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Mandy Megathread: TE's Amanda

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Now that she's officially been announced as signed to NXT and is filming for Total Divas, figured I'd start a Megathread about her!

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I don't trust white women with asses-- for the first 100,000 years of human history they had pancake booties then all of a sudden in the last 5 years white women started getting apple booties. I smell some trickery.
You don't trust Alexa Bliss? From the looks of it injections are the thing for women nowadays. I'm not saying Alexa had injections.
So I posted the before shots when Alexa had negative ass and asked if she had injections and everybody called me crazy. It's true that the old photo was from when she was battling Anorexia but the difference is just too big. Don't get me wrong, even if her ass is artificial I would still worship it but natural is always preferable.
Natural is always better. Whether she got injections or not I still like her. Some may argue that it could her hitting the squat rack
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The look she gives you when you ask her for a kiss but has lipstick on your cheek.
Very close if not for me
Gionna and Bliss are tie with mandy.
Now there's an appropriate username given the previous pic.
He was ahead of his time.
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