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It just so happens that this site had a huge problem, and I feel for everyone that lost their BTB like me. I'm lucky that I didn't have a show up yet. I'm starting at Survivor Series, I will post the card tomorrow for those of you that haven't read it along with rosters and PPV's.

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Ok Survivor Series card

1. Batista vs John Cena
winner is 16th in the gauntlet later in the night, loser is 1st

2. La Resistance vs Basham Brothers vs LOD vs MNM vs Superheroes vs Heartthrobs vs Cade vs Murdoch vs Venis and Viscera vs Birchall and Regal vs Dudley Boyz
tag team titles, both member of the teams must be eliminated

3. Teddy Long, Hardcore Holly, Nova and ?
Eric Bischoff, Snitsky, Tyson Tomko, and Rob Conway
winning team makes their GM become the new GM of the combined shows

4. Nunzio vs Paul London vs Psychosis vs Super Crazy vs Juvi Guerrero vs Tajiri vs Billy Kidman vs Akio vs Shannon Moore vs Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Sabin vs Michael Shane vs Spanky vs Jamie Noble
Ladder match for cruiserweight title, ladder match, no moves barred

5. Trish Stratus vs Lita vs Alexis Laree vs Victoria vs Melina vs Stacy Keibler vs Molly Holly vs Jazz vs Gail Kim
women's title, first woman to get the pin wins

6. Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin vs Big Show vs RVD vs Chris Masters vs Charlie Haas vs Muhammad Hassan vs CM Punk vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Chris Benoit vs Booker T vs Ken Kennedy vs Orlando Jordan vs Rey Myseterio
IC title, battle royal elimination by pin submission or over the top rope

7. Gauntlet for Undisputed title
order of entry
1. ?
2. Ric Flair
3. Eddie Guerrero
4. Christian
5. Hulk Hogan
6. Jeff Jarrett
7. Edge
8. Shawn Michaels
9. JBL
10. Randy Orton
11. Kane
12. Kurt Angle
13. Undertaker
14. Triple H
15. ?
16. ?

rosters and PPV's will be up later, hard pressed for time because I gotta work.

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Hey dude.Good luck with this.I never did see your other Be The Booker thread but I will definetly take a look at this one.Good Luck!

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Ok first of all, I should be posting Survivor Series tomorrow, I just need to type it all out because it's fairly long. I figure I will post the backstory that I remember because I don't remember some parts, and list a PPV rundown, and rosters will be up after the Survivor Series.

Jan. Royal Rumble
Feb. No Way Out
March WrestleMania
April Backlash
May Judgment Day
June King of the Ring
July Vengeance
August Summerslam
Sept. Unforgiven
Oct. No Mercy
Nov. Survivor Series
Dec. Taboo Tuesday

Backstory (what I remember at least): Vince McMahon calls a press conference for after No Mercy. He says that it's time for the brands to be reunited at Survivor Series. Tag titles will be unifed, US and IC title will be unifed and World title and WWE title will be unifed. He then read off the card for the most part, the question marks above is something that Vince/myself wanted to keep a secret until show time. He promises that the WWE will never be the same, and that this is a good business decision.

Survivor Series is up tomorrow by the way, and after that I will post some roster cuts because the roster I have currently is enormous.
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