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Make your own WWE Logo

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I am requesting that who ever wants to make thier own WWE logo since the WWF/E has had the same basic Scratch logo for quite sometime now and I would like to see how some others might look. This is just for fun and I am not making one because I am not good at making things, but many of you are and I am currious as to what your logos may look like of the WWE.
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Alright then, whoever wants can make one and some people can judge, but Im not gonna do either, Im just currious as to what you might make one look like, Im not good at making things and I dont know much so I dont want to rate. so whoever wants to judge then just say so, and whoever wants to make a logo, do it. It will be cool to see some logos better than the WWE's current one that we have had to see for quite some time.
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