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Michael McGillicutty ( Spoiler )

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OK Randall just punt him in the skull... do i the only who think the guy will send back to FCW like Husky Harris?
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Thought they'd run this storyline heading into Mania. Despite being Rotundo's son, I can't see Harris lasting long in FCW unless he loses some weight. McGillicutty is 31 years old and has shown little potential but he may be given another shot eventually. I think Otunga will get a huge push sooner or later despite being terrible.

Mason Ryan probably won't get punted.

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CM Punk is a victim of his success and abilities, tbh.

they know they don't have to book him well, they don't have to write very good storylines, and they don't have to stick anyone besides jobbers around him, because at the end of the day, he opens his mouth and becomes one of the most over heels in the company today. he could get a jack swagger treatment, then show up months later, cut a promo, be back on top.

he's more of a crutch for the WWE, which is too bad, but thats what you get for having some talent.
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