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WWE Owner: Vince McMahon
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*There will be four weeks build up to PPV’s except One of the big Four where there will be five weeks build up.
*Thunderstruck is a 2.5 hour show
*Shows may not be posted weekly, it depends on when I get them done!

{MBL’s WWE Thunderstruck}
{Exclusive to Be The Booker}

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Hopefully this is good.
Maybe u could advertise 4 a patner and do two shows that way if u dont post evry wekk maybe u could post a show evry 2 weeks and same with ur partner . That would be cool>>>

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WWE Thunderstruck
Unforgiven {Week ¼}
Madison Square Garden, New York City

The pyro’s explode and the live audience rise to their feet in await of the first ever edition of Thunderstruck! We go over to the commentary position with JR and Tazz.

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Thunderstruck! I am Jim Ross and this is my new partner Tazz.

Tazz: How’s it going everybody!

JR: As you can notice we are very excited about this new prospect in the WWE, 1 action packed show a week, all the best superstars, all the best action and all the best excitement.

Tazz: I am very honoured to have been chosen for this job and can’t wait to get this on the way. We don’t know what’s going to happen in a night like this, all titles vacated, all superstars wrestless and I’m sure this will be the beginning of a beautiful thing. It’s going to be off the hook baby!

JR: Well we don’t have to wait much longer because the show is about to start right about…….. Now!

The GM of thunderstruck Teddy Long’s entrance theme rocks the arena in Madison Square Garden. He appears through the curtains to a massive roar from the fans and begins to make his waqy down to the ring with his all so firmiliur stride. Long steps through the ropes and quickly grabs a mic from the corner.

Teddy Long: Welcome to WWE Thunderstruck Live in Madison Square Garden! There is no better place to kick this amazing new generation of wrestling off then the place where it all begins, New York City. As you probably all ready worked out I have been selected as the General Manager and as long as I’m in charge your in for some action playa’s. The old Raw and Smackdown superstars have been combined into one brilliant of a roster and this new show will be called WWE Thunderstruck.

Teddy Long paces around the ring for a few seconds as the crowd start a massive “WWE” chant, nearly blowing the roof off the arena.

Teddy Long: I’m not going to waste anymore of your time because the night is too short to waste. It’s only two and a half hours for goodness sake so heres what I am going to do. Tonight will be the beginning of deciding the vacated WWE Championship in a series of matches which will decide who is worthy of being called champ. You feeling me playa! There will be three top class matches this week and three top class matches next week and the six winners will advance to a special 6 man elimination chamber at Unforgiven. But don’t threat because two titles will be decided here tonight, the Cruiserweight and Tag Team titles respectfully will be decided in two matches tonight! As for the Intercontinental Championship, you’ll just have to wait and see what I’ve got in store for that. You won’t have to wait for our first championship match because it will be next. Let the games begin and give me a Holla, Holla, Holla!

The live audience do just that as The GM drops his mic and strides back down the ramp looking proud of himself.

We go backstage where all the cruiserweights are getting in each others faces. We learn that the Cruiserweight title will be decided next in a Cruiserweight Open and all 8 athletes are pumped for it.

*Commercial Break*

When we return six of the eight Cruisers are in the ring and set for action as a new addition to the cruiserweight roster, Frankie Kazarian makes his entrance. He is followed to the ring by a former Champion Paul London to a huge pop from the fans. The two men who will start off this all important contest will be Tajiri and Akio.

Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Hurricane vs. Akio vs. Shannon Moore vs. Tajiri vs. Billy Kidman

*Tajiri is eliminated by Akio after the yang time at 1.46.
* Akio is eliminated by Shannon Moore after a reversal bridge at 3.20
*Shannon Moore is eliminated by Billy Kidman after the B.K bomb off the top rope at 4.01
* Hurricane is eliminated by Billy Kidman after rolling him into a small cradle and grabbing the ropes 6.34
* Billy Kidman is eliminated by Paul London after a 450 splash at 7.30
* Frankie Kazarian is eliminated by Paul London after London pushed him into an accidental fist from Chavo and delivers a dropsault at 10.08

Chavo Guerrero is hesitant in getting in the ring with Paul London who is on a huge roll of momentum. He tries to slide himself onto the apron but London knocks him straight off with a baseball slide and follows him to the outside. London delivers some right hands before throwing Chavo back into the ring and whipping him off the ropes. London dodges him on the return but Chavo Guerrero catches his opponent with a stiff diving forearm on the second attempt. Chavo taunts the fans a bit before continuing the beating on the former CW champion with hard stomps to the mid section. Chavo Guerrero hoists London up for the Gory bomb but Paul London backrolls and Irish whips Chavo Guerrero into the turnbuckle. London runs at him as Chavo moves but London comes off the top rope with a high, airbourne crossbody but Chavo rolls through. 1…2… London rolls his Shoulder off the mat! Both men are straight back to their feet and exchange closed fists in the centre of the ring, London gets the advantage with hard forearms followed by a hurricarana pin. 1…2…3 and Paul London is the new Cruiserweight Champion!

WINNER: Paul London
MATCHTIME: 14 Minutes

JR: London did it, by god he did it! Paul London is our new Cruiserweight Champion of the world!

Tazz: Props to the man, he fought through three men to win the belt and deservingly so. I was kind of hoping for a win for Chavo Guerrero but I guess he will get another opportunity in the future.

JR: Congratulations the this courages kid and I expect big things drom him in the near future.

*Commercial Break*

When we return Christian’s music hits the arena as he comes out to a popular cheer from the fans. Christian is wearing his gold hooded jacket making his way to the ring. As soon as he reaches the ring he goes to the top rope and pulls his hood down reveiling his face before solluting the fans and taking a mic from Lillian Garcia. He kisses her on the cheek before his music comes to a halt.

Christian: Well isn't this amazing, I didn’t expect anything like this. You peeps are great! Guess what? Christian is back and he is ready to become WWE Champion. I’m going to beat my opponent tonight to advance, I’m going to kick everyone in the Elimination chamber’s ass and I’m going to become the new WWE Champion because that’s how I roll!

Christian is out of breath after all of that and takes a few seconds to regroup as the name “Christian” echoes through the electric arena.

Christian: Thankyou, Thankyou to all the peeps out there because without you I wouldn’t be standing before you today. My match is in a little while and no matter who it is I promise every single one of you that I will leave it all in the ring. I don’t care if it’s my brother Edge, I don’t care if it’s the so called ledgend Killer Randy Orton. Hell, I don’t even care if it’s that phoney Olympic Gold Medalist in Kurt Angle. What has he done in the WWE besides be disrespectful to everybody in his path. Integrity, Intelligence, Intensity, What the hell are you smoking. I will shove it all up your ass and then we will find out who is the real icon, Captain Charisma! Now I have to get ready for my match but before I do, how about we…

Kurt Angles entrance music interupts Christian as the Olympic Gold Medalist appears at the top of the isle way. He thinks about coming down to the ring as Christian is calling him up but decides to stay put at the top of the ramp.

Kurt Angle: What the hell is this? Who the hell are you? I’ve never even heard of you before and you are out here disrespecting me! I am a freakin Olympic Gold Medalist, a former multiple time WWE Champion and an icon for every young child out there. They want to be like me, they want to be successful so I have no idea what you are trying to prove with all that crap coming out of your mouth. I will make you tap out in a second, my ankle lock is the greatest submission in pro wrestling today so if I was you, I would shut my mouth.

Christian: Why don’t we put that thery to test, bring it on!

Kurt Angle: I’m not even going to waste my time Bucko, I am Kurt Angle, you are nobody so there is absoulutly no point in me destroying you. But if you want me to end your career then maybe we might meet in one of the qualifying matches. Now if you would excuse me kid, I’ve got things to do.

Christian: Hold on, Hold on a second there Kurt. Is it just me or am I smelling a chicken roasting!

The crowd errupt into laughs

Christian: If you don’t want to fight then maybe you should watch my match tonight and find out what you would really up against if you had the guts to step into the ring with me. The peeps are on my side and that’s all I need to enialate you, you selfish jackass!

Christian drops his mic and his music plays on the PA system as he celebrates, pumping up the fans while Kurt Angle is shaking in anger. He finally regains some composure and begins to nod his head before leaving.

JR: Well what a confrentation there, these two men really stuck it to each other. I have a feeling that it won’t end there either.

Tazz: Kurt Angle is right, he has earned every little bit of what he has accomplished and Christian shouldn’t be out here dissing him for it. Sorry but that’s just my opinion JR.

JR: Well I don’t think everybody see’s it that way, but that’s your opinion. I would have to agree with Christian, I do see a chicken roasting. Anyway I understand we have The rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit standing by backstage.

We go backstage where Michael Cole is standing by with Chris Benoit.

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit: Yes Michael, what do you want.

Michael Cole: Ahhh, well I was just wondering if I could get your thoughts on your qualifying match coming up next and I just though I would inform you that your opponent has just been announced as Kane!

A smirk covers Chris Benoit’s face before he suddenly realises he is live on TV and puts on a brave face.

Chris Benoit: So, whats your point? Sure Kane is huge, he’s a monster but there is not a single human being alive that I can not get to tap out to the crippler crossface or the sharpshooter. All I know is I will do what ever it takes to win and if that means boring these people until their asleep then I will do it. I have done what the fans want for a long time now and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere so from now on, I do what I want! And what I want is the WWE Championship and if I want the WWE Championship then I will get it because I am the best technical wrestler in the buisness. I would even go as far as saying I am the best technical wrestler in the world and that is going to come into play when I beat Kane and become WWE Champion at Unforgiven. Now if you are finished worshipping me I have a match to win.

Benoit begins to walk down the corridor towards the entrance way as the picture fades to black.

Chris Benoit’s music can be heard throughout Madison Square Garden as the fans get to their feet with boo’s. Benoit freezes at the top of the isle and stares around the crowd for a bit before spitting on the ground and quickly power walking to the ring. Benoit’s entrance is put to a stop when the arena goes red and Kane’s pyro’s explode signalling that the Big Red Machine is near. Kane also dosen’t take long arriving at the ring to medium level pops from the live audience in New York. The referee signals for the bell and the match gets on the way.

Singles Match
Qualifying Match #1
Chris Benoit vs. Kane

Both men are exausted after going move for move for about six minutes now. Benoit has the grounded Kane locked in a rear naked choke but Kane is able to fight out with elbows to the gut. Kane grabs Benoit by the throat and wants the chokeslam but Benoit slides off in mid air and tries to get Kane’s arm locked in for the crossface but is unsuccessful. Kane powers out and sends Benoit head first into the turnbuckle pad, Benoit wobbles out of the corner as Kane connects with a sidewalk slam and cover. 1…2… Chris Benoit kicks out at two! Kane wastes no time whipping Benoit off the ropes, Benoit comes abck with a shoulder block but Kane does not move an inch, he tries another one but this time Kane nails him with a big boot to the skull. Kane signals the end is near but Benoit knows what is coming and slides out of the ring to heat from the crowd. Benoit picks up a steel chair and slides it into the ring but Kane stomps him down before he can utilize it. Kane whips Benoit off the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Benoit ducks and runs straight into the official. Benoit stares at the official and then the steel chair but when he turns around Kane takes him down with a decappitating clothesline. Kane takes posetion of the solid steel chair and smashes it on the ground like he is about to line up for a baseball pitch. Benoit slowly crawls to his feet but eveades the contact and takes Kane off his feet with a dropkick to the knee. Benoit now has the steel chair and nails Kane with it right between the eyes before crawling into a cover. The referee is stirring and finally makes his way to Kane’s shoulder, 1…2…3 and Chris Benoit has stolen one.

WINNER: Chris Benoit
MATCHTIME: 9 Minutes

Tazz: Chris Benoit will advance to the Elimination Chamber! He has slayed the monster Kane and deserves that spot.

JR: Chris Benoit is a changed man, The Benoit I know would never have accepted a win like that. He would have fought it out like a man but I guess that was the old Benoit. I’m very dissapointed in this man!

Tazz: Calm down a bit JR, in the record books it’s going to say that Chris Benoit defeated Kane to advance full stop. Good job Chris, that was awsome!

*Commercial Break*

When we return we see a shot of the ring and it is set up for Carlito’s Cabana. Suddenly “I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool” can be heard on the PA system. Carlito approaches the ring with an apple and is chewing on it all the way while taking a look at the fans and shaking his head. Carlito grabs a mic but puts his hands up telling the fans to wait until he has finished his apple. Carlito finishes it and throws the core in the crowd showing no respect for the fans.

Carlito Cool: New York welcome to Carlito’s Cabana. In case you haven’t heard I’m Carlito Caribean Cool and I’m the only one that’s… cool around here. Well you can’t argue about it, the people of New York have to be the most selfish and one minded people in the world today. All you care about is money, fame and sex. Hey but Carlito gets more chicks in a day than all of you get in your whole life.

A “Carlito sucks” chant echoes through the building

Carlito Cool: Shut up, just shut up you uncool, low life thugs. Your just jealous. I can’t handle any more of this jibbirish from you ungreatful pieces of crap. If you don’t well then I will just have to spit in every single one of your faces. Hey I’ll go one better, how about I spit the big Apple in your faces. Now that’s…… Thtas Cool! Hey hey hey calm down, it’s time to introduce my guest on Carlito’s Cabana here tonight in the Big Apple, ha ha ha. I met him in the back and he thinks he is cool but I do not! God damn it, the guy is retarded, please welcome to Carlito’s Cabana, Eugene Dinsmore.

Eugene appears at the top of the ramp in his usual untidy clothes. He claps his hands together before turning his attention to Carlito and biting his nails not knowing wherther to trust him.

Eugene: Carlito guess what?

Carlito Cool: What?

Eugene: I’m Cool!

The crowd erupt with laughter

Carlito Cool: Look at you, you’re a disgrace to every living human being out there. That jacket and the way you dress, that’s not cool! You seriously look as if your mummy dresses you.

Eugene jumps up and down

Eugene: She does!
Carlito has a stunned look on his face and Eugene begins to turn red

Eugene: Well isn’t that what mummy’s are for? I bet all of your mums do your washing and make your lunch and tuck you in to bed every night and dress you every time you need to go out, don’t they?

Before the crowd can respond Carlito interupt

Carlito Cool: You know what Eugene, you are an embarrasment to yourself, your family and every one of these people.

They boo signaling that they are with Eugene

Carlito Cool: And now that I know you, you’re an embarrasment to me too and that is certainly not cool! So how about I do something about it, how about I beat some sense into that hollow head of yours. Did you here me Dinsmore, I hate you!

Eugene begins to bite his fingernails and shake with a worried look on his face

]Carlito Cool: Hey actually I have a present for you, see those apples over there

Eugene: I like apples!

Carlito Cool: Is that so Eugene well come over here and I will get you a delicious red apple.

Carlito takes a walk to the apple barrel and picks one out of the top, he then chews it and spits right in Eugene’s face. Carlito begins to laugh but Eugene’s intimidated look turns into an angry one and he begins to bounce his head off the turnbuckles. Carlito puts his hands up and dosen’t want to fight, Carlito extends his hand but Eugene spits in it and begins to level Carlito with big right hands. He pushes Carlito off the ropes and takes him down to the mat below with a hulk hogan big boot. Eugene then uses Hogans symbol telling the crowd that the famous leg drop is coming. Eugene bounces off the ropes but Carlito moves out of the way and hides behind the apple barrel. Eugene scratches his head and step by step gets closer to the barrel, suddenly Eugene gets nailed sqare between the eyes with the apple barrel and apples scatter everywhere. Carlito springs to his feet and grabs the mic before standing over the fallen Eugene

Carlito Cool: Now that’s……… That’s Cool!

Carlito picks an apple up from the ring and chews it on his way back down the isle as his music plays, at the top of the ramp he looks at Eugene and shakes his head before dissappearing through the curtains

[COLOR=Red[U]]JR:[/U] What an unclassful act from this dispicable human being known as Carlito. I sure hope he gets whats coming to him for what he did to poor Eugene.

Tazz: Well I guess it was self defence.

JR: Self Defence?!

Tazz: Eugene attacked Carlito first and I guess Carlito didn’t think that was cool.

JR: Yeah after Carlito spat in his face for absoulutly nothing! Eugene didn’t do anything to Carlito, Carlito calls the people thugs well he better have a good look in the mirror. Well anyway this issue isn’t over by a long shot. Smackdown continues when we come back…
*Commercial Break*

After the short break we see a shot of a locker room door with the name Shawn michaels written on a plate stuck to it. The camera angle changes and we see inside the room. Michaels seems to be talking to somebody, the camera angle changes again and we see Marty Jannetty standing there with a grin on his face!

Marty Jannetty: Great to be back Shawn!

Shawn Michaels: Hey you know what for a celebration for us reuniting I have a surprise for you. Up next the WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line and I have convinced Teddy Long to add us to the match.

Marty Jannetty: Shawn, that’s great news! We will go out there, kick a lot of ass and walk out tag team champions.

Shawn Michaels: You said it bro.

Marty Jannetty: How does this sound? Here are your winners and the new WWE Tag Team Champions, The Rockers!

Shawn Michaels: That sounds like a winner. So it’s offcial, The Rockers are back and the Rockers are going to be once again the Tag Team Champions.

Michaels and Jannetty hug each other before dancing out the door in a showboat fashion.

La Resistance make their usual entrance first followed by The now fan favourite Basham Brothers. The arena goes silent for a moment before Matt Hardy’s music rocks the building, he comes out with his brother Jeff to mixed reactions from the fans. They are meant to be the heels! The place goes silent and the Hardy Boyz entrance comes to a halt before the old Rockers entrance Music hits the PA system as they get the biggest reaction of the night. Both members charge down to the ring and are pumped and ready to go.

JR: The following will be a fatal fourway match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The first team to score a pinfall or submission will be crowned champions.

Tazz: This kind of match is like a whirlwind man, the action never stops and the pace is furious. My pick is The Hardy Boyz, they look like the team to beat at the moment.

JR: I would have said The Rockers look like the favourites!

WWE Tag Team Championship
Fatal Fourway Tag Team Match
La Resistance vs. Basham Brother vs. Hardy Boyz vs. The Rockers

Matt Hardy and Marty Jannetty are the legal men. Jannetty has a wrist lock on Hardy but Hardy breaks and counters with a dropkick. Hardy crawls to his feet and tags in Danny Basham. Danny Basham hits Jannetty with some right hands backing him into the corner. He whips him across the ring and runs at him but Jannetty gets his foot up and takes Danny down with a knockdown clothesline, he procedes the punnishment with three consecutive armdrags before tagging in Michaels. HBK goes to the top rope and comes off with a leg drop landing on Danny Basham’s throat. He whips him off the ropes but Danny ducks an attack and returns with a flying forearm only to see Michaels spring up and nail an atomic drop. Grenier enters the ring only to be nailed with numerous chops from Michaels and a double dropkick from The Rockers. Both Hardy’s enter the ring illigaly but are both taken over the top rope with a double clotheline from Michaels and Jannetty. The Rockers try a double team crossbody over the top on the Hardy Boyz but they both move sending both members of the Rockers into the baricade. Matt Hardy returns to the ring and tags himself in from Danny crawling around on the apron while Jeff Hardy goes to the top rope. Matt lurks behind the only man in the ring Rob Conway and nails the twist of fate. It looks as if Matt is about to make the cover but he allows Jeff to drive Conway into the ground with a swanta. Matt Hardy makes the pin, 1…2…3 and we have crowned new tag team champs in the Hardy Boyz.

WINNERS: The Hardy Boyz
MATCHTIME: 8 minutes

[COLOR=Red[U]]JR: [/U] Wow that match was amazing and in the end we have new tag team champions just like we promised. I though the Rockers were going to win it there for a second but it wasn’t to be, The Hardy Boyz are the team to beat.

Tazz: Props to all four of these teams but only one could win and guess what, I picked them! I have a feeling that the Hardy Boyz will have to keep on their toes to keep those belts with many hungry teams after them and their belts.

Backstage Teddy Long is admiring the last match on his television screen but suddenly the door slams open. It’s Edge!

Edge: Teddy, I know I haven’t even met you yet so let me introduce myself. My name is Edge, you know the same Edge that keeps getting screwed out of a title shot each and every week.

Teddy Long: Well holla to you playa! I have seen you compete on Raw and to be honest I have been quite impressed.

Edge: Yeah you would be.

Teddy Long: So what brings you to my office playa.

Edge: I’ll tell you what brings me to your office, I came here to make sure I don’t get screwed again. I trust you have entered me in the running for an Elimination Chamber spot.

Teddy Long: Well actually no, no I haven’t yet.

Edge: What! You listen to me Theodore. You give me a match right now or I will no longer be a Thunderstruck superstar.

Teddy Long: Calm down Edge, I’ll tell you what I will do. Next week I have a scheduled match that I can add you to and I will make that change right now.

Edge: Your lucky Teddy, you are one lucky son of a bitch!

Edge charges out of Long’s office as Teddy Long says to himself “No your lucky” buddy.

*Commercial Break*

We return and Christian is in the ring just finishing his entrance for his qualifying match which is right now! The building goes quiet and is filled with suspention of who his opponent will be. Randy Orton’s theme rocks the PA system as Christian nods his head confidently. Orton dosen’t take his eyes off Christian while making his way down the isle until he climbs to the top rope and gets boo’s from the fans. Orton does not like it and begins to walk back down the isle, he is so arragent and thinks he’s too good for these fans. But Christian creeps up behind him and delivers some punishing right hands backing Orton back to the ring, he throws him back in as the bell is rang.

Singles Match
Qulaifying Match #2
Randy Orton vs. Christian

This has been a fast paced contest which has lasted around 8 minutes so far. Both men are being countered on the ground but both men rise to their feet before 10. Orton with the rights and lefts but Christian retalliates with some sickening chops. Orton goes for the dropkick but Christian catches him and slingshots him into the turnbuckle. Christian turns Orton into the unprettier but Orton pushes him off and attempts the RKO only to see Christian shrug it off. Christian uses the ropes for momentum but Orton leapfrogs him and ducks him on the return before finally taking him down with a powerslam on the third rebound. Orton is straight into a cover, 1…2… Christian kicks out. Orton tries to Irish whip Christian into the turnbuckle but Christian reverses sending Orton into the turnbuckle. Orton unstably wobbles out and gets his face driven into the canvas with an unprettier. Christian is about to make the cover and probably the win but suddenly we see Kurt Angkle charging down to the ring. Angle distracts Christian and calls him his little bitch, Orton is back up behind him. Christian turns his attention back to Orton only to be nailed with a lightning quick RKO! Orton rolls in and hooks both legs, 1…2…3 and Randy Orton will advance thanks to Kurt Angle.

WINNER: Randy Orton
MATCHTIME: 11 minutes

Tazz: Oh my god what a wrestling match that was, it was off the charts! Christian put in a valiant effort but in the end when it looked like he had won it, it was Kurt Angle putting Orton into the next around and eliminating Christian.

JR: Kurt Angle did not have the right to do that, sure they did exchange some words earlier but that was no excuse to interfere in a match as important as this.

Tazz: Well, Christian told him to watch his match. I guess he was just getting a better view and for some reason it distracted Captain Charisma.

JR: Getting a better view my ass, I don’t think calling Christian his bitch is a better view at all.

Christian has just realised what has happened as Angle holds his hands high at the top of the isle. Christians face is covered in anger as Kurt Angle screams “who is the better man now” before leaving looking happy with himself.

JR: Well what a night it has been already, two championships decided, two spots in the Elimination Chamber decided and one hell of an action packed show. The heat is building already but it’s going to get more intence as we get closer to Unforgiven live from The Fleet Centre in Boston in just four short weeks.

The official promotional poster is shown on the screen for Unforgiven and it it is live from the Fleet Centre, Boston in just 27 days. The Elimination chamber is then shown with Chris Benoit and Randy Orton posing on the screen with four qestion marks.

Tazz: If you think tonight was good, Unforgiven is going to be spectacular. The first PPV since the brand extention ended and what a PPV it promises to be, new fueds are beginning, new matches formed and it’s all going to be decided at Unforgiven.

JR: Your right there partner but tonight is not over yet, The GM has just informed me that…..

JR is interupted by a sudden theme hitting Madison Square Garden, it’s Muhammad Hassan and Daivari!

JR: How disrepectful of these two men, they are not scheduled to be out here tonight.

Tazz: I haven’t seen much of these guys seem they were on Raw but I have been pretty impressed with Hassan, wrestling wise anyway. His attitude needs to be fixed big time.

Hassan and Daivari are in the ring as their music fades and the loud “USA” chants can be clearly heard throughout the building. Hassan does not look happy.

Muhammad Hassan: I am sick of this, USA chants? Don’t you one minded people realise what a joke of a country you are living in. The United States of America!

The crowd pop for the name of their country as Hassan strides intensely around the squared circle.

Muhammad Hassan: America has to be the most selfish…The most arragent… the most racist people in the world! Don’t get me wrong, I am an Arab American and I am not happy for what this country has become. Last Night me and Daivari attended a local night club right here in the place that started the crap that happens to us, New York City. Guess What? We were not allowed in until we showed the bouncer an ID card and even worse, when we got in people looked at us like we were different and Daivari’s wallet was stolen!

Daivari is nodding his head before taking the mic off Muhammad Hassan and talking his language. The fans do not like it at all. When he finally finished he hands the mic back to Hassan.

Muhammad Hassan: But we are use to that unfair treatment and that is not the reason we are out here tonight. We are out here to say…..Sorry.

Hassan has an inocent look on his face and Daivari has his head down.

Muhammad Hassan: Sorry, Sorry for trusting you people to actually teat us like normal human beings. I should not have expected such a thing from a bunch of low life….. beer drinking…Unintelligent…..street thugs! I probably don’t even have a match in the Elimination Chamber qualifying and it’s all because of…

AINT NO STOP TO ME! Here comes the all American Shelton Benjamin charging down to the ring. Muhammad Hassan and Daivari run for cover as the former Intercontinental Champion clears the ring. Benjamin picks up the mic that Hassan droped before his flee and is breathing heavily.

Shelton Benjamin: Muhammad Hassan!Daivari! I'll tell you what I'm sick of, I am sick of you two loud mouth winers boring the hell out of these fans and every single person in the locker room! Now I couldn’t get a singles match with you and even though I can’t wait to beat the hell out of you, I will have to wait. You don’t think you’ve got a match to advance into the Elimination Chamber, You are all wrong! Next week it will be Muhammad Hassan vs. Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin in a triple threat match to decide who will get the spot. And only when I’m done with that, I will take care of you because your ass is mine Muhammad!

Shelton Benjamin drops and leaves to his music as Hassan and Daivari look like they have just seen a ghost and we go to a commercial break.

JR: Way to tell him Shelton!

*Commercial Break*

Rey Mysterio is sitting in the deserted locker room before the door opens and Kurt Angle can be seen.

Kurt Angle: Rey, I just came in here to make sure you are ready for our tag team match later tonight. Next week we will face Batista and John Cena respectivly so it’s important that we soften them up so their easy pickings.

Rey Mysterio: I will be ready, just make sure you are ready!

Kurt nods his head and is about to leave but Rey calls him back.

Rey Mysterio: Kurt, how do you feel being boo’d by the fans each and every week? Does it make you feel like a villan?

Kurt Angle: I don’t really give a f*** what those idiots that call themselves fans think. I am in this buisness for one reason, not to make friends, not to impress the fans but to win the big one, the WWE Championship.

Rey Mysterio: You know what Kurt? Your right, I don’t need them. I am higher in this buisness then I have ever been and it’s not because of them, it’s because of me. Thanks a lot man, I realise what I have to do now. I have to make an impact! Wherther the fans like it or not, I’m going to prove that Rey Mysterio can compete in the big league.

Kurt Angle: That’s the spirit! That’s the spirit that made me an olympic gold medalist, a 4 time WWE champion and an idol.

Kurt Angle shakes hands with Rey Mysterio and leaves as the crowd can be haerd in the background with a “Why Rey, why?” chant.

]JR:[/U] That is what I was about to announce before Muhammad Hassan and Daivari interupted. Tonight will be a preview of next week as Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio will team up to take on John Cena and Batista and what a task that will be!

Tazz: It will go a long way to determining who will advance next week, who ever gets the Edge will have all the momentum and freshness rolling into the two singles matches next week on Thunderstruck.

JR: The two matches will be Batista vs. Rey Mysterio and John Cena vs. Kurt Angle with the two winners qualifying.

Tazz: Two phonominal match ups, I can’t wait until next week already!

RVD’s entracee theme hits the PA system as he makes his way to the ring for the final EC Qualifying match for tonight. The arena goes silent until VIVA LA RASA breaks the silence. It will be Eddie Guerrero one on one with Rob Van Dam for a spot in the Elimination Chamber.

Singles Match
Qualifying Match #3
Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero

This match has been a show of great sportsmanship and brilliant varieties of wrestling. Eddie Guerrero has just hit the three amigoes and is climbing to the top rope for a frogsplash. Guerrero leaps off the top rope with just that but RVD rolls out of the way and Guerrero eats canvas. RVD quickly springs to the middle rope and drives Guerrero into the surface with a split legged moonsault. RVD now leaps to the top rope and wants a frogsplash of his own but Eddie gets his knee’s up and takes Van Dam down with an explosive armdrag. RVD runs at Guerrero but Guerrero rolls him into a nice small package. 1…2… RVD rolls out of the pinning predicament! Eddie Guerrero and RVD exchange right hands before Guerrero nails a dropkick, he covers. 1…2… RVD rolls a shoulder off the canvas! Guerrero attempts to whip RVD into the corner but RVD reverses and wants the monkey flip. It looks like it has been executed but Guerrero counters in mid air into a bridge, 1…2…3 and Guerrero will advance!

WINNER: Eddie Guerrero
MATCHTIME: 12 Minutes

Tazz: Eddie Guerrero will advance to the Elimination Chamber match at Unforgiven! We now have three official entries, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Eddie Guerrero. It’s all ready looking like a show stealer baby!

JR: Great match between two of the WWE’s finest athletes. I can’t wait until these two men get in the ring together again.

Tazz: Phonominal contest and great sportsmanship from both men and what a counter from nowhere from Latino Heat.

JR: It was so sudden but so effective.

RVD and Eddie Guerrero show respect and shake hands as the crowd clap and we go to our final commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

When we return live to Thunderstruck JR and Tazz pump next week and Unforgiven before the picture goes backstage. They then tell us that Christian has been told to leave to avoid him getting involved in the main event later tonight.

Kane is breathing hard in front of Teddy Long and The Gm is using hand signals to tell him to calm down.

Kane: You better listen and you better listen good! You’re the GM and have to do something about this, I deserve a title shot and because of Benoit cheating I no longer have that opportunity.

Teddy Long: I understand but there is nothing I can do about it.

Kane: Nothing you can do about it? You’re the General Manager of Thunderstruck so do your job and give me what I deserve.

Teddy Long: I’m sorry Kane but…..

Kane: I don’t think you heard me clearly! I want another chance and what I want is what I always get!

Teddy Long: Are you finished yet playa? Now I can’t take the win from Benoit but I will tell you what I can do. Next week I will make an offcial match between you and Chris Benoit.

Kane: You heard me, that’s not what I want. Fine if you won’t do what I ask then I will be one angry man so don’t ask me to control my actions! Because next week, I do what I want and what I want the fans will like but you or my victims will not!

Kane gets in Longs face before leaving his office.

We leave the GM’s office scene and transfer to the backstage corridor where John Cena and Batista are making their way to the entrance area for the main event next!

Medal rocks the arena as Kurt Angle is the first to make his entrance, the crowd chant “You Suck” in tune to his music. He is followed to the ring by Rey Mysterio, an old fan favourite but a new fan enemy. He has made it clear that he will no longer do what the fans want, he will do what ever he has to do to be successful. Mysterio’s music comes to a halt and the arena goes dark as Batista’s music echoes through the arena and he recieves a standing ovation. He stops at the ring and points to the top of the stage. John Cena’s entrance music rocks the building as he gets the biggest pop of the night and every single person in the arena is on their feet. Cena wastes no time making his way to the ring next to Batista. They both enter in unison and begin the match attacking their respective opponents for next week.

Tag Team Match
John Cena/Batista vs. Kurt Angle/Rey Mysterio

Angle is in control of John Cena and he has been isolated from Batista. Cena is crawling to Batista desperately needing a tag but Angle drps a couple of elbows and goes straight back to work with a side headlock. The crowd get behind Cena as he hits some sharp elbows to the gut to escape, he then uses the ropes for momentum and comes off with a shoulder block. Both men crawl to their own corners and both get the hot tags. Batista and Mysterio run at each other, Mysterio ducks a clothsline and attempts to knock Batista down with a flying elbow but Batista does not budge. He tries again but gets drilled with a spinebuster for his efforts. Batista signals it is over and gets Mysterio in the Batista bomb position but Mysterio fights out and brings Batista down with a modified bulldog off his shoulders. Kurt Angle re-enters the ring illegaly as they double team Batista with stomps to the mid section. The referee starts a disqualification count but only gets to three before Cena is back in backing Angle into the corner with hard and determined closed fists. Cena and Batista both have their opponents in opposite corners but Angle and Mysterio reverse and are hitting their opponents with blows. The referee finally decides the match is out of control and rins the bell for a double disqualification.

WINNERS: No Contest
MATCHTIME: 8 minutes

JR: These four men are beating the hell out of each other. Next week is going to be a slobber knocker!

Tazz: Damn right it is! This match is out of control!

JR: One hell of a night here on Thunderstruck ladies and Gentlemen! Make sure to join us next week from San Diego.

Tazz: It will be a must see as we continue the road to Unforgiven, goodnight!

JR: Goodnight!

The brawl continues and numerous officials try to break it up as the show fades to black and the WWE logo!


Thanks for reading guys, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is only my first show and I’m bound to get better with any feedback. Thanks!

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I have no idea when the next edition of Thunderstruck will be up? Maybe this week or it may be next week. I'm looking for some reviews and I assure you any full reviews of my show will be returned. Thanks guys

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Great for a first show, I like the idea of the six matches and the winners in the elimination chamber at unforgiven.

I am glad Paul London won the cruiserweight title, good choice.

After reading Christian's promo I am really pulling for him to advance and maybe win the title. As far as Benoit, I liked him beating Kane as he is a better candidate in the elimination chamber IMO.

Carlito's Cabana was a nice edition to the show. Some funny lines and it was a good way to start a feud between him and Eugene.

I like the decision to make the Hardyz tag champs and I loved the Rockers being a team again. That would be a rgeat tag team match/feud.

Damn sad to see Christian lose, but hey at least it was to Orton, and storyline wise it may be the best thing to do. I can't wait to see where you go with this.

Benjamin vs Hassan vs Edge will be crazy next week. I am pulling for Shelton, but I'd rather even Hassan over Edge. Orton is my favorite to win the elimination chamber for now unless Benjamin advances, it may be him. Adding Eddie Guerrero was also a good move. Orton, Eddie, Benoit advancing so far is awesome. It will be interesting to see who the other three are.

A Rey Mysterio heel turn is original but for some reason I can't see it happening, just doesn't click for me. Maybe you can make it work though.

The ending to the main event was good and left a feeling of chaos, it was a good ending to the show.

Realism: Most things were realistic except maybe the way you turned Rey heel. Also how there was Orton vs Christian and then a whole Hassan and Benjamin in ring promo without a break was a bit unrealistic. But other then that everything seemed fine to me.

Length: Might have been a little too long, but you did make it a 2 and 1/2 hour show like Long said in the beginning. Seemed really full though. Nothing major and it may just be me.

Quality / Entertainment: It was entertaining, and reading it I enjoyed the Eugene and Carlito segment

Spelling / Grammar: nothing to nag about.

Matches / Booking: I didn't have any problems really with the booking. Mostly everything was well done and the right choices were made for each match.

Overall: 90/100

Great for a first show.

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First of all, nice rosters and I like what you've done with the single show.

Nice Long promo to open the show, maybe needed an interference to give it that edge. 8/10

With the Cruiserweight's backstage, there should've been more detail, and actual speech instead of generalising what had been said. 4/10

Nice Cruiserweight opener, and I liked the match. Nice to see London win, 9.5/10

Christian prom was good, but I think he was a little out of character. He was acting too face, because even as a face he still has the Christian heel side to him, which makes him so great. Liked the interference by Angle, this will be a great rivalry. 9/10

Nice Beniot interview backstage making him more heel, and pushing the following match. And it was as in character a possible for Beniot. 9/10

Beniot winning was good, but I don't remember being told what it was a qualifying match for until after the match. I might be wrong, but I don't remember it. Glad Beniot's in the Chamber. 9/10

Nice rivalry you got building with Carlito and Eugene, liked the segment from start to finish, maybe a fresher fued could've been made instead of Eugene-Carlito, thats becoming as common as the Hurricane-Calito. 9/10

Nice to see Rockers together, maybe could've had more suspense though. But glad they're in tag titles match. 8/10

Hardys winning was good, while a shame. Nice to see them as heels, but they should've got a bigger heel reaction, they should be mega-heels as Mattitude, now that would be cool! Shame Rockers didn't win, but hopefully a Rockers/Hardys fued comiong up soon. Really don't like Bashams a faces though because they're so boring noone would like them, they would be forced upon the fans. 9/10

Edge and Long weren't very in character, while it was a good segment it was wasn't bvery in character. 7/10

Glad to see Orton advance, but more importantly because of Angle. This builds the rivalry further as there is no way worse to effect a superstar than cost them a WWE Title shot. 10/10

Hassan and Daviari rivaling with Shelton can only lead to one thing. Hassan-IC Champ, not a good move IMO. Despite being a good segment, Hassan wouldn't say 'bouncer' he would use a more professional word such as security guard. 8.5/10

Rey as a heel is a good choice, but I'm not sure if it'll work.

Eddie in the chamber in a great match, HOWEVER, RVD should've been in the chamber anyway, through a different qualification match. 8/10

8 minutes just isn't long enough for a main event I'm afraid, and a main event can not contain Cena who does less than 5 grapples a match. But apart from that it was good, but i think Angle/Rey should've won to give Rey the push he is trying to get. 7/10


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Thanks a load guys, those were two exellent and helpful reviews. Can't wait for Main Event's review, I'll try to get yours to you soon.

I will be pushing The Hardy Boyz and Mysterio as heels in the coming weeks and The Rockers will have some time to get over on the next show. I would have loved to have RVD in the EC but there were better superstars fitted for that position and I have something else planned for RVD at Unforgiven. Muhmmad Hassan as IC champ, mmmmmm you'll just have to wait and see.

Predictions for the EC qualifying matches are welcome, here are next weeks match ups.


Thanks again and any more reviews are certainly welcome.

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well you, for a first show, posted a blinder, good stuff, I was impressed. You have set it out well, using colours, underlines, italics, centers and bolds well.

Full reivew will start from your next show. Your first gets a 8.5/10

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As promised...

Opening Promo - Not sure about a “WWE” chant breaking out its hard to imagine, you got Theodore Long right in some parts but I can’t imagine him going “top class” matches. 6/10

CW Match – Nice way to kick off the show with loads of new Cruiserweights good to see London winning, 8/10

Christian Promo – Please spell Legend correctly, not “Ledgend” :), Christian was slightly out of character again here I didn’t feel this was Captain Charisma like, Angle was ok, a few spelling mistakes though 6/10

Benoit Interview – Not in character I feel 5/10

Benoit vs. Kane – Glad to see Benoit beating Kane and the way the finish was done still made Kane look tough so 9/10 just something missing

Carlito’s Cabana – First in character promo of the night, pretty good, nothing special 8/10

The Rockers as an active team, Shawn is too good to be in an active tag team, one off’s maybe ok but competing for the titles, no 6/10

Tag Title match, good to see that The Rockers didn’t win, The Hardy Boyz winning seems quite good, hopefully you can recreate a great tag division 9/10

Edge/Long – Ok promo nothing special, good to see Edge in the title running, 8/10

Orton-Christian – Glad to see Orton winning and advancing to the chamber, on the other hand I’m sad to see Christian losing but if he’s gonna feud with Angle its still benefitial 9/10

Eddie def RVD – Glad to see this, Guerrero deserves to be in the chamber, it’ll be good 8/10

Main Event – I hope Batista wins next week I can’t see him losing to Mysterio, I reckon Christian will screw Angle and put Cena into the chamber, I still have a funny feeling you’ll put Mysterio over Batista though :( 8/10

Overall: 90/120 I think, not bad

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Realism:I dont think all of the Carlito, Eugene promo seemed real. The rest of your show was good though.

Length: Good idea if your are only having one show a week to extend the times. Good length matches and promos.

Quality / Entertainment: It was entertaining, and reading it I enjoyed the Eugene and Carlito segment

Spelling / Grammar: I did not see any problems.

Matches / Booking:I have no problems with your matches and I think the Championship series is a brilliant idea.

Overall: 90/100

Good show for your first attempt. I will be a regular reader. Keep up all the good work.

Check out my and Getting Away/Murder's thread WWE Anarchy.

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Thunderstruck Preview {Unforgiven, Week 2}

This week on Thunderstruck will have advancements of many things that occured last week. The final three Qualifying Matches for the Elimination Chamber at Unforgiven will take place and we will have the main event for Unforgiven revieled. Last week we saw a heated segment between Christian and Kurt Angle and Kurt Angle cost Christian his chance to win the WWE Championship, how will Christian respond to it and what will Kurt Angle have to say about his actions? Also on the first edition of Thunderstruck three men advanced to the chamber. Will there be any heat between them and what will they have to say about advancing? Also, Muhmmad Hassan was cleared from the ring by Shelton Benjamin after a vintage talk from Hassan. A Triple Threat match will take place involving these two men and Edge, anything can happen with these three in the ring at the same time. Make sure to join us for WWE Thunderstruck this week as we continue the road to Unforgiven!

I have just completed Thunderstruck for this week but it takes a while to put all the bold, italics, underlines and colours in so I'll post it tomorrow.

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WWE Thunderstruck
{Unforgiven, week 2/4}
San Diego Sports arena, San Diego, California

A video package airs highlighting the major issues that took place last week. It begins with Teddy Long making the six series matches to determine who will enter the elimination chamber for the richest prize in the business, the WWE Championship. The video then goes on to show all three matches and how they ended before the Elimination Chamber picture so far ends the package. It shows Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero and three question marks with the steel structure in the background.

The pyros get the whole arena to their feet as it is time for WWE Thunderstruck on a cold, winter night in San Diego. We get a shot of the fans excited about the show before hearing the voice of JR in the background.

JR: Welcome Live to Monday Night Thunderstruck! What a night we have lined up for you already tonight.

Tazz: You hit the nail on the head with that call, twelve competitors, six matches, but only one to get the final prize, the vacant WWE Championship. No prizes for second in this battle.

JR: Yes and the final three matches will take place tonight. We will see Batista taking on Rey Mysterio, a Triple Threat Match and what a battle the final match will be, John Cena vs. the Olympic Gold Medallist in Kurt Angle.

Tazz: Blockbuster of a night but that won’t be it. We saw a lot of things start last week, how about that confrontation between Christian and Kurt Angle, what advances will be made with that heated rivalry.

JR: Who knows but I know one thing, it’s Showtime Ladies and Gentlemen!

Chris Benoit’s entrance music gets the fans to their feet as he strides down to the ring after a huge win last week. He steps into the ring and takes a look at the fans before spitting on the ground in the exact same manner as last week. Benoit snatches the mic off Garcia after she introduces him and coughs wanting the fans attention.

Chris Benoit: Last week was a historic night for this company but who the hell cares about that. It was a historic night for me as I destroyed the so called Monster Kane and rightfully secured my spot in the Elimination chamber match at Unforgiven. I beat him 1,2,3 just like I said I would and like I said last week……

Asshole chants echo through the building

Chris Benoit: Like I said last week, I don’t care how it gets done, all that matters is that Chris Benoit becomes WWE Champion and I prove to the world that I do not need all of your support. I don’t care if you don’t like my tactics before as far as I’m concerned you can all go and get screwed. I don’t need to say anymore, you should get my point by now if you were halfly intelligent human beings. But seem we are in San Diego, I’ll just have to explain myself again so that even all of you can understand.

The whole arena is going nuts with boo’s while numerous negative chants for Benoit a getting started.

Chris Benoit: I am my own man, I don’t need……

Eddie Guerrero’s music hits the PA system and here comes another man who has advanced to the Elimination Chamber. Eddie Guerrero gets a huge pop from the fans as he makes his way to the ring with his own mic in hand.

Eddie Guerrero: Chris, Chris Benoit? Is that you bro or has your body been taking over by one self centered, arrogant jerk!

The crowd agrees with Eddie and erupts with a loud “Eddie” chant.

Eddie Guerrero: I mean we use to be brother holms and as far as I was concerned we still are. But Chris, I’m still not getting what has come over you. I mean telling the fans that you don’t need them, winning the way you did last week. Even though that is vintage Guerrero it’s unlike you man. The thing that really pisses me off though is your attitude towards wrestling, every single superstar in the back and even worse these fans holms. They have been behind you for the last 18 years and this is what you do to repay them? Come on Chris, what have gotten over you?

Chris Benoit takes a walk around the ring.

Chris Benoit: What has gotten into me, what has gotten in to me!, what has gotten into me!!. I’ll tell you what has gotten into me, The WWE Championship! I want it, I want the belt so bad and these people that call themselves fans have gotten me nowhere. Sure they were behind me when I won my first ever big one but that took 18 years and it was my own courage, my own sacrifices that got me there. Not these people, not you Eddie but Myself. So as far as me and you as friends. If you don’t support me with this than I guess we are no longer friends which makes you an enemy.

Eddie Guerrero: No, I don’t want it to be like that. We have watched each other back for a long time now and I’m not going to let that change. I mean VIVA LA RASA essay we are like family, we are as close to familiar as your going to get so I am telling you now Chris. Put an end to this crap and apologize for what you have said over the last couple of weeks.

Chris Benoit: Apologize?

Chris Benoit’s intense facial expression changes to a sincere one.

Chris Benoit: Your right Eddie, I do need to apologize. I need to apologize to my fans throughout the world and I need to Apologize to you Eddie. Come here brother.

Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero hug in the middle of a wrestling ring and how fitting is that. Benoit looks to be crying as Eddie tends to him and ask him if he is alright. Benoit then snaps his head back up, looks deep into Eddie’s eyes and comes off with a cheap shot, a square kick right between the legs. Guerrero is rolling all over the ring in pain as Benoit stands there frozen staring at him. Benoit shakes his head to get out of the daze and circles around Eddie Guerrero. Benoit stops and looks at the fans as they boo before spitting right on top of Eddie Guerrero and exiting the ring. Benoit slowly walks back up the isle to no music staring straight back at his now former friend. Guerrero is still down as Benoit disappears through the curtains.

JR: What the hell, who the hell does Benoit think he is? That was his friend, they have gone through everything together and that’s what he does.

Tazz: Wow! That’s low even I have to admit it JR. These two were inseparable and now well now look at the situation.

JR: Chris Benoit really needs to do some soul searching before re-entering that ring in three weeks time at Unforgiven. If he doesn’t, well in that environment who knows what’s going to happen!

Tazz: Eddie Guerrero must feel so betrayed at the moment and he has a reason to be. I am sincere when I say, I hope Chris Benoit gets what’s coming to him!

Eddie Guerrero looks disappointed in the ring before sliding out and charging down the isle way as we go to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

When we come back Chavo Guerrero is charging down the corridor. We see a door on it that says “GM- Theodore Long as Guerrero opens it and goes straight in.

Teddy Long: Who the hell do you think you are charging into my office like it’s your own? You better make this quick because I have things to do playa.

Chavo Guerrero: Last week, Thunderstruck, I was screwed out of the Cruiserweight Championship by that punk Paul London. I deserve the first shot at him, I know it, you know it and Paul London certainly knows it. If I get a chance at him again I will not fail, I will leave him for dead and take his Cruiserweight title.

Teddy Long: Calm down a bit playa. I am the General Manager of Thunderstruck and whether you like it or not I have got all the power around here. Paul London is indeed here tonight so why don’t you find him and ask him if he thinks you deserve a shot. You feeling me Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero: What? You’re the freakin GM, I’m not going looking for Paul London.

A hand comes from nowhere and taps Chavo Guerrero on the back, the camera angle changes and we see its Paul London.

Paul London: Looking for me? Didn’t have to look far did you. Let me get this straight. You want a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero one on one. If that’s what you want then that’s what you’ll get but to get it you have to prove to me that you are worthy of it.

Chavo Guerrero: Paul London, you listen to me.

Paul London: Will you stop your freakin complaining! And you better listen to me mate. Right here tonight in San Diego! We each chose two partners and have a 6 man tag team match. If you manage to pin me then at Unforgiven I will give you a title shot and if you don’t pin me. You’ll still get a title shot because I want to beat the crap out of you! If I win though, it’s with my stipulations and you won’t like what I’ve got in store for you. Thanks Teddy!

Teddy Long: Holla to you Playa!

Paul London prances out of the room looking happy with himself and Chavo is standing there with mixed reactions.

Batista’s music rocks the arena and the fans are pumped for the entrance of the Animal. Batista solutes the fans and executes his usual entrance before his music comes to a halt and the fans cheers fade to a silence. Rey Mysterio’s entrance theme is sudden as it hits and he makes his way to the ring but not with his usual bounce in his step. He is getting boo’s in his own home town of San Diego. JR and Tazz recap what happened last week in the tag team match before the referee signals for the bell to start the match.

Singles Match
Qualifying Match 4
Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

This has been a rather quick match with several acts of fast movement from Rey Mysterio but Batista has him under control so far. Batista is choking Mysterio in the corner before tossing him across the ring with no effort at all. Mysterio uses the ropes for momentum but Batista uses it against him with a huge spinebuster rattling the mat below. Batista plays the fans before setting Mysterio up for the Batista bomb only to see Mysterio slip off the back and dropkick Batista onto the middle rope. Mysterio takes a long time to regain his composure before attempting the 619 but Batista explodes with a decapitating clothesline. Batista signals for the Batista Bomb once again this time nailing it and rolling into a comfortable one leg hook. 1…2…3! And Batista has beaten Mysterio to advance!

WINNER: Batista
MATCHTIME: 6 minutes

JR: Too big, too strong and truthfully I can’t think of anybody who can stop this man in the Elimination Chamber!

Tazz: impressive performance from Batista but we have to take our hats off to Rey as well, he put in a great effort but it wasn’t to be.

JR: It all doesn’t matter in the end, Batista defeated Rey Mysterio in Mysterio’s home town and Mysterio isn’t happy about it.

Tazz: Well done Rey!

Rey Mysterio is just gaining his breath in the ring and the crowd has mixed reactions for him. Mysterio takes a mic.

Rey Mysterio: This is San Diego, my own town and this is what I get. Kurt was right, the fans are not with me at all. You are against me and I have only five words for all you deceiving *Mexican swear word*, I will make an impact!

Mysterio is leaving the ring as we go to a break

*Commercial Break*

I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool, here comes Carlito Cool. Carlito is chewing on an apple as usual as he enters the ring with a mic in hand.

Carlito Cool: Last week on Thunderstruck I held the greatest talk show in wrestling history, Carlito’s Cabana and what took place was very…cool! Eugene Dinsmore was my special guest and he disrespected Carlito so I did what I do best, I spat in his face. Now I just wanted to clear something up with you WWE fans. Do you think Eugene is cool?

The fans pop as Carlito looks disgusted

Carlito Cool: You just proved what a knew all along. San Diego is nothing but a city of unintelligent retards just like Eugene.

Carlito picks up major heat for that comment!

Carlito Cool: Eugene I will let you off this time, you won’t have to face me in a match because I think you learnt your lesson. Don’t ever come back to the WWE! Nobody likes you and nobody wants you in this business because you are an embarrassment to the WWE’s reputation, all the superstars in the back and most importantly, me. Just make the right decision and I will let you keep your health but if you make the wrong decision I will take your health and if you really annoy Carlito, I will take your life! That, that would be cool.

Carlito stares with intent into space until Eugene appears on the screen. Carlito hears the fans cheers and looks up to see what the noise is all about and he see’s Eugene. Eugene is looking intense and is shaking in anger.

Eugene: Carlito, you heart me. My doctor told me that I can’t wrestle for a few weeks and I want to wrestle! I want to wrestle you Carlito because I want to do to you what you did to me so you will be sitting at home like me. Watching me on TV just like I’m watching you now, having your mummy care for you and being angry like I am now. My doctor said I will be able to wrestle in 18 days at Unforgiven, actually.

Eugene is counting on his fingers before nodding his head.

Eugene: 20 days at Unforgiven so Carlito. (Eugene Hesitates) I am challenging you to a match!

Carlito laughs after hearing this before settling down.

Carlito Cool: You’re serious?

Eugene nods his head and his body begins shaking.

Carlito Cool: Ahhh, actually I don’t think that will work for me. I’ve got other plans for Unforgiven.

Eugene grabs his head and springs out of his chair. He begins banging is head against a table and then the wall. He stares right into the camera and points at Carlito saying “you” before punching it out.

Carlito looks freaked out and scared and quickly exits the ring wanting to get out of the place.

JR: I have never seen Eugene that intense, he wants revenge on Carlito but Carlito refuses to accept a match with him.

Tazz: Do you blame him? Just watching Eugene then made me shiver so just imagine how Carlito is feeling. He doesn’t think it’s cool!

JR: Sooner or later Carlito will have to pay for what happened last week and I have a feeling we won’t have to wait long for Eugene to return and by all means, he will be unforgiving on Carlito Caribbean Cool.

We leave the ring scene and go backstage where Rey Mysterio is charging towards the building exit with his bags. He is about to open the exit door when somebody beats him to it from the outside. RVD has just entered the building.

RVD: Dude, watch where you’re going.

Rey Mysterio: Just get out of my way!

RVD: What’s the big hurry man, hey I was just watching your match against Batista on the way here and dude you got demolished.

Rey Mysterio: What are you trying to prove?

RVD: I’m trying to prove that you don’t belong in the WWE Championship scene, that place is reserved for the one and only Rob Van Dam.

RVD does his hand signals while chanting his name and the crowd does it with him.

Rey Mysterio: Am a wrong or did I see you lose to Eddie Guerrero just last week?

RVD: That would be correct but me and Eddie are to even and to predict a match between us is nearly impossible, he got the break last week. Me and Eddie could have ten great matches and in the end it would be even but you vs. Batista. I’d predict about 10-0 and the exact same outcome as tonight.

Rey Mysterio: Is that so Mr. Monday Night? That’s what you call yourself isn’t it. Well like I said earlier, I am going to make and Impact and if I can’t be WWE Champion than I will take home the Intercontinental Championship.

RVD smiles

RVD: Not without getting through me first, you see I have already come to an agreement with Mr. Long. He said seem I put on such a show last week that no matter what happens I am assured to be in the vacant Intercontinental championship match.

Rey Mysterio: Is that right?

Rob Van Dam: It’s as true as when your shoulders were counted down, 1…2…3 tonight.

Rey Mysterio: If you think you’re so great than I am challenging you to a match next week for the Intercontinental Championship.

Rob Van Dam: Dude that would be awesome but as much as I would love to kick your ass all over the arena, it’s the GM’s decision.

Rey Mysterio: That Championship already has my name on it, I will find Theodore Long and I will make the match official.

RVD: You don’t have to look far.

RVD points behind Mysterio where the GM is standing listening to every word.

Teddy Long: What’s up playas? I see we have a delemar here that needs to be solved. I have promised RVD the first crack at the Intercontinental Championship and I will stay true to my word. So next week I do plan on have the vacant Intercontinental Championship on the line and now that I think about it this sounds like a good idea. Ya Feeling me so next week it will be RVD vs. Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship. It’s on!

Both men look happy about it as they go nose to nose as the picture fades to black.

We see a shot of Paul London walking down the corridor with two shadows lurking behind him and Cruiserweight 6 man tag action is next.

*Commercial Break*

OOOOOO CHAVO! Chavo’s music hits the PA system. Chavo Guerrero looks cockier than ever as he sops in the middle of the ramp and points to the curtains. Akio followed by Billy Kidman appear. The team of three makes their way to the ring to heat from the live audience. Paul London’s entrance theme hits as he charges to the ring with intent but doesn’t slide in, instead stopping at the edge of the squared circle. This time London points to the entrance way and Shannon Moore followed by The Hurricane appear. All three faces group up and slide into the ring in unison. The match is on the way and out of control already as all 6 men are uploading with closed fists.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Paul London/Hurricane/Moore vs. Chavo Guerrero/Akio/Billy Kidman

Chavo Guerrero’s team has made several tags in the last few minutes to isolate The Hurricane. Chavo Guerrero has got a surfboard stretch locked in but Hurricane managers to fight his way up. He drills a couple of stiff forearms to the sternum and runs off the ropes. Chavo attempts a clothesline but Hurricane evades it and comes back with a mid air crossbody. 1…2… Chavo Guerrero rolls out! Hurricane tries to make a tag to Paul London but Chavo holds him back by the legs only to be hit with a perfectly executed enzugure. Paul London gets the tag. He explodes with three consecutive knockdown clotheslines and a dropsault to Chavo. Kidman enters the ring only to be hit with an athletic sidekick to the chin from the CW Champ. Akio is next but he dodges a sidekick and takes London’s legs out with an effective leg sweep. Moore enters the ring and loads up on Akio with right hands before using the ropes for momentum to nail the Mooregasm neckbreaker. Shannon pumps up the crowd and there are bodies all over the ring. Chavo Guerrero is back to his feet and clothslines Moore over the top rope before taunting the fans. Paul London sneaks up behind him and rolls him into an Oklahoma Roll. 1…2… Billy Kidman breaks up the count. Kidman levels London with the right fists but London comes back with some of his own and delivers a straight kick to the back of the head. Chavo Guerrero and Paul London are the only men left in the ring and Chavo is right behind the champion. London turns around as Chavo hoists him up for a Gory bomb but London slides out the back and rolls Chavo into a tight victory Roll. 1…2… Chavo reverses the pinning predicament into one of his own and holds Akio’s hands on the outside! 1…2…3 and The Cruiserweight Champion has been pinned.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero, Akio, Billy Kidman
MATCHTIME: 11 minutes

JR: Chavo Guerrero has stolen one!

Tazz: Do you know what this means JR, Chavo Guerrero is the Number one contender and he will choose the stipulation.

JR: Knowing Chavo probably a handicapped match with the same man he used to win tonight, Akio.

Tazz: That match was a spectacle, it was off the charts and the ending was fitting.

JR: That’s your opinion, your wrong but that’s your opinion. The fact is we have just seen another great Cruiserweight Match and Chavo Guerrero is the Number one contender.

Backstage, Shelton Benjamin, Muhammad Hassan and Edge are standing by with Christy Hemme.

Christy Hemme: Guys, you are all involved in a triple threat match for a spot in the Elimination Chamber at Unforgiven. Why do you thing you deserve to win?

Edge: I’ll start by answering that stupid question. What else can I expect from you Christy? Why do I deserve a spot in the Elimination Chamber more than both of these guys? It’s simple, I am the most talented, the youngest, and the hungriest superstar in this business. I have never been champ as I keep getting screwed time and time again. If I was to enter the Elimination Chamber, I would win it and finally reach my destiny of becoming WWE Champion. The fans know it, these two know it and most importantly I know it. There will be nothing stopping Edge this time, I am destined to be crowned the new WWE Champion!

Shelton Benjamin: Are you done yet? That was the biggest load of garbage I have ever heard. First of all you don’t keep getting screwed as you put it, have you ever thought you’re just not good enough to become the main man? Second of all you are not the youngest neither the hungriest. You have had your shots and blew them so I think its Shelton Benjamin’s time to step up and rise to my potential by becoming the WWE Champion. What better way to do it than beat five of the worlds top athletes in an Elimination Chamber match. I have everything going for me, pure wrestling ability, I’m in my prime and I have got the fans behind me all the way. I support them, they support me and everything points to me winning tonight and moving on to Unforgiven and becoming WWE Champion!

Muhammad Hassan: Will you two stop pulling all of these hopeless theories out of your unintelligent minds. There is only one sure thing and that is Muhammad Hassan! Tell them Daivari.

Daivari begins talking Arab and gets major heat for it.

Muhammad Hassan: That’s right, Ever since I joined the WWE I have been disrespected, harassed and my background has been insulted until the extent that I can take no more. I’ll just have to give the fans and everybody in the back a reason to respect myself and the Arab American background by becoming WWE Champion. Then I would represent the country the way it should be represented, my way. So getting to the point, I deserve to become Champion so I can give this country a good name. All that other countries know the United States of America as is a society full of criminals, thugs and selfish lazy fat people. I will change all that when I become WWE Champion!

Christy Hemme: All three men making a good point, we’ll just have to see how it pans out later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

The Rockers music rocks the PA system and they get a standing ovation from the audience. Michaels and Jannetty are pumped but have no gold to show for it as highlights from last weeks tag title match fill the screen. The Hardy Boyz are the new tag team champions. Michaels and Jannetty are wearing unison Rockers jackets and their entrance is just like it used to be. Shawn Michaels is first to grab the mic from the corner and Jannetty gets one from Lillian Garcia. The Rockers freeze in the ring and stare into the crowd as “Rockers” is chanted from all sections of the building.

Shawn michaels/Marty Jannetty: The Rockers are back!

The crowd let out a massive pop.

Shawn Michaels: After a long absence Marty Jannetty has returned and we talked it over and we decided to revitalize the tag team division with the addition of the one and truly, Rockers.

Marty Jannetty: That’s right Shawn, Marty Jannetty is back and I’m ready to kick some ass!

Shawn Michaels: We just wanted to come out here to tell you that the Rockers reunion is official and we are coming for the tag team titles.

Marty Jannetty: Watch out Hardy Boyz! Last week we hand it to you, you guys won but I can assure you one on one with us will be a totally different story.

Shawn Michaels: One on One, The Rockers vs. The Hardy Boyz can you feel the energy because when we’re on, we’re on fire. Now I’ve heard the Hardy Boyz aren’t here tonight but we would like to offer a challenge.

Marty Jannetty: We challenge you to a Tag Team title match at Unforgiven. Give us three weeks and we will be ready to take what’s ours, the tag team gold!

Shawn Michaels: Give us your answer next week because we have got some partying to do tonight just like the Rockers can.

OH YEAH, the Hardy Boy theme hits the PA system as the Rockers looked shocked. They weren’t meant to be here. The Rockers pull their jackets off and keep their eyes on the entrance way but no Hardy Boyz. Both men look at each other confused and this allows The Hardy Boyz to come through the crowd and attack them from behind. Jeff Hardy takes Shawn Michaels and Matt Hardy takes Marty Jannetty. The Hardy Boyz are loading up the right hands in opposite corners. Matt Hardy nails the twist of fate on Jannetty as Jeff Hardy drills Michaels face into the canvas with DDT. The Hardy Boyz look at each other and go to the outside to collect a table each. The tables are brought back into the ring and set up next to each other in the middle of the ring. Matt Hardy drags both Michaels and Jannetty onto the tables as Jeff Hardy gives them no time to retreat coming off the top rope with a swantan crashing The Rockers through both tables. Matt Hardy picks up a mic from one of the fallen Rockers.

Matt Hardy: We are the Hardy Boyz and we are the tag team champions and as for your challenge, we accept!

Matt pulls Jeff out of the ring as they exit back through the crowd.

JR: there was no need for that, why couldn’t they answer the challenge like true men, man to man?

Tazz: I guess the tag team champions have answered the challenge and in in an emphatic way too.

JR: Yet another match added to the already action packed Unforgiven. I wonder what else is going to happen tonight.

Tazz: We still got a long way to go until this night is over!

We snap to the back where we see Kane strangling somebody. We learn that it is Rene Dupree. Kane is yelling at him and blaming him for losing last week while tossing him around the room.

Kane: I’ve got nothing against you personally but wrong place, wrong time!

Kane continues to throw Dupree around the rom like a rag doll. Dupree then goes back first into the wall and Kane kicks him furiously.

Kane: This is what happens when I get mad, I find sacrifices and I feed on the suffering of them. I can’t control my actions!

Kane’s face is looking more psycho than ever before as he delivers one more kick to Dupree and disappears into darkness.

*Commercial Break*

Muhammad Hassan’s entrance music gets the fans to their feet in boo’s. Muhammad Hassan appears with Daivari set for his triple threat qualifying match. He is followed to the ring by the pessimist, Edge to major heat as well. Finally “Aint No Stop to Me” can be heard throughout the San Diego Sports Centre. Shelton Benjamin comes out to massive pops from the live audience in San Diego, he is pumped up big time.

JR: This should be a whirlwind of a match. Benjamin is a great pure athlete and when ever he is involved in a match we know we are in for some excitement.

Tazz: This is going to be an extraordinary match up with so much on the line. Who’s your pick JR?

JR: Shelton Benjamin!

Tazz: I’m picking Edge!

Triple Threat Match
Qualifying Match 5
Shelton Benjamin vs. Muhammad Hassan vs. Edge

Edge has just been put through the announce table by Shelton Benjamin with a moonsault off the ropes. Benjamin and Hassan are fighting it out in the middle of the ring, exchanging blows. Benjamin backs Hassan into the corner with explosive right hands before attempting to Irish whip him across the ring but it is reversed. Hassan runs at him but Benjamin gets a boot up which connects to Hassan’s face. Benjamin uses a quick movement to hoist the Arab up and drill him with a Samoan drop. Shelton makes a cover, 1…2… Hassan kicks out at 2! Benjamin stays on Hassan with some hard stomps before whipping him into the ropes and dropping him with a high back body drop. Hassan is straight back up and Shelton wants the T-Bone suplex but Hassan fights out with elbows and wants the complete shot but Shelton rolls out and nails a sidekick. Benjamin makes the cover and it looks as if it’s over but Edge comes from nowhere to break the count. Benjamin hits Edge with right hands and whips him off the ropes but Edge returns with a spear. Benjamin intelligently rolls out of the ring and Edge throws Hassan over the top rope. Edge gets on his knees out of breath as the referee starts a 10 count on Benjamin and Hassan. Both men are up by 6 but Hassan blocks Benjamin from returning to the ring. Hassan nails a knee to the gut and smashes his head off the announce table. He then nails the complete shot on the outside mat and begins to mount the closed fists. Hassan gets to 10 but continues to nail the blows to Benjamin’s forehead unrelentlessly. The referee gets to 10 and both men are counted out! The winner of this match and advancing to the Elimination chamber is Edge.

MATCHTIME: 15 minutes

Hassan continues to beat the hell out of Benjamin with hard closed fists and Benjamin is busted open. Officials pull Hassan off of Benjamin and it looks to be under control but this time Benjamin dives on Hassan with a leaping splash effort. The bloody Benjamin is nailing the rights to Hassan before he gets pulled off. Both men are finally restrained.

JR: Look at these two go, they truly hate each other!

Tazz: What a fight but the big story that I don’t think anyone realizes by now is Edge has won this contest by count out and leaves with a spot in the chamber.

JR: That match was a slobber knocker! I can’t wait to see these two get it on in the ring, I can’t wait until the Elimination Chamber! I can’t wait until Unforgiven!

Tazz: It’s going to be one hell of a show and you have to wonder what else is going to happen regarding the PPV.

*Commercial Break*

When we return General Manager Teddy Long is in his office with Benjamin and Hassan.

Teddy Long: If you two lay a hand on each other for the rest of the night you will be suspended! Understand? What are you two thinking? This is Thunderstruck and I am liable for what ever happens to my playas. Things like what just happened belong in the ring, ya feeling me. So at Thunderstruck's next PPV, Unforgiven it will be Shelton Benjamin vs. Muhammad Hassan! That is final so holla to ya playa’s.

Shelton Benjamin and Muhammad Hassan have a stare down before Daivai pulls Hassan away and encourages him not to get suspended.

My Time is now hits the arena as John Cena appears through the curtains to the biggest pop of the night. John Cena has a chain around his neck and is wearing a San Diego Chargers jersey. He takes a mic from Garcia and strides around the ring with attitude.

John Cena: San Diego!

The crowd pops for the name of their city.

John Cena: The champ is here! But seriously the champ will be literally here once I win the Elimination Chamber at Unforgiven and represent each and every one of the chain gang members as WWE Champion!

There are several Chain Gang signs in the arena.

John Cena: But first is first, tonight I have to beat Kurt Angle. I am going to do it for the chain gang because we stick together and together we are unstoppable. I am the franchise of Thunderstruck and I think we need some big things to happen around here. One, Kurt Angle to come out here so he can get his ass kicked by one and truly. Two, John Cena as the WWE Champion!

John Cena drops his mic and rips his shirt off as Kurt Angles “Medal” rocks the arena. You Suck chants are loud as Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring with a concentrated expression. The referee calls for the bell and we are off in the last qualifying Match for the Elimination Chamber at Unforgiven.

Singles Match
Qualifying Match 6
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

This match hasn’t been going long and Kurt Angle has been in control throughout with a variety of locks and counter holds. Kurt Angle has Cena tied up in a rear naked choke but changes styles and quickly rolls Cena up, 1…2… Cena pulls a shoulder off the mat! Kurt Angle locks his hands around Cena’s waist for the German suplex but Cena refuses to elevate off the ground. Angle keep pulling but Cena breaks it with an elbow to the temple. Cena runs off the ropes and takes Angle down for the first time in a while with a flying shoulder block. Angle is straight back to his feet only to be leveled with some right hands from his opponent backing him into the turnbuckle. Cena whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle and runs at him with an explosive clothesline. Angle is back up as Cena pumps up, Cena knocks him down two more times before elevating him with a back body drop. Cena then executes his unique spinning side slam and does his “You can’t see me” chant in Angles face before coming off the ropes with a 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena pumps up his shoes and want the FU but before Cena even gets the chance to get Angle into position the gold medallist picks his ankle from nowhere and locks in the ankle lock. Cena is screaming in pain but managers to use amazing leg strength to shake Angle off. Cena makes it back to his feet but Angle attacks straight away with an Angle slam. This time Angle pulls down his straps and once again locks in the lethal Ankle lock. John Cena is trapped in it for about a minute before an explosion at the top of the ramp forces Angle to release the lock. Christians music then hits the arena as Angle loses his concentration and walks over to the ropes closest to the entrance way. Christian appears and points at Angle, Angle doesn’t realize Cena is behind him. Cena rolls Angle into a schoolboy, 1…2… Kurt Angle kicks out. Angle takes another glance at Christian before trying to run Cena over with a clothesline but Cena catches Angle on his shoulders and drills the F-U. 1…2…3 and Cena has taken the final spot!

WINNER: John Cena
MATCHTIME: 10 minutes

Cena’s music re-plays and he celebrates in the ring as Christian laughs at Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is starting to stir and he see’s Christian standing at the top of the ramp laughing at him, Angle’s teeth are shaking before he drops his head again still suffering from the F-U. Christian puts his hands up in victory and plays his peeps before leaving through the curtains.

Tazz: I still don’t believe what has happened. I was sure it was just a matter of time before Cena taped but then an explosion came from nowhere. We realized it was all Christians doing when his music hit and he distracted Angle allowing Cena to hit the F-U for the three count.

JR: Serves him damn right! As far as I see it they are no even, Angle distracted Christian allowing his opponent to pick up the victory last week and the exact opposite happened this week. It was all about revenge for Christian, good on him.

Tazz: JR were you even watching that last match? I can tell you that Christian is going to pay for that move of total stupidity.

JR: It doesn’t matter now, the bottom line is that John Cena is the final man to enter the Elimination Chamber and both Angle and Christian miss out.

*Commercial Break*

When we return JR and Tazz run through the Unforgiven card so far and inform us that Chris Benoit will go one on one with Eddie Guerrero in the main event.

Randy Orton’s entrance theme plays on the PA system and he makes his way to the ring wearing a suit.

Randy Orton: Last week I defeated Christian to earn my place in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship in just 20 short days at Unforgiven. I am the future of this business and already my achievements are endless. I am the youngest World Champion in WWE history, I have the reputation of the legend Killer and I jave killed more legends than you people can count. I have beaten the likes of Chris Benoit, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Rock and the list goes on and on. Sooner or later I will become a legend myself and take a spot in the WWE hall of fame where I deservingly belong. I know you don’t think so but I do and that’s all I care about. I plan on killing many more legends in a long and successful career but back to my goal at the moment. I have just turned only 25 years of age and I have already had a title reign under my belt and at Unforgiven I plan on becoming a multiple time WWE Champion by defeating 5 other top superstars and taking what’s already mine! Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Batista, Edge and John Cena are no match for the legend killer and come Unforgiven I’ll prove it!

Randy Orton’s music plays again as he leaves back down the isle to heat from the fans.

Tazz: Randy Orton with solid words there. It looks as if he really believes in himself.

JR: I think you call it cocky or arrogant or something along these lines. This youngster already thinks he is a legend and believes me, he has a long way to go until we can either consider him as one.

Tazz: What are you talking about JR, did you hear that impressive list of superstars he’s beaten.

JR: Most of them by cheating.

Tazz: It doesn’t matter how he wins as long as he gets it done and Randy Orton can really get it done in the ring. His my choice to win the Elimination Chamber.

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen when we return Chris Benoit will have to face Eddie Guerrero and after what he did earlier tonight I hope he gets a good beating for it.

*Commercial Break*

When we return Kurt Angle is charging down the corridor screaming for Christian. He kicks Christian’s locker room wide open but there is no sign of Captain Charisma. Angle proceeds to walk down the deserted corridor as the picture changes to a shot of Eddie Guerrero.

Josh Matthews: Eddie Guerrero, in just a few moments you will be facing Chris Benoit like you have done many times before but will this match be different?

Eddie Guerrero: ole re of course this match will be different. Earlier tonight was one of the most embarrassing moments of my career when I actually trusted Chris and he turned against me. Never in my wildest dreams would I of though Chris Benoit would ever disrespect me like that. I mean he spat in my face essay. So if it’s a fight he wants then it will be a fight he gets. This won’t be a wrestling match because I’m bringing the fight to him!

VIVA LA RASA, Eddie Guerrero’s entrance theme hits the PA system as he begins to walk down the hall. Eddie Guerrero appears and doesn’t look in his usual showboat fashion, he doesn’t even use his low rider. Guerrero steps into the ring and points at the isle way telling Benoit to bring it on. Chris Benoits music hits and the roof is nearly blown off the building with boo’s. Chris Benoit stares at Eddie with his cold glassy eyes and Eddie can take no more meeting Benoit half way up the ramp and uploading with the right hands.

Singles Match
Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

This has been a long slug fest and we are just past the 15 minute mark of a very personal match. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero are slugging it out with chops in the middle of the ring. Benoit nails a chop, Eddie nails a chop, Benoit nails a chop, Eddie changes attack to a right fist and sends Benoit to the outside with a standing dropkick. Guerrero follows him straight out and uses his head as a battering ram slamming it off the steel steps numerous times. Benoit looks dazed as Eddie sends him back first into the side railing. Guerrero slides into the ring to break the 10 count at 7 before continuing to stomp away at the mid section of Benoit. Guerrero attempts to whip Benoit into the steps but Benoit reverses and Eddie crashes and burns. Benoit is unstable and is in no condition to take advantage of the last move. Benoit slides back into the ring as the official starts a 10 count on just Eddie. He gets to 8 before Eddie re-enters the squared circle only to be kept on the mat with an illegal choke from Benoit. Benoit poses and the audience starts a “you suck” chant. Chris Benoit stares down at Eddie and spits on him once again just like he did in the opening promo. Guerrero looks disgusted but can’t do anything about it as Benoit locks him in a chin lock. The crowd get behind Eddie and he managers to make it to his feet. Guerrero builds momentum as Benoit nails a fist, Guerrero is not fazed as Benoit nails another rone. Benoit goes for a third but Guerrero catches it and retaliates with some of his own. Guerrero whips Benoit off the ropes and drops him with a back body drop, Benoit is back to his feet and Guerrero hits a vertical suplex. Eddie wants the three amigos and gets them, he climbs to the top rope exerting a lot of energy and wants the frogsplash. He leaps off with just that but Benoit rolls out of the way. Benoit and Guerrero are both on their feet as benoit tries to get the crossface locked in, he gets one arm locked but decides to change offence into an Oklahoma roll. Benoit puts both feet on the middle rope. 1…2…3 Chris Benoit wins!

WINNER: Chris Benoit
MATCHTIME: 21 minutes

JR: Benoit stole one! What a slobber knocker that was!

Tazz: What are you talking about, all I saw was Guerrero’s shoulders countered down for three.

JR: You must be blind! Benoit has cheated for the second week in a row.

Benoit quickly gets out of the ring away from Guerrero and leaves looking proud of himself.

JR: Well anyway what a night it has been on Thunderstruck.

Tazz: I agree with you there partner.

JR: We have to go but we will see you next week for Monday Night Thunderstruck!

The show fades to black and the WWE Logo.


WOW! That took alot of effort. Any replies would be great and remember if you review my shows in full I will return the favour. Thanks!

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Nice opening promo. I like how you're using Benoit as a cold and calculating heel. And by giving Eddie a low blow sealed the deal. Nice Work.

Paul London looks like he may have the upperhand on Chavo. Can't wait to see their match.

Nice way to put over Batista as a force to be reckon with. I feel a Mysterio turn coming and hopefully you won't mess this one up. Nice interaction with Carlito and Eugene. Eugene looks like he's out for revenge and he will not stop at nothing.

Excellent way to build up RVD and Mysterio for next week. I'm going to be looking for that match to most likely steal the show.

Rockers. Hardys. This will be a match for the ages. Crazy buildup.

Cena is in the chamber match. This elimination chamber match has potential for match of the month, if you do it right.

Great main event. Benoit winning by cheating, solidified his heel status. Great work.


Overall Score-45/50=90=A! Good job! 1!
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