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Melina and Jillian in LA.

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Love Melina <3
Jillian is ugly
You can say that again everything about her looks fake

its awful
Jillian looks like a dude who looks like a lady.
Melina looks really nice, dunno why she brought a mannequin with her, though.
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Sure do miss Melina and Jillian for that matter.
Melina needs to return to my TV screen asap. 9/10
You can say that again everything about her looks fake

its awful
At least her...... arms look real. :cool2
Too much make-up.
Yeah, Jillian makes Melina look better by a long shot in comparison. I can bet a solid nickel that Jillian looked better before all that dreaded work done to her face.
Nothing's changed with Jillian. She looks like crap.
And nothing's changed with Melina... she's still ugly.
Jesus they look like crack whores or trannies ...
Melina looks good, Jillian? Not so much.
Melina still looks hot as usual..

I wouldn't be shocked if Jillian got stuff worked on after her release from WWE. She looks worse than before.

Getting boob jobs is one thing, but to get stuff on your face worked on... I don't understand how they think it looks better.
They both look like crap.
Nice racks. Both look pretty good. Jillian actually looks better than she has in a while
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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