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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE house shows for March averaged 5,500 which is up 14 percent from 4,824 in March last year. Raw TV tapings attendance averaged 12,943 in March, up eight percent from 11,975 last March. Smackdown TV tapings attendance was 7,250 on average in March.

March house show averages were broken down as 5,389 for Raw and Smackdown averaged 5,700. But if you take out the Smackdown show in Madison Square Garden that skews the numbers, you get a more meaningful 4,770 average.

For NXT, the out of Florida house show numbers were almost identical, averaging 1,400 per show last year and 1,383 per show this year, or a decrease of 1.2 percent.

The in-Florida NXT house shows went from an average of 331 fans to 283 fans, or a drop of 14.5 percent.

Raw ratings went from a 2.55 average and 3.54 million viewers in March of last year to a 2.21 average and 3.19 million viewers. So the rating was down 13.3 percent, which factors out cord cutting. The audience was down 9.9 percent, as the viewers per home increase offset the drop of 900,000 or so homes that could get USA.

Smackdown last year on Thursday with a taped show averaged a 1.70 rating and 2.35 million viewers. This year for the live show the average was a 1.84 rating and 2.68 million viewers, so the rating was up 8.2 percent and the viewers were up 14.0 percent, once again due to more viewers per home.

In April, the WWE house shows averaged 3,664 while last year they didn’t have April house shows due to the European tour. It was broken down as 4,700 for Raw and 2,750 for Smackdown.

Raw tapings last year averaged 12,997 and dropped to 10,167 this year, a decline of 21.8 percent. Smackdown tapings in April averaged 8,500.

There was a big drop in the out of Florida NXT house shows in April as they fell from 2,175 per show to 1,220, a drop of 43.9 percent.

The in-Florida NXT shows went from 295 last year to 256 this year, a drop of 13.2 percent.

Raw in April of last year averaged a 2.48 rating and 3.51 million viewers. This year in April, Raw averaged a 2.31 rating and 3.39 million viewers, a drop of 6.9 percent in ratings and 3.4 percent in total audience, which is less of a drop than the show has been doing, helped by the Raw after Mania and the Superstar shake up shows. Come May, things don’t look nearly so good.

Smackdown went from a 1.68 rating and 2.34 million viewers to a 1.90 rating and 2.76 million viewers due to the Smackdown after Mania and Superstar shake up, and going live with its unique roster. The show was up 13.1 percent in ratings and 17.9 percent in total audience.
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