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Meandering thoughts about Alex Riley + a poll!

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So Alex Riley joined in on commentary during the (pretty decent) Miz/Bryan match this past RAW. I thought Riley did very well despite being dissed by both Cole and Matthews. Urdnot Wrex has been predicting A-RI's release ever since his DUI and Riley is constantly mocked on this forum for his botches. Personally I can't see them squandering his potential - he looks and sounds good on TV. However, Cole's subtle jabs have me worried.

Perhaps (likely) I'm overanalyzing this but when Cole said to Riley "Miz has had a wonderful week, I understand, here in Hollywood and Los Angeles. You've been carrying his bags all over the place as Miz has been auditioning for a lot of movie roles."

Riley took it gracefully - "Yeah, I take his bags, I learn when I can and I help to contribute in any way" etc. Matthews calls him a butler, Riley fires back that Josh is Cole's butler and then there is some awkward silence. I guess my question is why does Cole dis Riley? It makes no sense kayfabe wise (they're both all about Miz.)

He's done a great job at the role he's been given - lackey that gets his ass kicked to save his mentor, but I don't see why he's not given even a slight push. Feed him frickin' Yoshi Tatsu or Curt Hawkins but for fuck's sake, give him a shred of credibility!

The Rock's epic return had me thinking about who among the current roster, if given the opportunity, could one day match his trash talking skills? Riley and Punk (and of course Jericho) top the list.
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Simply put(something like 2% of this forum understands) Cole is always talking in character. His character promotes the Mizz and everything the Mizz touches as awesome. Riley gets to handle the mizz's bags and thats a privilege for Cole's character. The fact that he explicitly says it lets you know that Cole is in character as is Alex Riley.

As far as the man himself, minus a few botches he is purposefully being held down. If Riley was to start wrestling and looking decent in the ring, it would undermine the Mizz. Rather than have Riley go through the standard Nexus ringer, they have him look like the Mizz's lackey which lends credibility to the Mizz as a heel, even if its one who cannot win on his own merits. Its nothing new in terms of wrestling which amazes me when people cant grasp the simple concepts at hand here. DB jobbed hard body for his entire NXT and Raw debuts. Its par for the course of making these guys look like rookies when they really aren't (and probably has to do with why Kaval left so early).

The Mizz Riley dynamic is so great, i really cant understand why people dislike it. They are essentially the male versions of LayCool, aka quintessential weak alone but strong together evil duo. Their mic work is great and they have decent matches. Riley will get into position to move in on the US title and thats when you will see him start to do his actual work, for now its jobbing and making the Mizz a cowardly but successful champion.
M-I-Z, but I agree.
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