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"Maybe she was visiting relatives": Watch silly cow on the run as she turns up at a McDonald's drive thru


What did the dairy cow order when she got to the drive thru window at McDonalds?

Nothing - she just wanted a little attention.

That’s what Sandy Winn says was the reason her cow, Darcy, wandered from her pen on Friday and ended up at takeaway counter of the fast food restaurant half a mile away in Brush, Colorado.

Just as well. For some of a nervous disposition, the sight of a cow at the window of a burger emporium could be interpreted as the beef beasts revolting against their fast food oppressors.

And with no scientific evidence to suggest that cows like fries or Happy Meal toys, that could be as likely an explanation as any.

Owner Winn, however, told local news station KUSA-TV that Darcy is a good cow until she’s bored - and then she goes looking for attention. A relief for those that live in fear of cows rising up against humans, then – the animals would need more motivation than mere disinterest.

Winn added that she didn’t know Darcy had escaped until police called asking if the family owned a dairy cow.

She said that they told her it was "up at McDonalds," so she fetched the cow and took her home.

Brush police clerk Vivian Llewellyn joked yesterday that Darcy "didn’t get her burger."

Winn agreed. When asked what she thought Darcy was up to, she replied: “Not making any orders. Maybe visiting relatives, but not making orders,” she told 9 News.
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