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Making banners question

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Not sure if this belongs in graphics showroom or not...But I was wondering how you guys make banners? Is there a certain program that you have to download in order to make it? Or do I have to buy it?
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Yes, this is answered in the "Graphics Showroom FAQs".

We generally use Adobe Photoshop (the best program), which costs mucho money. You can download it through your average p2p. The best way to make banners is just by messing around and developing your style, or using a tutorial.

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Download (from P2P network) or buy (very expensive) Adobe Photoshop 7 or CS (the latest one). Download should be around 164mb.

Do some tutorials. Use a search engine to find PS tutorials, the best tutorials can be found at good-tutorials.com.

Get some fonts from dafont. Some psd (cut out pics of wrestlers) sites should be listed in a resourses thread in grahpics forum here.

There is a grahics forum called Tutorial Forums where you can post questions that you have while learning how to use PS.

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