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Alright, f**k my last request, this on is more imprtant. :p I'd like a banner made with the following information. Preferably LK, ShadyV1, Xain, mickf03, whoever is good.

Size - 468 x 175 or whatever works with the pics, smaller, bigger whatever, just make it fit the guideline.

Background color - Chicago Bulls colors. Red, White, Black. See bulls.com

Text - "The Greatest Of All Time: Michael Jordan" (as main text) and "Infamous Canibus" (Smaller than the main text, in the corner somewhere)

Font - Something grungy and...well, cool.

Font Color - Doesn't matter.

Pics - Michael Jordan.

Pic Links -

Main Image

Background Images
-http://www.ewsonline.com/sports/jordan/dunk1.jpg (Right of BG)
-http://www.ewsonline.com/sports/jordan/mjpic4.jpg (Left of BG)
-http://www.onlinesports.com/images/phf-aabp029.gif (Center of BG, if the whole thing does really fit, then just the Bull)

Thanks to anyone who makes this. Useless rep added.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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