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Business has changed. Theres no hulk hogans or the Kevin Nashs doing business for themselves.

Wrestling is a collaborative team effort to create the best feuds and payoffs possible to extend a wrestlers career. This is how its always been and exactly why the attitude era was successful.
Sorry, but no, that’s not how it is nor always has been. In the territory days, it was the promoter deciding who’s getting pushed and who’s feuding with whom. Maybe the talent pitched ideas, but setting the overall direction was anything but a collaborative effort. Somebody was in charge. The AE was no different. The difference between then and now was the wrestlers were allowed more freedom to define their characters, which the modern WWE has almost completely gotten away from, instead mostly dictating every aspect of a wrestler’s performance. But most other promotions don’t operate that way — outside WWE, wrestlers are still allowed to define their characters. But neither do the wrestlers have total freedom in defining all their story lines and angles — that’s still the job of bookers in the larger organizations, and promoters in the smaller ones.
Still a collaborative effort. Attitude wrestlers had writers but it was still collabing. Wrestlers should be able to highlight their strengths and minimize their weaknesses or bring something new to the table.

Wrestlers today understand they need great matches/feud to further their careers and wouldn't dare to take obvious liberties and jeopardize relationships they need. If ones can't, their career wouldn't go too far and rightfully so.

WWE has a bad work culture in general because Vince allows it. Same company with bullies like jbl and hardcore Holly and the clique force their employees to step or be stepped on.

Let's not all forget it is a wrestling career. They absolutely do deserve a say and be allowed to earn a fan following. Wwe is one bad movie with everyone given fixed roles. That's that. What you described of territory days is what aew still is. You got the promoter khan who still has a final say.

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Sounds like WCW.

Get Russo in. Let's have AEW be the fun car crash tv show, as opposed to the wrestling show NXT will put on. I know I'd rather see segments, promos and angles than just vanilla matches. Car crash shit tv draws.
Knock it off. This isn't 1999. The audience has changed and so have television viewership. What you call "crash tv" happens everywhere now. It isn't unique, especially in pro wrestling. And LOL @ asking Russo to come in. That would surely be the death knell for AEW as a viable alternative to WWE.

That said, while I don't think you need writers for wrestlers to cut promos, having bulletin points or a central point to your promos for your agents to get across the wrestler for his/her promo is still essential. Some of these guys and girls can't cut a promo and are going to look like a deer in headlights on TNT. You have the likes of Arn, Tully, Dustin, Jericho in your company. Use their expertise in how to cut an effective promo without it coming off as contrived or forced.
AEW already does a lot of Russo-type stuff. The “this is fake, but *this* is real” thing is a Russo trope. They have fake stuff on every show and have The Bucks talk about gimmicking chairs.

The massive difference between AEW and NJPW is that NJPW doesn't rely on a weekly television show like AEW is going to be.

It's not really a comparable situation what so ever.
that's why aew does something wonderful!! long term booking with multiple emergency plans in case something in the long term booking changes. the Jericho vs cody rivalry for the title was teased in an episode of road to double or nothing that took place before DON.
the model aew is using now, is exactly! the model wwf has used for a very long time. long term booking + bullet points to the wrestlers who fills the blanks to reach the check point of the story with their own creativity and promos. with a big boss overseeing it ( vince ). they have a writing committee just like the old wwf.
wrestling is very very simple people

ps : I would have blamed Meltzer for not being able to explain something ( that cody already explained very well before) and once again fucking up. but for listening , I can only feel sad for the guy, that line he threw was in a certain context and it was a fast answer to Bryan Alvarez about shows not being overly scripted, he wasn't breaking down there booking process.
it's like the man can't even say anything without it becoming some breaking news....
What long-term booking? Cancelling PAC/Page because they couldn’t put PAC over Omega at All Out, which they did anyway? People are very selective with AEW.

Meltzer isn't credible so whatever. However this could cause a problem if true.
Yes he is. This is just a bad take.

Why do people still kiss meltzer ass? I mades articles out of things people know that wrestlers already stated or he creates shit thats false and is based off basic assumption
Because he’s the best wrestling journalist there is? Journalists can have opinions. It is clear when Meltzer has an opinion and when he is reporting a fact. This is wrestling. He’s going to get fed bullshit as well as true things. Meltzer has reported things that are undeniably true way ahead of time. Anyone who disputes that is just wrong.

He knows more than this forum combined if we go by what Meltzer, Austin and Jericho have said about him.
We’ve found our mark of the week.

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AEW seems to take things to the extreme.

Fans want their sports entertainment to be a little more serious than WWE, they conflate that with being a "sports based in ring" promotion.

No one asked/demanded there be no writers, that was never the complaint, the complaint was that we wanted good stories and wrestlers to not be scripted word for word.

They're taking that for no scripting whatsoever, which makes no sense and isn't what asked for. of course we wanted scripts, but not word for word scripting that throws actors off and makes everyone sound similar, simply bullet points.

Having no writers is as bad as WWEword for word scripting.
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