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March 15th Newswire

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- Ring of Honor makes its return to Plymouth, MA and New York City this weekend and the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch! You can always count on ROH to have high quality main events with the best wrestlers around and this weekend will be no exception. On Friday it will be “Defy or Deny” when Roderick Strong, El Generico, Homicide, & Jay Briscoe battle in an Elimination 4 Way! El Generico, Homicide, & Jay Briscoe will all have a chance to earn a shot at the belt in Atlanta by winning this 4 Way Elimination match, but ROH World Champ Roderick Strong will also have the chance to block them all from a future title shot by surviving the contest. Despite what happens on Friday, Strong will then move on the next day to “Manhattan Mayhem IV” and have his 6th defense of the ROH Championship against Eddie Edwards! Those 2 bouts are only the windup to what will be loaded lineups from top to bottom. Tickets are on sale for $5 off the regular price until Thursday morning! http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=3

- Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli, collectively known as The Kings of Wrestling, are the longest reigning World Tag Team Champions in ROH history and many feel the best tag team on the planet today. Both Hero and Claudio are not shy talking about their accolades and when Homicide heard both Hero and Claudio boasting about defeating everyone he confronted them and laid out a challenge that the KOW accepted. This Saturday at “Manhattan Mayhem IV”, Homicide will reunite with Hernandez to face the King’s of Wrestling in a huge Dream Tag Team Match that will light the Manhattan Center on fire! Homicide is looking to regroup after losing his first match since returning to ROH at the “9th Anniversary Show” and both Hernandez and Castagnoli are 2 of the strongest competitors in wrestling today. Both Claudio and Hernandez are accustomed to being the most powerful wrestler when in the ring, however, this Saturday will be slightly different and the rare occasion where neither man has the decisive power advantage (on paper) going in. It’s an intriguing match that will take place on an outstanding card this Saturday afternoon on 34th Street.

- Last night saw the finals of the 2011 Top Prospect Tournament on “ROH on HDNet” between Kyle O’Reilly and “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. Bennett was able to squeeze out the victory and become Ring of Honor’s 2011 Top Prospect in a great match. Afterwards, Bennett gave a post match speech and said the only man who doubted him winning the tournament was Steve Corino, who has been watching the whole tournament at ringside. Bennett proceeded to verbally disrespect Corino and invited him into the ring so he could talk to him face to face. Corino modestly entered the ring and told Bennett that his undignified behavior will lead nowhere and he is proof of that. Bennett didn’t listen and continued to spew nasty comments toward Corino and when Bennett’s trainer Brutal Bob started mouthing off Corino snapped and attacked both men. Bennett and the Brutal one eventually got the best of Corino laying him out as “ROH on HDNet” went off the air. We have already seen tension between both men in the 4 Corner Survival that took place at the “9th Anniversary Show,” and now after this encounter ROH Officials have decided to officially sign Steve Corino vs. Mike Bennett with Brutal Bob for “Manhattan Mayhem IV” this Saturday in NYC!

- Prince Nana’s new “Project,” Tommaso Ciampa debuted on “ROH on HDNet” last night with an impressive win using a very unique and dangerous finisher. The new Embassy made a big statement last night and plan to do the same when they make their way to Plymouth, MA this Friday. “Project” Ciampa with The Embassy has officially signed to face Adam Cole one-on-one this Friday at “Defy or Deny”! Nana recently mentioned a few individuals in his latest “Nana’s World” article and Cole was one of those men. View article here: http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/nanas-world-march-14th/. Nana stated that Cole could have had the potential to be a possible member of the new Embassy but his bloodline was not of royal heritage. Nana’s new strategy is to only align with elite individuals and he has claimed that Ciampa comes from a long line of Sicilian royalty. Adam Cole will be entering the bout fresh off of a successful tour of Europe and is ready to implement the knowledge he has gained against the relative unknown member of The Embassy.

- Speaking of Adam Cole, both he and regular tag partner Kyle O’Reilly have officially signed for “Honor Takes Center Stage” in Atlanta, GA on 4/1 and 4/2.

- Now in stock and available for immediate shipping on DVD is “Ring of Honor on HDNet Vol. 6″. This volume features the tournament to crown the first ROH World TV Champion. For more information or to place your order click on the image below.

- Truth Martini sent a request to the ROH Office that he is looking to team Michael Elgin with his newest House of Truth recruit. “There is a man who has recently showed the signs of having what it takes.” Explained Truth, “This man has read, listened, and processed all my teachings and has picked up quicker then most. I have confidence in putting him in ROH action under the name H.O.T, but he will have to pass the final test in order to be accepted into our esoteric circle.”

- The All Night Express are ready to rebound this Saturday when they face the Briscoe’s in NYC. “We need to get back to the top of the tag ranks quick,” said Kenny King, “It is our destiny to be ROH World Tag Team Champions and we will do what it takes to get there in 2011. You saw us take it to the King’s in Chicago and now its time to up our game once again. We will run through Mark and Jay this Saturday and may even lay them out for good. Were coming to fight!”

- Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1, presenting stars of ROH and Pro Wrestling RESPECT, returns to the Knights Of Columbus in Jackson, NJ this Sunday, March 20th with a 2PM belltime. Tickets can be purchased at www.WORLD1Online.com.

- Ring of Honor would like to send its thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of the victims in the recent events that transpired in Japan.
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After the two plus years of boring, plodding matches and feuds no one cares about, why would you bring back the Embassy? Unless Nana is actually bringing in Low Ki like he teased in his column, just pull the plug on it.

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The biggest problem with Embassy v2 was that Pearce had no fucking clue how to book an undercard. Also the fact that most of the wrestlers involved either had no talent (Necro) or were boring (Albright) didn't help.

If they can actually do something worthwhile with talented, interesting guys, then the Embassy has a place. When it's just driving guys like Erick Stevens and Joey Ryan out the door, then it needs to die.
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