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Always liked him. Wasn't the biggest guy, but he was a fun babyface and a good heel. He always had this fire in the ring.

He was a damn good promo too.

I mostly saw Brickhouse when he was in World Class and later USWA. His tag team and then feud with Iceman King Parsons over the TX Heavyweight title stands out and his later pursuit of the title.

But he's more known for his Memphis career.

His racially charged feud with the Stud Stable was great. So much heat. He started out as a member of the Stable and then turned babyface when he could no longer take their racial insensitivity. Went from being booed to being cheered wildly in a flash.

When he showed up on WWF tv as a jobber I was so happy to see him. When I heard "and already in the ring Brickhouse Brown!" I lost it. Wish he'd gotten to do more there.

RIP Brickhouse
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