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Male Divas Show

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Wonder if the WWE would consider making a male version of the Divas show to give more exposure to the midcard guys?

There seems to be so many hours of wrestling each week compared to the olden days. But it seems like there's almost 0 character development for a lot of the wrestlers.

Wonder if a male divas show could fill in the gaps?
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There's a few decent ideas on here today lol. I find myself agreeing with quite a few threads.

Good shout. I watch Total Divas when i have no real interest in them. I watch it more for D-Bry aswell as eyeing a sneak peak at the bellas etc.

A midcard show with the likes of Sandow, Miz, Big E, The Shield (could argue they were ME but still), Fandango, Cesaro, Kofi, 3MB etc. Could be realy interesting.
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