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Memorial Battle Royale WF GAME

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Simple concept...

Predict the order that WWE Creative will book the eliminations. One point for each correct superstar elimination number. There are currently three mystery superstars. Please predict the elimination order of the mystery superstars as well.

Here is a list of the current 27 entrants plus 3 mystery superstar slots:
  1. Dolph Ziggler
  2. Big E
  3. Fandango
  4. Alberto Del Rio
  5. Damien Sandow
  6. Titus O'Neil
  7. Christian
  8. Sheamus
  9. Big Show
  10. Mark Henry
  11. Heath Slater
  12. Jinder Mahal
  13. Drew McIntyre
  14. Cody Rhodes
  15. Goldust
  16. Kofi Kingston
  17. The Miz
  18. Brodus Clay
  19. Darren Young
  20. Justin Gabriel
  21. Rey Mysterio
  22. R-Truth
  23. Santino Marella
  24. The Great Khali
  25. Zack Ryder
  26. Sin Cara
  27. Brad Maddox
  28. Mystery Superstar
  29. Mystery Superstar
  30. Mystery Superstar

Please change the order of the list to whom you think will be eliminated first (list item #1) and who you think will be eliminated last (list item #30 AKA the winner). Please be sure to use a numbered list as seen above to make score calculations easier. I will tally the scores immediately after WM30 and announce the winner.

Good luck everyone!
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1. Jinder Mahal
2. Brad Maddox
3. Justin Gabriel
4. Drew McIntyre
5. Sin Cara
6. Zack Ryder
7. Santino Marella
8. Heath Slater
9. R-Truth
10. Darren Young
11. Brodus Clay
12. Mystery Superstar (either Test or Albert)
13. Kofi Kingston
14. Fandango
15. Damien Sandow
16. Goldust
17. The Great Khali
18. Mystery Superstar (Zeb Colter)
19. Cody Rhodes
20. Titus O'Neil
21. The Miz
22. Mystery Superstar (Booker T, suckaaaa)
23. Dolph Ziggler
24. Big E
25. Rey Mysterio
26. Mark Henry
27. Alberto Del Rio
28. Christian
29. Sheamus
30. Big Show (Winner)

I don't see how Andre's very own son is not winning this tournament. ;)
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You do know Test has been dead for over 5 years?
;) Absolutely. About 10% of what I say isn't taking the piss.
If I remember I will update this post with my predictions.

Brad Maddox is in? :shocked:
He's a wrestler, he might as well earn his keep. ;)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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