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Shadow Moses Island, where it all began... and where it all comes to an end. Solid Snake and his team have finally been pinned down, and this threat can finally be exterminated for good.
A man is seen sneaking across the grounds, and as he alludes the guards he finds one all alone and takes him down. He was:
Arctic Infantry Guard - The Expendable Patsy, SNAKEHOUND aligned
However as the man walks away from his kill, he hears a gun cock and fear sets in, the man losing control of his bladder before a bullet goes through his skull. He was:
Johnny "Akiba" Sasaki - The Scared Coward, Solid Snake aligned
One down already it seems, however will the rest fall with such ease?
Day 1

Don't quote your role PM
Don't talk with anyone else outside of the thread unless your role allows it
No Screenshots etc
Bold Votes/Unvotes
Insert any obvious or generic rule I missed here
Most phases will last about 24 hours

Alive Players (12)
1. sXe Maverick
2. BkB Hulk
3. Emarosa
6. Pez
8. Kiz
10. Faraday
12. SL
17. RUSH
26. ALEXHUMPH CamillePunk
27. scrilla
28. Magic IMPULSE

7. BOSS - Killed Day 1.
25. IMPULSE - Killed Night 1.
22. Wes_FR - Killed Night 1.
14. Titiana - Lynched Day 2.
23. iMac CamillePunk - Killed Day 2.
20. Mr Law - Killed Night 2.
11. StraightEdged - Lynched Day 3.
13. Rising - Killed Night 3.
5. King Kenny - Lynched Day 4.
18. Prons - Killed Night 4.
21. NaFFan - Killed Night 4.
15. chr1st0 - Killed Night 4.
4. Hiplop - Lynched Day 5.
24. McQueen - Killed Night 5.
19. STUFF - Lynched Day 7.
9. dan_marino - Lynched Day 8.
16. Alcoholic - Lynched Day 9.

Previous Phases
Day 1.
Night 1.
Day 2.
Night 2.
Day 3.
Night 3.
Day 4.
Night 4.
Day 5.
Night 5.
Day 6.
Night 6.
Day 7.
Night 7.
Day 8.
Night 8.
Day 9.

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All roles should be out (or at least the ones I sent). Any questions feel free to PM myself or Evolution (WARNING.BOT).

Also make sure all PM's for night actions go to both of us

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Any role PM's that haven't been sent out are the work of Evolution, feel free to badger him with complaints :side:

Speaking of which I'm off to bed, so I leave the modding in his hands

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neither do I, but my vote remains. I didn't even sign up for the game but im on the list so ill make sure to get rid of you lawls. :hmm:

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classic scum move, mr law. pretending like you dont have your scum role yet. :side:

honestly, i wasnt really serious with going after lawls on day one. no idea if he's townie/scum but if he dies on day 1, i shall shed no tear (a baby role! :no:)

The North Remembers
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did you just confirm yourself as scum!? knew it.

lucky for you, day 1 sucks for lynching. however, town has managed to do well on those games without a day 1 lynch. so, i know there is a group who feel like day 1 is critical. not me. i think it's just a bullshit day.

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