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Matt Hardy and Reby Sky

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Okay people, what the fuck, seriously? She's gorgeous... oh, and she's bi. Matt Hardy : living life, pissing haters off, making YouTube videos and having threeways with top models. Ordinary shit.

We can confirm that TNA star Matt Hardy is currently dating Rebecca Victoria Reyes, professionally known as Reby Sky.

Sky is a 24-year old American glamour model, radio & television personality and dancer. She is currently training to become a professional wrestler and currently works with Dragon Gate USA and Ring of Honor.
Source : NoDQ.com
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I wonder why she is dating him? Climbing the ladder of suckcess the hard way.
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She is easily 20 times better looking than Lita.

For those of us who need proof.

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who is Matt Hardy having threesomes with? i only see one name mentioned in this, and having grapes in your bedroom doesn't count as an extra person.

but good for Matt, hopefully he has lots of sexual relations with her and gets lean and fit and less crazy and more happy. and maybe he can finally get over Lita.

oh, but it's really not that surprising. i was surprised when i saw how hot she was, less surprised when the "aspiring wrestler" part was mentioned.
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