a backbreaker submission hold. Punk kicks his way out of it, catches a breath but Jackson spears Punk out of his boots! Jackson stays in control for the next few minutes, mostly with power moves. About 6 or 7 minutes into the match, Punk big boots Jackson, then gets on the apron and flies off with his flying clothesline but Jackson catches him in mid air, and DROPS him with his Book of Ezekiel Side Slam!!! Pin....

Th........... Punk kicks out!

This angers Jackson as he picks Punk up back to his feet, rebounds off the ropes and CLOTHESLINES Punk out of his boots!! Another pin...

Thre......Nooo, Punk again kicks out!!!!

Jackson is now really angry. Abraham Washington tells him to stay calm. Jackson gets Punk on the torture rack about 8 or 9 minutes into the match, right in the middle of the ring! After a while, Punk is the verge of tapping out but Punk starts elbowing Jackson right on top of the head, and Punk gets off! Jackson goes right back to Punk but Punk catches him with a spinning side kick right to the gut!! Jackson then eats another SUPERKICK from Punk! Ezekiel Jackson stumbles backwards toward the ropes! Punk runs up and SHINING WIZARDS Jackson! Punk backs up and Shining Wizards him again! Jackson looks to be out cold, but standing against the ropes! Punk picks Jackson up on his shoulders and hits him with the GTS!!! Pin 1-2-3!!
CM Punk defeats Ezekiel Jackson!!!

Cole: "My god what an awesome perfomance by Punk!! The 300 pound Ezekiel Jackson was so motivated and on point out there, and on numerous occassions, seemed to have Punk beat but Punk with his educated feet was able to come out victorious!!"

Ezekiel Jackson is on the outside recovering while the ref helps Punk up to his feet. Punk raises his arms in victory and gets on the turnbuckle to celebrate! The fans are loving it!

Cole: "Great job Punk! Phenomenal perfomance by the #1 Contender for the WWE Title!"

JOHN CENA gets in the ring and FU's CM Punk!!!!! The crowd explodes for Cena's appearance!!! He came in through the crowd. He leaves through the crowd, but not before he grabs a mic.

John Cena: "Watch your back!"

Cena smirks and throws the mic away as the crowd explodes once again!! He leaves through the crowd as all the fans are trying to touch him but he speed walks past em and ignored em!

Cole: "What a message by Cena here! This was his response to Punk whacking him with the chair from behind this past week on Raw!"

Punk, still on his back, hurt, tries pulling himself up using the middle rope, and he mouths "Ok!" to Cena, who is standing on the crowd! We go to commercial break!


We come back to Smackdown, where we are shown what just happened. Punk beat Ezekiel Jackson, then Cena came out and FU'ed him. The commentators go over this and we also see what happened on Raw this past week, with the roster Vs Cena and Punk handicap match, and how Punk turned on Cena, whacking him with the chair!
We see that this week on Raw, we will have CM Punk and John Cena in Pick Your Poison. John Cena will pick CM Punk's opponent and Punk will pick Cena's opponent.

We go back to ringside, where Jack Evans and Teddy Hart are standing in the ring, getting ready for their tag team bout. They are standing by their turnbuckle, strategizing.

****Millions of Dollars****

The Prime Time Players come out. They do their hugging dance then walk down to the ramp.

JBL: "This should be an exciting match Michael. 2 young teams trying to get their names heard."

Match #7: The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neal) Vs Jack Evans and Teddy Hart

Titus O'Neal starts off with Jack Evans. He tries to corner Evans but the much smaller white kid rolls or flips out of the way every time. Titus starts chasing Evans and Evans sprints toward and tags in Teddy Hart, who comes flying in with a side kick to Titus' jaw. Titus gets mad and locks up with Teddy and shoves him back onto the ropes, Teddy Hart comes onto Titus who FLAPJACKS Teddy in the air air but Teddy dropkicks Titus coming down! Titus again gets pissed! They lock up again and Titus starts beating Teddy Hart up with knees and forearm smashes! He picks Teddy up on his shoulders, but Teddy rolls off and tags in Jack Evans who springboard in with another dropkick to Titus' face!

Titus tags in Darren Young!

Young and Evans lock up and Young gets the advantage, wrestling Evans down with a headlock. He hits Evans on the back with some nice elbow and knee drops. He tags in Titus and the big man stays in control of Jack Evans for a few minutes, with forearm smashes and a bearhug. Evans fights out, but Titus knees Evans on the gut and irish whips him but Evans springboards off the 2nd rope with a back elbow! Titus tags in Darren as Evans tags in Teddy Hart!
Teddy Hart comes in on fire with several running forearm smashes to Darren Young! He dropkicks him on the corner! Teddy Hart has Darren Young in the middle of the ring on his back and he rebounds off the ropes but Titus O'Neal comes in and big boots Teddy! Jack Evans then runs in and running dropkicks Titus right out of the ring! Jack Evans springboards off the top rope and does a 450 SPLASH onto Titus O'Neal outside!!! The fans love it! Both Teddy Hart and Darren Young are getting up in the ring! Darren Young picks up Teddy up on his shoulders and drops him with a gutbuster on the knee! Pin 1-2-3!
The Prime Time Players def Jack Evans

JBL: "Darren Young and Titus O'Neal come out winners tonight, but man, it was a great showing by their 2 opponents!"

Cole: "Unbelievable perfomances by Teddy Hart and Jack Evans here; what athleticism! But it was Darren Young and Titus O'Neal who walk out victorious!"

The Prime Time Players do their hugging dance on the entrance ramp, as Jack Evans and Teddy Hart recover in the ring.

We go backstage to where Josh Matthews is standing by with BIG SHOW!!!

Josh Matthews: "Big Show, we are just moments away from your match tonight. 5 of the best wrestlers on Smackdown will face off in a Free For All to determine the #1 Contender to Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Championship! Big Show, you were World Heavyweight Champion last year, and you actually lost it to Alberto Del Rio. What does that mean for you tonight? Does it give you an extra incentive to win this match??"

Big Show: "A chance at that title Josh, is enough incentive for me to want to go out there and DESTROY my 4 opponents tonight. That title means you're the best in the business and that's what we all go out there for. But the fact that Del Rio is champion right now, and a win here would also mean that I get to put these hands around his little neck, and SNAP it, makes it ohhhh so much better!"

Matthews: "Thank you Big Show! Cole back to you!"

We are back to ringside. Several Divas have made their way to the ring.

Cole: "We are getting ready for a 6 Diva tag team match! John, this should be exciting!"

Match #8: AJ Lee and The Bella Twins Vs Natalya, Layla, and Kaitlyn

Divas match. In about 2 or 3 minutes into the match, AJ Lee got the pin on Layla!
AJ Lee and The Bella Twins def Natalya, Layla, and Kaitlyn

Cole: "Our Divas champion, proving she is the best here tonight!"

JBL: "This bitch is a little psycho though! I like it!"

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, don't go anywhere. We are ready for out main event. Up next, one of the most important matches to take place on Smackdown in quite some time: Big Show, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Christian, Chris Jericho. 5 Way Match! Winner.....Gets opportunity at Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Championship!"



Alberto Del Rio walks out, in a nice toxedo, and a nice scarf, holding the World Heavyweigth Championship. He struts down and makes his way around the ring, to the announce table.

JBL: "It is a pleasure to have you champ!"

Del Rio: "It's a pleasure to be here. I figured, we didn't get to see me do what I do best tonight, that is wrestle, so I figured I come down and speak to my fans and give them their money's worth!"

JBL: "Great champion!"

Cole: "I don't think we want to hear you Alberto...."

Del Rio: "Shut up Michael. Jerry Lawler told me you suck dick!

Cole: "Hey focus on the damn show!"

*****Written in my Face*****

Sheamus walks out, super energetic, super focused for his match. The crowd pops for him!

*****Get on Your Knees*****

Jack Swagger comes out, immediately drops down and does push ups. He walks down the ramp, breathing heavy. Crowd boos!

*****It's a Big Bad Show*****

Big Show comes out to a big pop!

******Break Down the Walls*****

We wait on Jericho to come out. He doesn't come out. We keep waiting. Crowd starts to worry.

Cole: "As we await the arrival of Chris Jericho!"

Jericho still doesn't come out. Cameras to backstage to where WWE personnel is attending to a down and out cold Chris Jericho, he has blood running down his temple. We see a little blood stain on the wall!!!! Christian is also attending to him. Officials tell him to go to his match as the doctors come to Jericho and put him on a stretcher!

Cole: "You didn't have anything to do with this did you Alberto?"

Del Rio: "Shut the fuck up Michael, you're a pussy, I am a champion. I don't do this shit. I do my work in the ring!"

*****If You Close Your Eyes*****

Huge pop for Christian! He comes out, worry on his face. He pats his chest and walks down, head high.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have recieved word that Chris Jericho, who was supposed to compete in this match, will not be competing. It will now become a Fatal 4 Way match, as Jericho is being taken to the hospital!

Match #9: Christian Vs Big Show Vs Jack Swagger Vs Sheamus for #1 Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship!

The match starts. Each competitor stays by his turnbuckle to start the match. Sheamus BROGUE KICKS Big Show right on the jaw, seconds after the bell sounded! Show rolls out of the ring! Swagger, Sheamus, and Christian now go at it. It is even back and forth for a few minutes, until Sheamus and Christian big back body drop Swagger all the way to the outside! Christian and Sheamus now lock up! Sheamus gets the upper hand! After a few minutes, Big Show comes back in and SPEARS Sheamus out of his boots!

The match goes back and forth for like 15 minutes, with several awesome spots like Sheamus and Swagger teaming up on Big Show, and suplexing him from the apron all the way to the floor outside! Christian also speared Swagger back first onto the steel steps. Another cool spot was when Christian was attemting to fly off the top rope with a Frog Splash onto Swagger but Sheamus ran up and Brogue Kicked Christian off the top turnbuckle, all the way outside! Big Show then came back in and dominated both Swagger and Sheamus, knocking Swagger out with his KO Punch, and he was about to do the same to Sheamus when........Paul Heyman walks out onto the entrance ramp, mic in hand!

Paul Heyman: "Oh excuse me just one moment. The 4 of you have gotten it all wrong. This was never a Fatal 4 Way match. Chris Jericho was unfortunately unable to make it to this match but the problem here is that his replacement was never announced!"

Big Show, the only one standing in the ring, has a super confused look on his face. Sheamus is just getting up near the corner. Swagger and Christian are both laying outside.

Cole: "What the hell does Heyman mean?"

Paul Heyman: "Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Chris Jericho's replacement and the 5th competitor in this match.....THE BEAST INCARNATE!!!!!!!.........BBBRRRRRRRRROCCKKKKKKK LLLLESSSNNNNAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!"

*****Here Comes the Pain******

The fans ERUPT!!!! Brock Lesnar walks out, arms out wide, chest puffed out, mean look on his face, in his UFC attire, gloves and all. Heyman pats him on the chest as the Beast Incarnate walks down the ramp! He gets in the ring and Big Show is facing him!!! Lesnar quickly shoots for Big Show's leg and takes him down!!! Lesnar starts elbowing Show on the side of the head, as Show tries to roll away from Lesnar! Show kicks Lesnar back and goes to get up when Lesnar again charges in but Show GRABS em by the throat!!!!! Lesnar starts kicking Show in the gut and manages to break the grip, picks Show up by the legs and SLAMS Big Show straight down!!!!

Cole: "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! This shit isn't even fucking fair!"

Brock Lesnar ROARS loud as fuck, like a real beast! Sheamus runs in with a BROGUE KICK but Lesnar goes low and POWERSLAMS Sheamus!!!! Lesnar again roars!!! He goes outside to Christian, grabs em by the head and TOSSES him over the announce table, right onto Del Rio but Del Rio avoids collision! Lesnar and Del Rio face off!!

Del Rio: "You're a pussy, you have to cheat. I'm the champion, I never had to cheat for this shit. Win this match first, then talk to me you fuckin puto!"

Lesnar also mouths shit to Del Rio!! He grabs Christian and throws him aside. He picks Christian up and F5's him onto the steel post!!! He goes over to where Swagger is, and starts beating on him!! He picks Swagger up OVERHEAD and drops him on the barricade, chest first! He then grabs em by the head and throws him OVER the barricade onto the concrete!!! Big Show then runs over and SPEARS Brock Lesnar down right on the outside floor!!!!!!!

Cole: "Fuck yes!!!! Come on Show!!!!"

They come over to the announce table, and Big Show takes the table covering off!!!

Del Rio: "Come on Big Show! Slam the fuckin pussy! You win this match Show, and you get me!"

Del Rio holds up the World Heavyweight Championship, as Big Show nods in agreement, and grabs Lesnar by the throat, has him goozled, but Lesnar again breaks the grip, and F5's Big Show THROUGH the announce table!!!!!!!

JBL: "Oh my lord, what a fucking impact!!"

The crowd can't believe what is going on! Lesnar has laid out everyone! He gets in the ring, where Sheamus is recovering, and Sheamus BROGUE KICKS Brock Lesnar!!!!!!!! Lesnar falls backwards onto the turnbuckle, as both men are now down.

"John, what the hell has happened here? Our announce table is broken, guys are laid out everywhere!"

JBL: "Brock Lesnar was the catalyst of change here Michael! He came out and all hell broke loose!"

Sheamus goes for another Brogue Kick on Lesnar but Lesnar ducks, rebounds off the ropes and CLOTHESLINES Sheamus down!! Christian is on the top turnbuckle and flies onto Lesnar, but Lesnar catches him and belly to belly suplexes him all across the ring! He goes to where Sheamus is, picks him up and F5's him OVER the ropes, all the way to the outside. Sheamus takes a nasty fall! Lesnar starts stalking Christian but Swagger now comes in and starts wrestling Lesnar down, but Lesnar hits Swagger with a mean elbow right on the temple!!! Lesnar then F5's Swagger! Christian is now up and runs in for a SPEAR on Lesnar, but Lesnar blocks it with a hard knee strike to the head!!! Lesnar picks Christian up and F5's him!!! Pin 1-2-3!!!!
Brock Lesnar def Sheamus, Swagger, Christian, and Big Show to become #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Paul Heyman comes down the ring and raises Lesnar's arm in victory! The crowd is pissed off, booing loud as fuck!! Alberto Del Rio stares at Lesnar from the announce table area, as Lesnar stares straight back at Del Rio, and he signals for the belt!! Lesnar mouths to Del Rio "I'm gonna fucking hurt you!!" End of show!!

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WWE News Update:

-There WILL be a Money in the Bank Ladder match at the Money in the Bank PPV on July 14th, more to be announced on that!

-We have gotten word that John Cena Vs CM Punk in a Ladder match for the WWE Title will main event the Money in the Bank PPV!

-Speaking of Punk and Cena, the 2 will participate in Pick Your Poison on Raw. Cena will face an opponent chosen by Punk, and Punk will face an opponent chosen by John Cena himself!

-Brock Lesnar DID return on Smackdown, and he IS the new #1 Contender to Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Title!

-WWE COO Triple H and company has said that the WWE is working on a new talent initiative program. New talent will be brought up from developmental in the coming weeks, and talent from all around the world will try out for the WWE, sometimes on TV matches!
Just some news updates. The June 28th episode of Smackdown is up, it's pretty bomb. Check it out, and maybe leave me a little review!

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Good heel promo from Del Rio. Comparing TOF to American citizens was a wonderful way for the newly-turned Del Rio to establish himself as a heel.

The Swagger promo starts off heelish but maybe hints that a babyface turn could be in the works? I wasn't keen on the whole USA vs Mexcio WM29 program, but with the roles reversed and the US crowds cheers for Swagger I'd be interested to see how that plays out.

Interesting reaction to Sheamus from the crowd. I like that you bring up Sheamus's record against Del Rio, I like when history is brought into present feuds.

Basic but dominant promo from Big Show, you write him in a similar way to me. Christian bringing up "one more match" and his past with Del Rio was also wise.

Very nice promo from Jericho; you write him as I like him, with a dash of comedy before getting to his point. Well written.


Pairing Regal and Barrett makes sense. Wasn't sure about the heel vs heel Barrett vs Cesaro match at first, but perhaps the ending with Regal suggests a turn is in the works?

Funny quote: "John Cena can't wrestle for shit! He doesn't know the difference between a wristlock, and a wristwatch." I enjoyed picturing Regal say that.

So Regal is going to mentor Barrett, I like this. Smart to bring up that Barrett didn't hit the heights he was supposed to as a part of Nexus, can he do it under the guidance of Regal?


Heyman's promo was solid, bringing up his past to explain why he is montoring The Shield and Curtis Axel. I am keen to see where Heyman aligning with The Shield goes. I hope Heyman doesn't do all the talking for the group as I am a big fan of Ambrose's mic work.

Major win for The Shield against their respective title challengers, keeping Shield strong is a good thing in my eyes.

And a quick win for Axel over R-Truth. Good night for the Heyman guys!


Good to see Air Boom back on the scene. Defeating Rhodes Scholars is a big win and could put them in line for a shot at the Shield's titles down the line.

Dominant heel work from the re-introduced Ezekial Jackson. He always needed a mouthpiece to make him relevant in my opinion, this beat-down of the two babyfaces works well in re-establishing his strength in the eye of the fan.


Wow, straight to the top for Big Zeke with a match against a freshly returned Punk. Solid match and a good effort in defeat for Jackson, but Punk going over was the right move here.

Cena with the AA to Punk out of nowhere! I guess we're going back to the Cena vs Punk feud that has always produced good matches. Looking forward to Pick Your Poison between Cena and Punk, it's an interesting stipulation and one I intend to use shortly in my BTB.


Another dominant promo from Show. I like that he says a title shot is enough motivation to want to hurt people, it elevates the title and makes the match more important.


Brock fucking Lesnar in a match on SmackDown!? Massive surprise there! Major happenings here, Lesnar destroys everybody as expected and becomes #1 contender to Del Rio's title. Lesnar vs Del Rio seems an obvious outcome, I assume Brock takes the title. Sets up a big SummerSlam match, but who against?

I'm going to go for a prediction here: Punk defeats Cena for the WWE Title and we get Punk vs Lesnar in a unification bout at SummerSlam.


Good show, made me lol with the swearing from the announcers and such. But the writing is solid, not too long and easy to follow. Nice job.
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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
July 1st, 2013

It's gotten crazier than ******** in these last few weeks. The BEAST Brock Lesnar won the 5 Way Match on Smackdown to become the #1 Contender to Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Title!!!! Paul Heyman now has Lesnar, Curtis Axel, and The Shield under his management, 4 champions among them, and the other is #1 contender. Heyman promises big things! We should hear from him and his group of champions on Raw!

Speaking of Heyman, his good friend and protege CM Punk just got announced as the #1 contender for John Cena's WWE Title. The 2 will participate in Pick Your Poison this Monday! John Cena will handpick CM Punk's opponent and CM Punk will handpick Cena's opponent! Both will be in action!

More big matches will take place on Raw! Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reings will face oddly paired Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for the belts! Orton and Bryan defeated 9 other teams in a battle royal to earn this shot!

Our next PPV is Money in the Bank, on July 14th! It was just announced that there WILL be a Money in the Bank match at this year's PPV. We will hear news on that this Monday night on Raw! We should find out at least a few of the participants that will fight in the ladder match! It is heavily rumored that Rob Van Dam will be returning at the PPV, most likely in the Money in the Bank ladder match!

Just a lil preview of what's comin! Stay tuned for this Raw. It's coming in very few days. More bomb shit is gonna happen!
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