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MATT STRIKER Should be Promoted to the Main Shows

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When I watch old matches, I'm struck with how much effort the commentators used to put on selling the reality of what we're seeing. They provide the audience with a combination of internal thoughts and feelings of the wrestlers, strategies, physiology and history in order to tell the story in the ring.

Today, the commentary has descended into bickering and a list of accolades of each wrestler, punctuated by the odd, "And Superstar X kicks out at two!"

However, one commentator who gives me some hope is Matt Striker. His commentary on Superstars and the old NXT is genuinely descriptive of what's happening in the ring, and can make a mediocre match seem good, and a good match seem great.

I'm excited to think of what he could do with some of the main talent on the main shows.

That said, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler can be a perfectly good commentary team if only they start doing their jobs properly instead of arguing like schoolboys throughout an entire match. I know conflict creates drama, but the conflict should always be in service of what's going on in the ring, not distracting the audience from it.
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Matt Striker is a great voice. I have to agree. Anything to get annoying ass Michael Cole out of his commentating seat.
Striker's a great commentator, no doubt about it, but he wont get called up to the main shows, reports are that Cole and Lawler really don't like him. Vince also wont have him on the main show because his style is more calling the ring work then telling stories about thing that have nothing to do with the match like Cole and Lawler.

Cole and Lawler aren't there to call the ring work, they are there to hype up other things that are happing later in the night.
I'd rather have Road Dogg personally, but I wouldn't be upset if Striker came in. He's a big fan at heart, knows the history and actually gives a damn.
He almost ruined a royal rumble so no. The guy is awful and plus he showed his penis online. A big no no.
YES! He makes every match feel important. The best commentator in WWE right now.
Yes he should. Throw him back on Smackdown cos they aint putting him on Raw to replace Lawler why not get him as the 3rd guy on Smackdown cos it is a lot better than them using Teddy like they are this week.
He almost ruined a royal rumble so no. The guy is awful and plus he showed his penis online. A big no no.
He made the Royal Rumble look genuine and surprising, Matt Striker is the only commentator that actually seems to care about wrestling. (Not including NXT commentators)
No he knows the names of too many moves and is clearly the work of the devil.
He's a liability.

"This move is the boston crab, the torque on the lower back is devastating, ask your friend at home to apply this move to you, it's not comfortable, now imagine it being done by a 260 pound man!"

TMZ.com the following day - WWE fan breaks back after advice from Matt Striker goes horribly wrong.

Well maybe I exaggerated, but I'm not far off!
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