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Matt Morgan posts cryptic picture on twitter.

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I'm all for Matt Morgan if he comes in and replaces Big Show.
I don't know who the fuck that is but :mark:
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They already had him once and they used him horribly.

Hopefully a second run goes better for him.
I like Matt Morgan so I'd be happy to see him in WWE. Should have been a TNA World Champion no doubt.
If he came up with that himself then that's seriously cool.
He is just awful.
I wouldn't go as far as that but he surely wasn't TNA World Champ material when it comes to ring work :rolleyes:
Matt Morgan did well in TNA, and certainly found himself while down there. His work in WWE was a joke, and I never really dug the "Blueprint" gimmick in TNA. Obviously he won't be using his old TNA gimmick, and I am glad. His move to the WWE will certainly be huge, and I think if the WWE builds this man prior to debuting him he will go over very well. The WWE is missing a solid "giant" of a man who can work with anyone in the ring at this point in his career. Hopefully his gimmick isn't someone who broke out of prison.
Damn he's good at photoshop :hmm:
Cool pic, thought he might turn up about now.. Unfortunately after Punks last interview i see a stable in the making for the SS WWE match close... ¬_¬

hardly cryptic though.. lol
It's another Direct ad. He also got his 'R's facing the wrong way. Silly goose.
If that was his own Idea=respect. Actually liked the Guy in TNA, if he gets to WWE lets just hope they use him well! He´s a Cool Guy, great Physique. Is he still with TNA anyway? Just started re-watching after almost a Year (TNA I mean).
Pretty cool. If he does sign then WWE should do something with that slogan.
Pity the funkasaurus gimmick is taken.. :p
If Matt Morgan is coming to WWE then this shit just got real
Morgans not bad when he's in the ring with high level talent like angle or styles, but he can't carry a match to save his life. Definitely has the charisma and attitude to be a world champ though, he should've been TNA champ atleast once if not more.
1 - 20 of 108 Posts
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