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Mentioning Ryback as an intelligent guy on RAW

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Michael Cole mentioned some stuff about this on RAW, stating Ryback loves to read books.... Anyone else think this was a bad idea? It sorta kills the character and the whole "speak in 3 syllables" part of his gimmick. Kinda like when you see Mark Henry in the Don't Be a Bully promo's. I dunno, I really can't picture Ryback reading anything for more than 10 seconds before putting it down and yelling "FEED ME MORE!"
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Re: Mentioning Ryback is an intelligent guy on RAW

Two things,

1: it goes away from the norm to have a beast who is so destructive in the ring and looks so brutish be put across as intelligent. It's an added niche to the character which in truth will be little things that set a character up for the long run. It also gives credence for why he is doing what he is doing, and not just rampaging through everyone.

2: 2 books a month is impressive when you consider how busy he must be. Gym, Sleep, travel and show must eat up at least 3 quarters of his day, not least with everything else that we don't know about. I can't help but laugh at the people saying "2 books a month isn't smart, jesus." Ryback probably wakes up, either drives (where he can't read,) is a passenger whilst traveling (Nobody likes to drive long journeys and the passenger is just reading away,) he gets himself psyched for the gym (can't read) at the gym (cant read) after the gym his adrenaline must run heavy, he probably has an hour or two before getting ready for the show which is possibly filled with the running order, what happens in his match, catching up with other wrestlers etc, then preps for the show, performs, adrenaline pumping, gets ready to leave, travels, hotel, sleep... Repeat daily for possibly 6 days a week.

There's no comparison. I work 8-5, have a social life for a few hours a night and play sport and watch TV, I only manage an hour at best for reading once every few nights and my schedule is nowhere near as busy as his.

However, 2 books a month without taking this into consideration doesn't sound that impressive and probably should have been emphasized to make the point.

An intelligent brute could be a breath of fresh air.
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