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At least 50 people killed after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck northeastern Myanmar.

At least 50 people are feared killed and more than 40 injured after a strong earthquake struck northeastern Myanmar near its border with Thailand, officials said.

The 6.8-magnitude quake shook buildings as far away as the Thai capital Bangkok, almost 800km from the epicentre, on Thursday night.

Thailand's meteorological department said it had registered six large aftershocks following the initial quake.

No tsunami warning was issued after the Myanmar quake as US seismologists said it was too far inland to generate a devastating wave in the Indian Ocean.

In Thailand's border town of Mae Sai, one woman was killed when a wall fell on her, but damage was otherwise minimal.

In Yangon Chris Herink, Myanmar country director for the charity World Vision, said there did not appear to be "catastrophic infrastructure damage" in the affected areas of Kengtung and Tachileik, although buildings were cracked and water supplies disrupted in some areas.

"Of real concern though are the more rural areas. There will be more, I am afraid to say, unhappy information coming throughout the day," he said.

Four pagodas in the historic town of Chiang Saen near the northern Thai border were damaged, including Chedi Luang, where its three-metre long pinnacle crashed to the ground, AFP news agency reported.

Rural Myanmar is underdeveloped, with poor communications facilities and little rescue and relief capacity.

The quake comes two weeks after Japan was hit by a massive earthquake, which unleashed a devastating tsunami that left around thousands people dead or missing.



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