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Meeting Billy Gunn

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Not sure if this belongs here, but I got to meet a huge part of my childhood today, Billy Gunn at the SupaNova pop culture expo in Sydney. I wish I could have spent more time with him, but he was in high demand. Such a down to earth & funny guy with a great personality. Good to see he is still looking after himself & people still recognise who he is after all his contributions to the business.

Overall the experience though short was satisfying & would recommend anyone to stop by & have a quick chat or moment with him if he's ever around. Other notes, The Young Bucks had the biggest line, Followed by Gunn. Swagger, Dreamer & Carlito had a few fans in line but kind of felt sorry for Bull Dempsey, Dolphs Brother & The Spirit Squad as I didn't see them sign anything the whole time I was waiting.


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