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MBL's WWE Information Sheet

Shows:Weekly show called WWE showdown which will feature all of the top ranked superstars in wrestling today. The Raw and SD crew have come together into one joint brand and there have been many leaving talents to shorten the roster. There will also be a pre show called Expectation which will include all the superstars not quite up to the level of Showdown. You will now be able to see new rivalries, new fueds and never before seen matches all on one weekly show which will be huge with 2.5 hours of action. Tune in every Friday night to see all your favourite superstars in action and one action packed show!

PPV Calendar

WWE Royal Rumble
WWE No Way Out
WWE Wrestlemania
WWE Backlash
WWE Judgement Day
WWE King Of The Ring
WWE Vengeance
WWE Summerslam
WWE Unforgiven
WWE No Mercy
WWE Survivor Series
WWE Armageddon


WWE Championship
Intercontinental Championship
Extreme Championship
Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship

Special Talents

Company Owner-Vince McMahon
Showdown GM- Paul Heyman
Announce Team- Jim Ross and Tazz
Ring Announcers- Lillian Garcia, Tony Chimmel
Backstage Interviewers- Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, Christy Hemme, Stacy Keibler, Todd Grisham
Referees- Jack Doan, Charles Robinson, Bryan Hebner, Nick Patrick, Chad Patton

Showdown Roster

Face Heel

Main Eventers
Triple H
Kurt Angle
John Cena
Eddie Guerrero
Randy Orton

Upper Mid Card
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho

Chris Benoit
Big Show

Shawn Michaels

Mid Card
Rey Mysterio
Gene Snitsky
Luther Reigns

Matt Hardy
Charlie Haas
Carlito Cool
Orlando Jordan
Muhammad Hussan
Rene Dupree
Tyson Tomko

Mark Jindrak
Garrison Cade

The Hurricane
Chavo Guerrero
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Spike Dudley

Tag Team Specialists
Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny Basham)
La Resistance (Robert Conway and Slvain Grenier)
Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley)

Tag Teams

Basham Brothers ( Full Time)
La Resistance (Full Time)
Dudley Boyz (Full Time)
Edge/Christian (Full Time)
Mysterio/London (Part Time)
Tomko/Maven (Part Time)
Tajiri/Akio (Part Time)

Rhyno/Jindrak (Part Time)

“Technical Masterpiece” ( Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Basham Brothers)
“Foreign Assault” ( Edge, Christian, Rene Dupree, Tajiri, Akio)
“Nation Domination” ( JBL, Garrison Cade, Maven, Tyson Tomko)

MBL’s NoticeBoard

Anything I want to put across to readers or any qestions I need to ask will be posted in this zone. The NoticeBoard could also contain recent changes to my fed and recent face or heel turns so be sure to keep checking back. Thanks

*I will post my first show in two weeks on the Friday, sorry but I'm running short of time*
*Previews should be up on the Thursday, a day before the event*

MBL’s WWE Showdown: Posted Friday Nights, Australian Time
Hope you enjoy reading!

If anybody would like to give feedback on my roster or anything else you are greatfully welcome. Any feedback that can make me a better writer is much appreciated. Thanks guys!
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