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what up yall first post excuse grammar first language not english. I stopped watching wrestling in about 2002 and the whole pg era and guest host got me sick. Tna got me back into wrestling but there storylines have been failing lately and it seems like they don't care about there ppvs the whole cm punk storyline is kicking tna ass.

But any way this is the cards i would of wanted for this ppv

and im posting realistic with ppl curently on the roster

no surender i like alot of the card a few changes.

the hw title 3 way dance is an elimination match like the ecw 3 way dances and i wish tna promoted this match longer ago

devon and the pope vs mexican america in a table match only way to win is put both ur opponents threw a table jeff jarret interferes pullin hernandez off the table as the pope jumps off the turnbuckle goes threw table jeff jarett goes on his rant till chavo gureera shows up clears the ring chasing jarret out

before no surender the network anounces the new tna hardcore belt debuting with a 4 man full metal mayhem classic tna tables ladder chairs match
aj styles vs daniels vs abyss vs immortal demands scott steiner is in the match because they don't think abyss can get job done
winner aj styles daniels turns on him after the match with a chair

samoa joe vs morgan in a tap or snap match
joe by dq after crimson takes him out over and over with a chair morgan is pissed crimson limps away

tv title rvd vs robbie e vs jerry lynn vs eric young
network demands the tv title be defended every week immortal makes it known jerry lynn is working for them and want him to win the title winner rvd king of the tv title quick exciting match

x division
aries vs kendrick winner aries quick exciting match

knockout title idc as long as velvet sky is involved

bfg 4 matches r announced as no dq take place in middle of the card
roode over gunner immortal comes to interfere but gunner yells at them to go back he can do this roode rolls him up for the win

bully ray vs storm
kaz makes his return goes to hit bully ray with beer bottle but accidently hits storm bully ray hits him with the chain then pins storm

triple threat
angle vs anderson vs sting sting anderson beat up angle good in a great flair comes out with a chair sting runs out of the ring and takes out flair but is counted out sting is pissed taking out members of immortal one by one till immortal gets the upper hand angle anderson battle it out in a great match till angle gets the angle lock anderson never taps but bischoff says he did and demands the match is over bell is rung angle celebrates anderson snaps beating the hell out of evryone at ringside including angle anderson walks out with the belt winner angle

bfg final
roode vs bully ray roode bull ray thinks imortal is going to help but before the match him and bischoff walk into a locker room were every body is bloody and beaten all hogan can say is abyys snapped brother getting taken out by a stretcher

roode and bully ray battle all over bully puts roode threw the anouncing table in a clean finish no interference roode puts bully threw four stacked tables both r bloody and beaten roode hits a flying ddt off the turnbuckle onto the steel steps placed in the ring to win james storm comes out and it looks like hes gonna confront roode instead they turn too the camera and do there beer money celebration end of ppv
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