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Matt Hardy back to WWE?

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I have just been reading some of Matt Hardys tweets during RAW and he seems to be in a good place at the moment. Obviously none of us know how he's feeling but he seems to be full of positivity. He mentioned that he is so happy for Goldust and the success he is getting during his latest run and that he is happy to see kane back because he has a lot of admiration and time for kane inside and out of the ring.

It got me thinking that it would be nice to see one last run in the big time before his retirement. Would you guys like to see a matt hardy return or is he just not important anymore ? He would be a good talent to put over some fresh faces and he always seems to be pretty over with the crowd.

(This is just pure speculation, I'm not saying he should come back because he was watching RAW or anything)
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They don't need him, he does nothing for the business and isn't worth the headache.

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Matt Hardy don't worth my time to seeing him again in the wwe. We need to stop thinking of bringing people who don't worth. Like this guy.
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